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Sophie is a 32 year-old massage therapist and self-proclaimed nymphomaniac. She’s been in several dead-end relationships and has resigned herself to just having good friends and amazing sex.

If you ask me, there’s no better place to jerk off than in the shower. I mean, you’re already naked. Hot. Soapy. If it’s the morning, you’re probably already a little aroused. Your cock is stiff and eager. So why not put that raging erection to good use? 

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Worthy Worthy
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If you ask me, there’s no better place to jerk off than in the shower. I mean, you’re already naked. Hot. Soapy. If it’s the morning, you’re probably already a little aroused. Your cock is stiff and eager. So why not put that raging erection to good use? 


Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature. Not too cold that you take the edge off but not so hot that you’re more relaxed than you are aroused. You don’t want to miss this. You need to be focused, aware, and tuned in to your body’s needs. Every sensation. Now, stand under the stream of water, letting it cascade over the curves of your body. Your broad shoulders, full chest, torso, and down your pelvic bone. The water drips down between your legs, around your sack and down the soft flesh of your thighs to your feet before sliding down the drain. Open your mouth and let the drops of water tickle your lips and tongue like sweet cum. Your body is a temple. 


Look down at yourself. You are worthy of this. You deserve this. Is your cock hard or flaccid? Either way, it’s time to get to work. Start rubbing your pecs and torso. Graze your nipples with the palm of your hand. Now let your hands trail down your body to your upper thighs, Squeezing and gripping like an eager lover. Dig your nails into your muscular flesh. Move closer to the center but don’t touch just yet. Watch how your dick responds to your touch. 


Look at your cock as it slowly grows in anticipation. It is a powerful tool that deserves your attention. It’s time to worship it that way. 


Take that beautiful shaft in your hands and feel it. Grab it like you mean it. Wrap your fingers around its girth and stretch it out nice and long. Pull and tug firmly. You are in control. Use your other hand to lean against the shower wall in front of you, your head tipped down offering an unobstructed view of your growing excitement. 


Start to stroke it now. Gently. Use the warm water as a lubricant. Imagine hot, sweet cum all over your shaft and balls. Run your hand from the base to the head, slow and steady. 


Part your legs slightly, widening your stance and letting your swollen balls hang freely between your thighs. On your next stroke, stop at the base of your dick and reach down, cupping your bulging sack. Hold them in your hand and give them a firm tug. Look at yourself. Your glorious cock should be fully erect, twitching and throbbing with desire. In need of a desperate release.


Grab whatever soap is nearby and lather your hands. Use both hands to cover your shaft and balls with the thick, slippery mixture. It feels like cum, doesn’t it? The thick, creamy cum of your lover, coating your erection. Close your eyes and relish in the sensation. Run your fingers up and down your entire length, swirling the tip of your cock with small, purposeful circles, before tickling it from the head to the base, covering every inch. Your hands slide so easily up and down your slick shaft. Cover your balls too using large circles, rubbing, tugging, and squeezing as you wish. Do whatever feels good.


Pay attention to how nice your hand moves up and down that veiny shaft. Pick up momentum now, letting the soap do most of the work. Widen your legs a little more and bend your knees. Brace yourself for a good, hard handjob. Grip the wall in front of you with one hand and use the other to jerk yourself off hard and fast. Squeeze that cock. Use long, steady motions, cupping your balls before gliding your hand back up to the tip. By now, your precum is mixed with the soap and hot water, creating a warm lubricant.


Slow down for a minute. Twist your hand around your thick cock, moving up and down its length, applying pressure to the head before twisting your way back down to the base. Grab those balls one more time. Feel how full and ready they are. Ready to explode. Pick up the pace again, jerking yourself off fast and hard. Let the urgency take over. Close your eyes and imagine a hot, wet mouth wrapped around your member. The tongue flicking the tip and lapping up your salty precum. They’re hungry for your cum. They’re waiting.


Keep going. Give them what they want. A hot, thick load. Jerk it nice and fast. Just like that. You’re so close. The pressure’s building in your gut. The heat is overwhelming but it’s not the heat of the shower, it’s your heart pumping in anticipation. Bracing for what’s to come. Curl your toes and fingers against the hard, cool tile. Hold on tight. Now finish it. It’s time to let go. Stroke it good. Move your hips back and forth and tighten that firm ass of yours. That’s right. Release that hot salty load. 


Imagine your creamy jizz sliding down their throat as your cock explodes in a fury of pleasure. Don’t stop. Let your cum erupt at will. Sliding down your hand and onto the floor of the shower. Watch it go. Watch the fruits of your labor spill from your rock hard cock. Don’t hold back. As your knees shake and your body convulses, let go of all your stress and worry. No one’s here to judge. You deserve this.


Now take a deep breath and let all of your muscles relax. From your neck and shoulders down your back to your ass and finally your legs. Place both hands on the wall as your body comes down from its apex of pleasure. Look down at yourself again as your half-flaccid cock hangs between your thighs. You’re incredible. You’re a strong, powerful sexual being. 


You are worthy. 


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