Park & Ride

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Tony is your typical unhappily married middle-aged man. He works a dead-end security job that he hates and only goes home for freshly cooked meals. He watches porn clips on his phone and naps during his shifts.
Unhappily married, Lauren is falling in love with a young man she met during a night out with friends. She’s never been a sexual woman, until now. Her husband is loyal but boring. The vixen inside her is slowly emerging.

I sat nervously tapping my fingers on the black leather steering wheel. The cool air from the vents tickled my nipples, causing them to press firmly against my thin white T-shirt. I don’t know why I was nervous. We’d met at this spot so many times before. Same day, same time. 

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How could people be so stupid? Meeting in a park to cheat on their significant others. It was like the most cliche sexual scenario ever created. But these two. No, these two took it to an entirely new level of obvious. Not only did they meet in the same spot, on the same night, at the same time every single week, but they had sex out in the open, right on the hood of her car. How do I know this? Well, because I watched, of course.

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Park & Ride Park & Ride
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Park & Ride Park & Ride
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Park & Ride

I sat nervously tapping my fingers on the black leather steering wheel. The cool air from the vents tickled my nipples, causing them to press firmly against my thin white T-shirt. I don’t know why I was nervous. We’d met at this spot so many times before. Same day, same time. 

I shifted in my seat in anticipation. My jean shorts pushed aggressively into the crease of my pussy. It was equal parts arousing and uncomfortable. Without panties the rough denim irritated my clit slightly, but not enough to cause me to move. The pressure felt oddly good. I glanced at the clock on my dashboard – 7:31. He was late.


Maybe he’d changed his mind. Maybe his partner found out and our last meeting would be the last time I’d ever see him — ever run my hands over his muscular pecs and feel his thick, swollen cock fill and stretch my pussy. Chills ran up my back, creating goose bumps down my arms. My nipples strained even harder beneath my shirt. Just the thought of his cock between my legs made me moist.


And then I saw it. The distinct blue glow of his headlights round the corner and slowly make their way down the dirt path. A rush of warmth instantly collected between my legs. Brian had a way of making me wet with a single look. The beam of his headlights gave me a brief glance at the red jeep parked directly across from me — backed into its spot, as usual. I couldn’t see inside but I didn’t need to. I knew he was in there — waiting, watching. This was the game we played.


Brian’s truck stopped abruptly beside my car. I could see his silhouette through the passenger side window. It was dark but I knew every curve of his face. His strong jawline, long nose, and full lips were instantly recognizable. Those lips that were responsible for so many first kisses, first licks, first orgasms. 


I turned the key in the ignition and the cold air stopped blowing. I slowly stepped from the car as Brian exited his truck. I felt a flood of nerves fill my stomach. My mouth was dry. No matter how many times we met like this, I was still nervous every time. That is until I felt his hands on my body.


No words were spoken. Our bodies met between the two vehicles. His hands instantly wrapped around my waist and slid up my back. He pulled my chest against his, pressing my tits into him. Our mouths gravitated toward one another without hesitation. He tasted sweet — a mix of fresh minty gum and iced tea. I gently stroked his tongue with mine. My hand traced the long lines of his erection through his snug jeans. I could picture his throbbing shaft. I cupped it in my hands, running my fingers up and down the outline of his cock until it grew another inch in size. He let out a deep throated moan into my mouth and eagerly unclasped my bra with one hand. I felt my breasts come loose and fall limply down my torso.


Brian swiftly lifted my shirt above my breasts and sucked my right nipple into his mouth while he firmly twisted the other between his fingertips. My hands grabbed at his hair and I threw my head back, inhaling the night air and relishing in the sensation. I briefly looked over my right shoulder at the jeep. I saw the driver’s arm extended out the window, a cigarette in his fingers. The head was burning down slowly, like he hadn’t taken a drag in some time. He was enjoying what he saw. A sudden rush of excitement came over me. I instantly felt drunk with power and sensuality, knowing he was getting off on watching us.


Brian shoved his knee between my legs, spreading them far apart. I fell back onto my car for balance, while at the same time struggling to undo his pants. I wanted to feel his warm flesh. I knew the tip of his cock was covered in sweet, sticky precum. I wanted it on my fingertips and lips. I ripped down his zipper while he continued to suck and tweak my erect nipples like an eager puppy, squeezing my full breasts in his hands.


I tugged his jeans down his waist, just far enough to yank his erection free. It flopped out into my hand, sticky and wet just as I anticipated. He moaned again, his mouth consumed by my tits. He began feverishly stroking my pussy through my jeans, pressing his fingers roughly against my swollen clit. I spit into my hand and began stroking his erection. It was warm and fat in my palm. I cupped his balls and then gave them a gentle tug. The hair surrounding his cock was soft. I nestled my fingers into it as I felt his member throb against my forearm. 


Without help, he quickly undid my shorts and yanked them down to my ankles, exposing my cunt to the cool night air and electrifying my already wet pussy lips. His hands instantly found my wetness as he slid his long, strong fingers up and down my slit. I spread my legs wider, shoving my knees outward to give him unobstructed access. He softly kissed my stomach, licking from my tits to my belly button as his hands explored my cunt. His right hand grasped my ass, squeezing and kneading the flesh. He tipped my hips forward, pulling me closer. I gasped as he slowly entered me using a single finger. It moved so smoothly and easily into my softness. I braced myself on his shoulders, my eyes closed and head back, focusing solely on the sensation of being finger fucked. 


I heard the engine of the red jeep rev as the driver pushed the gas pedal in neutral. It was time. He was ready to see more. I released my clasp from Brian’s shoulders and moved toward the front of my car, leading Brian by the hand. I slowly bent over. The warmth of the hood felt unfamiliar against my nipples. My pussy and ass were now fully exposed and glistening beneath the moonlight. A flood of light surrounded me as the driver of the jeep turned on his high beams. Naughty boy — wants to make sure he gets a good look.


Brian moved behind me, kneeling at my feet. I felt his strong hands spread my ass cheeks. I inhaled in anticipation. His tongue slowly made contact with my body, making small circles around my tight asshole. My muscles tensed, but he firmly held my ass in place, not allowing me to wiggle away. I rested my head on my forearms and tried to relax. I thought about the stranger watching us, getting off on the sight of Brian’s face buried in my crotch.


Brian’s tongue found its way to my cunt. He eagerly fucked my hole with his wide, fat tongue. His hand reached up and between my legs, expertly finding my throbbing clit. As he worked both pleasure spots simultaneously I thought I might cum right then and there. But I couldn’t. Not yet. That was against the rules. 


I bit my arm to avoid crying out in pleasure. Even though it was late, we didn’t know who else might be in the park. Brian broke contact with my body and stood up. I turned to face him. The glow from the jeep’s headlights created an eerie outline around his body. He removed his shirt and tossed it aside. I resisted the urge to reach out and grab his chest. I watched as he slowly removed his shoes and jeans, never breaking eye contact. The intensity in his gaze sent a fresh flood of wetness to my already dripping pussy. His cock was fully erect and on display. I licked my lips, wanting to taste him. But there was no time for that now.


Brian grabbed my waist and spun me around, switching our positions. He was now leaning against the car — exposed and vulnerable. I pressed my body against his, forcing him to bend backwards onto the hood. Our tongues intertwined eagerly, our hands grabbing and pulling at one another’s hair. Brian pressed down onto the hood of the car, sliding his body backwards onto the hood. I stood there just looking at his beautiful, chiseled body and thick, throbbing shaft. He spread his knees wide and patted his thighs, inviting me to mount him.


I smiled, raised my eyebrows and bit my lip. Without hesitation, I crawled onto the hood, holding my body above his. The thought of what we looked like from behind aroused me even more. I slowly lowered my cunt onto the tip of his shaft. It entered smoothly and easily, my hungry pussy lips pulling in every inch. I lowered my body completely, letting him fill me up. My back arched as my cunt opened up to receive him. His hands gripped my hips, helping guide my body up and down. We moved slowly at first — neither of us wanting the other to cum just yet. He stared into my eyes, down at my body, as if mesmerized. He always looked at me as if it was the first time. I became flooded with desire and couldn’t resist rocking back and forth more quickly. His cock throbbed inside me as my clit rubbed against his pelvic bone. His curly pubes both tickled and teased my love button. 


I grasped his wrists and forearms as he pushed my body back and forth over his shaft. My knees squeaked against the hood. In the quiet night air, you could hear his tool sliding in and out of my thick pussy juice. We began moving faster and his grip tightened around my waist. I dug my nails into his arms, willing him to fuck me harder. He obeyed and thrusted his hips upward, burying his cock an inch deeper. I cried out. I couldn’t stop myself. I reached backward, grabbing his knees and cupping his balls beneath my ass. They were slick with a mix of our fluids. They slapped against my ass as he thrusted and pounded me from beneath.


I released them and pressed my hands firmly against his chest. The change in position pushed his body perfectly into my clit. I tried to hold-off but my body wouldn’t let me. The sensation of his fat cock filling my pussy and my clit rubbing against his flesh was too much. I warned him I was cumming. We had to climax together or our secret observer wouldn’t be pleased. 


“I’m ready, Brian, I’m ready. I’m gonna cum….”


Before the last word escaped my lips, I felt the rush of pleasure flood the lower half of my body. My knees shook and slammed into his hips. My nipples ached. I dug my nails into his chest and tried desperately to mask my screams. Brian grunted loudly, fucking me faster and harder from underneath. I felt his warm cum explode inside me, mixing with my own. Both of our bodies shook and convulsed as we shared a moment of ultimate pleasure. 


As my body slowly relaxed and my heart began to pound more evenly in my chest, I took a few long, deep breaths. Brian sighed in satisfaction, his eyes closed and his face tilted toward the night sky. I collapsed onto his chest — exhausted, satisfied, content. And just then, as our breath began to fall into rhythm, the lights behind us turned off. Neither of us moved. We laid there in the darkness, our bodies still connected until we heard the jeep pass by us and make its way slowly down the path and into the night. 

How could people be so stupid? Meeting in a park to cheat on their significant others. It was like the most cliche sexual scenario ever created. But these two. No, these two took it to an entirely new level of obvious. Not only did they meet in the same spot, on the same night, at the same time every single week, but they had sex out in the open, right on the hood of her car. How do I know this? Well, because I watched, of course.

Now before you label me a pervert or a creep, hear me out. It’s not MY fault they decided to choose the park I patrol for their sexual indiscretions. And it’s not my fault she’s so loud when she orgasms. The first time I saw them was a few months back. I was just locking up the security shed for the night. The clock read 7:30 and my stomach was growling for dinner. It was Thursday night — meatloaf.


Just as I was heading to my jeep, I saw them. At first they were just kissing. He had her pressed against the passenger door of his blue pick-up truck. Even from where I stood I could see she had an incredible body. Young, tight, and curvaceous. I got instant flow. After 30 years of marriage, my sex life wasn’t exactly the backdrop for a porn movie. I still had needs and sex once every couple weeks wasn’t cutting it.


I watched in a daze as his strong hands ran over her jean shorts which clung to her high, tight ass. Her hands were under his shirt. I imagined her caressing and pinching his nipples. My cock was fully erect now. I needed a closer look. I quietly walked to the front of my jeep, crouching down slightly for a better view. The park was dark but the light at the corner of the security shed was still lit for another 15 minutes, casting just enough glow in their direction. 


She pulled his shirt up over his head revealing a body that any man would kill for. His abs were clearly visible and I watched in excitement as she ran her tongue up and down his chest. She knelt down, tugging aggressively on his belt buckle. I held my breath, afraid to blow my cover. She pulled his monster cock from his jeans and expertly began jerking him off. She cupped his balls in her hand, running her tongue from the base of his dick to the head before engulfing it fully. He held her hair back, watching her work as intently as I was.


I readjusted the crotch of my pants which were now straining against my erection. He moved his hips back and forth, gently fucking her open, eager mouth. She never gagged, just continued to suck and savour every inch of his tool. I pulled my own dick out through the hole in my pants. The cool night air sent a chill down my legs. The tip was caked in sticky precum. 


He lifted her to her feet, removing her shirt with one fluid motion. He grabbed her tits through her bra, squeezing them as he shoved his tongue down her throat. He lifted her up on the hood of her car and slid her shorts down to her ankles. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. I remember thinking she was a whore and being insanely jealous of this man. I wanted to see her pussy up close. Feel it, smell it, taste it. But of course I couldn’t. I’d have to be content with a backrow seat. 


He grabbed hold of his shaft and began running the tip up and down her slit. She arched her back, gripping the hood of the car and thrusting her hips upwards, begging for it. Just as he plunged his giant erection into her waiting hole, the light from the shed turned off. Fuck! I couldn’t see anything. My cock was throbbing and twitching and my balls were swollen with desire. I thought about using my flashlight and then realized that would probably warrant a call to the cops. 


That night I walked into my jeep, closed my eyes, and jerked off to what I imagined was happening just a few yards away. 


Not tonight. Now, we had a system down. I knew when they were coming (literally) and they knew I watched. In fact, I think they got off on it. I swore there were a few times where I saw her looking over at me. His head between her legs, feasting on that sweet, young twat. She’d bite her lip and throw her head back for dramatic effect. And I loved every minute of it. He knew I watched too and enjoyed putting on a show. I don’t blame him. He was young, hot, and hung. He got to fuck a gorgeous woman on the hood of her car every single week. Shit, I’d want an audience too!


After the first few mishaps with poor lighting, I cast all inhibitions aside and used the headlights from my jeep. The warm glow acted like a spotlight for their sexual display and boy did they perform.


Tonight was no different. I was sitting in the front seat of my jeep, gently stroking myself when she pulled up. She parked her car in the same spot, turning off the engine and waiting. At 7:31, the headlights of his truck came down the winding path. My balls tightened in anticipation. This was the highlight of my week. 


They both exited their vehicles and met in the middle. They didn’t speak, just grabbed hold of one another and began kissing with the type of urgency you only experience with an intense physical connection. My cock perked up at the sight of them. He pulled her chest against his. I imagined how her soft tits would feel against my own body as I ran my hand over the soft flesh of my shaft.


Her petite hands traced the lines of his enormous erection through his tight jeans. This guy had the perfect dick – I was man enough to admit that. No wonder she couldn’t get enough of it. He expertly undid her bra from beneath her shirt, pulling it free. I watched her perky tits dip slightly beneath the thin fabric. He lifted her shirt and hungrily attacked her perfect round breasts. With one in each hand, he sucked and nibbled her nipples. I licked and bit my own lip, imagining I was him. My cock throbbed in my hand, droplets of precum streaming from the tip. My left hand hung out the window, my cigarette burning away to a useless nub. I was too focused to even take a drag but I needed to stay calm or else I’d come too soon. She looked over at me and I quickly let go of my cock. Fuck, I almost came just then. Everytime she made eye contact with me I thought I’d explode.


He rammed his knee between her legs, spreading them wide. His animalistic behavior was intoxicating. She loved being manhandled, my naughty little girl. Over time, I felt a connection with these two. They knew I was there watching and they never skipped a beat. They still devoured one another with uninhibited passion and desire, without a care in the world. We shared a certain level of unexplainable and unspoken intimacy.


She looked over at me again as she struggled to undo his pants. His hand was between her legs now, working her clit which I imagined was pulsating. She spit in her hand, using her own warm saliva to stroke the length of his tool. It looked enormous in her tiny little hands. He removed her shorts like a pro before returning his hand to her crotch. I knew his fingers were inside her now. I could tell by the way she dug her nails into his back and pressed her hips upward. Tiny moans escaped her half-open mouth. Her body shook slightly as he continued to finger fuck her, deep and hard. 


I couldn’t help but stroke my own dick in unison with his movements. Imagining that it was my cock buried deep inside her instead of his fingers. But I wanted more. I wanted to see what I came for and what they were here to do. I revved the engine – our signal. 


I watched in awe as she rounded the front of the car, bending over the hood like the good little slut she was. Her ass was like a perfect, plump melon. Round, full, and smooth. Her wet pussy lips glistened in the night. She playfully looked back at me over her shoulder and I gripped the head of my cock, stopping it from erupting.


I turned on the high beams as he joined her, kneeling down with his face just inches from that gorgeous cunt. I was so fucking jealous. What I wouldn’t give to actually taste her. To feel her sweet, creamy cum on my lips and tongue. The warm, honey-like nectar sliding down my throat and filling my belly. I’d work her pussy and sensitive little ass hole over and over again until she begged for me to stop. But that wasn’t possible. I’d have to settle for watching him do the work for me. 


He spread her ass cheeks wide open and moved his head to the side, giving me a perfect view. He ran his tongue from her gaping pussy hole to her tight ass. He squeezed her firm cheeks tightly as she wiggled and squirmed beneath his talented tongue. Her legs were shaking. She wanted to come but I knew she wouldn’t. She couldn’t. Not yet. 


He stood up, giving her body a much-needed break. They gripped one another in an intense kiss before switching positions. He was sitting on the front of the hood now, his chiseled body glowing beneath the moon. His long, thick erection on full display. I swore I could see the veins twitching. He held it straight up, an invitation for her to mount him. I slowly resumed jerking myself off with a gentle, steady pace. I wanted to come at just the right time. He patted his thighs, encouraging her to climb aboard.


I held my breath as she crawled onto the hood, straddling him. Her strong arms supported her body, her cunt hovering just inches above his waiting dick. Their self-control was astonishing. Then, she slowly lowered herself onto his member. I watched, wide-eyed, as the thick saft disappeared inside her petite frame, one glorious inch at a time. Her back arched and her knees spread an inch wider as the entire length of his tool plunged into her. She grabbed his legs and began rocking back and forth. He had a firm grip on her hips, helping her slide up and down on his pleasure stick.


My own dick was twitching, squirting random streams of precum from the head. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait. She grabbed his wrists, letting him control the rhythm, grinding hard against his body. I pictured her swollen clit rubbing against his pelvic bone. She begged him to fuck her harder and he obeyed, ramming his dick into her with hard, quick thrusts.


She reached back again, cupping his balls and gripping his knees while he continued to pound her from underneath. I took my own tight ball sack in my hand, giving it a firm squeeze, imagining her hands on me. My other hand stroked my cock faster now. She was close. It was almost time. 


“I’m ready”, I heard her cry out. “I’m gonna come!”


With those three words and a few more quick strokes, my legs shook and slammed hard into the car door and center console. I gripped the arm rest as my body convulsed and a warm, steady stream of jizz exploded onto the floor between my feet. I grunted loudly. My orgasm lasted for what felt like forever. My eyes were closed but I could hear them. I heard her high-pitched squeals and his deep-throated grunts. All three of us finished together, just the way I liked it.


She collapsed onto him. I imagined them relishing in that single moment of pleasure and satisfaction, their breath evening out and their heartbeats falling into a steady rhythm. I cleaned myself up as best I could and turned off my high beams. As I made my way down the winding path toward home, I glanced one last time at their gorgeous, sweat-covered bodies, taking a mental picture to last me until next time. 


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