Discovering New Depths

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A single 40-year-old stud, Mark loves nothing more than pleasing random women. He gets off on getting them off and sleeps with multiple women a week. By satisfying their needs, he satisfies his own.
Ashley is a newly married 30-year-old woman who works as a medical assistant. She loves her husband but misses the single life. She flirts mercilessly and has recently taken her flirtations to the next level.

My whole body was trembling.

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As she laid there trembling, saturated by her own sweat and slick juices, my eyes scanned every curve and crevice of her body. Her muscular back rose and fell with each breath. Tiny beads of sweat trailed down the dip of her spine. 

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Discovering New Depths Discovering New Depths
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Discovering New Depths Discovering New Depths
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Discovering New Depths

My whole body was trembling.

I’d never been this excitedly anxious in my life. There’d been moments where I’d felt something similar, the briefest of tremors, but nothing like this. 


Soft fingertips suddenly traced a faint line along my spine, instinctively causing me to tingle. I hadn’t felt that touch for the last few minutes and it had driven me to near frenzy. I was exhausted, my body drenched in the afterglow of my orgasm, yet I craved more. To feel that next release, to see where else he’d take me. 


Then his touch was stolen away. The contact lost as quick as it came, my body already aching for its return. I knew it would come back, but I didn’t want to wait to experience it. Wanting to show my need, to encourage a reaction, I writhed on the bed, the sheets clinging to my moist skin.


“You look good enough to eat,” His words snaked into my ears, causing my skin to prickle with goosebumps; that voice, the way he teased me, how close his lips were to my skin… I twisted my head to try and follow that deep, husky growl, my eyes useless to me now. I was shrouded in darkness, the blindfold he’d carefully tied still firmly in place; to overwhelm and overpower my senses was part of the game. A game both he and I enjoyed, though for differing reasons. 


“Look at the beautiful mess you’ve made… ” My breath hitched in my throat, a mix of ecstasy and embarrassment colouring my reaction. I couldn’t see what I’d done, I could only feel how badly my body ached, how in between my thighs was slick, how my pussy had tightened around his fingers as he’d taken me apart piece by piece. The man was a devil. But he was the kind you wanted in your life — he’d take you to places you’d never known, all with a single touch of his fingers. It was maddening to be so consumed by it, yet the idea of never feeling him unravel me again was terrifying. “I don’t think you’re done just yet.”


Before I’d even had a chance to consider the next round of depraved pleasures he’d expose me to, my body was hauled upwards, forced onto my knees. It was difficult to get my balance at first, but his steady, guiding hands made sure I never wavered. Now that I was knelt before him, naked and devoid of my full senses, the slightest of whimpers escaped my lips. What would he do to me now? 


His deft fingers returned to me once more in answer to my silent question. They glided over the curve of my behind, gently stroking me as he reached around and slid a finger between my swollen lips. My whimpers turned to light, fluttery moans as his finger found my clit, the very tip of his finger massaging it in slow, agonising circles. It was such a subtle touch, and yet he shook my body to its core. I needed those fingers back inside — I needed his tongue, his throbbing cock, I needed his everything. This single touch wasn’t enough. 


“Now, now, don’t be greedy,” He cooed, the smirk he wore brazen in his words. “You’ll get your fill, baby girl, I promise you that.” 


The circling then stopped. His finger moving back and around to my behind, its expert touch parting my cheeks ever so slightly. He found the delicate, sensitive ring of nerve endings hidden within and gently started to caress me there, the wetness from my pussy lightly coating me. My instinct to tense, to try and stop him from exploring there, was immediately overcome by desire. We’d done anal play before, more and more often of late, but it was still a relatively new sensation to me — for most of my adult life I’d denied myself that additional pleasure, fearful of how I’d be perceived. I’d been naive.


“I’m going to make this mine,” His gravelly voice promised, that coaxing finger tip lightly pushing down into me, the resistance momentary. “Do you hear me? This. is. mine.” 


I groaned as I listened to his words, their meaning and his finger filling me, stretching me out, readying me for more of him. Gone were my inhibitions. I didn’t care how I looked, how I sounded, all that mattered was feeling this sensation for as long as possible.


As his finger slowly stroked the sensitive walls within, causing me to shudder. My pussy throbbed with an ache unlike anything I’d ever felt. It was a blinding heat taking over my body, suddenly offset by an unknown coldness on my skin. I gasped, though I knew what it was, as we’d used the same lube in previous play. Gently stealing his finger away from me, he used that tip and another finger’s to moisten me further, my muscles relaxing with every pressured rub. 

Once I was ready, both of his fingers slid inside me. 


I moaned through tight lips, the fullness overwhelmingly tense, but in a way that spoke of pleasure not pain. He was masterful with his command of my body; he knew what it needed and he took me there. 


Every time he drew his fingers back then worked them deeper inside, my purrs and groans grew louder, my body thrumming with energy. I’d believed this enough to satisfy my hunger, but now I understood that I needed even more. “Ple… please… I need… I need more…” I breathlessly begged, my voice shaking like leaves in the wind. In reply he laughed, a smugness to its deep sound.


“Oh, baby girl, you’ll get more.”


Smiling through glazed over eyes, my sight lust filled and hazy, I waited for him to stop teasing me and enter me properly. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long. 


Still on my knees, though my balance was a little wobbly now, new tremors of excitement overcame me. More slickness, the cold gel of the lube trickling down my cleft, his fingers instantly massaging it in to make sure my ass was as drenched as my pussy. To say I was crazed, on the edge of losing control, would be an understatement. My body was in a flux, the lust and filth that flooded my mind only adding fuel to a raging inferno. When would this torturous waiting stop…?


Then, I felt him. 


He rubbed his head up and down, coating himself in the mix of my juices and lubricant; the very idea causing me to bite my lip. There was the briefest pause before he entered me, then my body was forced to open up to welcome him in. I moaned out, the sound surrounding us both. Every inch he took was another that sent me reeling, my mind and body tumbling over the cliffedge. I didn’t want measured strokes right now, I wanted a frenzy. For him to pound into me, to take what was his and only his. 

Firm fingers gripped my hips as the last inch of his hardness stretched me. For a moment, both of us were still, our breath all that could be heard; me enjoying this new feeling, him welcoming a new level of tightness. It was a frozen few seconds in time, but it felt so much longer. 


Then came an almighty intensity.


He worked his hips against my ass, my body bouncing against his as our tempo increased. Neither of us held back, both of us crashing like waves of a storm, our laboured pants and loud groans a deafening crescendo. Every time he pulled back I moved towards him, our bodies slamming together at just the right time. As the force grew, my nails clenched the sheets beneath me, the tension in my body desperately seeking its release; I could tell he was in a similar state of elation. 


“Tell… me you’re… mine.” He growled, his hands pulling me further into his body, that extra depth making me squeal. 


“I’m yours… I’m totally yours!” I couldn’t say it quick enough, such was the fervence of my devotion. 


No reply came save for his satisfied grunt as he pushed my head down into the bed, my ass now even higher in the air; the angle he now entered me was sublime. My eyes rolled into the back of my head with every furious stroke, my mind more than aware that I couldn’t take much more of this before I completely exploded. 


Desperation seized me, my need to come, now more than ever, had me reaching for my pussy. My juices coated my fingers and ran down my hand as I frantically kneaded the sensitive folds there. I almost blushed — I’d never been this wet before. I’d never responded to anyone like this before. I’d always assumed that how aroused I’d been in the past was the most heightened state of pleasure I could experience, but I now realised how wrong I’d been. He had the power to take me beyond that. 


My fingers on my clit, I strummed and ground as he gyrated his hips into me, our rhythm perfectly matched. All that pressure that had been building, that had been threatening to burst from deep within, finally broke through. I rushed to meet my orgasm, my walls spasming around him. 


His cries mingled with mine, my body milking him, demanding that he come with me. Nothing else would do. His body suddenly went rigid against mind, my demand met; he emptied himself inside me, the fullness of before now paled in comparison to this. We were a chorus of euphoria, lost to its melody. Sadly however, every melody eventually comes to an end, no matter how much we try to prevent it.


Where there’d once been a symphony of pleasure, now there was a sated silence. 


We were too exhausted, too spent to say or do anything. Instead we were locked together, our minds riding those last embers of a high only sex can bring. Finally though, after minutes of soundlessly basking in its glow, we parted our sweat soaked bodies. The sudden distance was awful, the feeling of loss so great I felt immobilised. Then he returned to me. His strong arms wrapping around me and pulling me in, his body language all the confirmation I needed to know how he felt. How we both felt. 


As she laid there trembling, saturated by her own sweat and slick juices, my eyes scanned every curve and crevice of her body. Her muscular back rose and fell with each breath. Tiny beads of sweat trailed down the dip of her spine. 

She needed a few moments to regain composure. A brief pause from the pleasure. But not too long. Thick pussy cream caked the inside of her thighs. I wondered how far I could take her. How many times could I make her come? Would she beg me to stop or beg for more? I smiled to myself as I watched her eager body writhing on the sheets. She was ready. I needed to taste her.


I dipped down close to her ear, my lips just barely grazing her skin. “You look good enough to eat,” I whispered. 


She lifted her head ever-so-slightly, yearning for my touch. Struggling to get closer. I ran my fingers across the silky blindfold that covered her deep brown eyes. She trusted me completely. She surrendered herself to me every time, without reservation. My cock throbbed. I was high on the sense of power she gave me.


I spread her legs slightly, feeling the damp spot between her legs and on the bed.


“Look at the beautiful mess you’ve made.” I brought my hand to my nose, inhaling her sweet, pungent fragrance.


I so badly wanted to touch her again. To feel her sweat on my lips and tongue. Her body screamed for me.


“I don’t think you’re done just yet,” I whispered playfully.


I grabbed her roughly by the waist, bringing her to her knees. Her body was flexible in my hands. She had completely abandoned herself to me. I could feel it. I traced the lines of her back with a single finger, making my way down to the curves of her full, plump ass. I reached between her legs, gently feeling her slippery folds. She was still wet for me. Wetter than before.


I easily found her swollen clit. I swirled it around my finger with small, purposeful circles. I flicked it firmly. She whimpered, pressing her dripping cunt against my hand. Easy now, I thought, smirking in spite of myself.


“Now, now, don’t be greedy,” I teased. “You’ll get your fill, baby girl, I promise you that.” 


I slowly moved my hand away from her pussy, reaching back to palm her ass cheeks. They were slick with sweat and I massaged them like clay between my fingers. My finger was coated in her thick, sweet pussy cream. Perfect.


I used her natural lubricant to gain entry into her most sacred spot. We’d experimented with anal play before so I knew she’d willingly accept my advances. I felt her muscles tighten before relaxing. She was too aroused to resist. 


I tightened my grip on her ass.


“I’m going to make this mine,” I said in a more serious tone. “Do you hear me?” I asked, pressing the tip of my finger slightly deeper. “This. Is. Mine.”


She let out a deep-throated groan, her body opening up to me, warming up to the glorious sensation of my finger in her unfamiliar pleasure hole. I slowly moved it back and forth over the inner ridges of her canal, stroking the edges with a gentle, expert touch. She rocked from side to side, willing me to go deeper. Harder.


Her wetness was everywhere. Dripping from her pussy onto the bed and into my hand. I needed more if I wanted to go further. I grabbed our favorite cooling lube, slipping my finger from her body momentarily. The cold liquid startled her as I let thick gobs slide down her ass crack and disappear between her legs. She gasped at the familiar sensation. 


I pressed two fingers against her tight hole, slowly gliding them inside her waiting body. My other hand was on the small of her back, the skin moist with sweat. She arched her back slightly, welcoming the thickness. I went one-knuckle deep before easing in a bit further. Her body told me what she wanted and I listened. 


She was pushing back on my fingers now, urging me to go even deeper. I obliged. She was begging for it now.


“Ple… please… I need… I need more…”, she whined, her face twisted in an erotic mix of pleasure, pain, and desire.


“Oh, baby girl, you’ll get more,” I promised.


I removed my fingers, adding more lubricant to my hands and the top of her ass. The thick cream slid down into place, prepping her for what was to come. I added the cool lubricant to my hand, stroking my throbbing erection.


Her body was writhing with desire. She was ready. I touched her skin with the tip of my cock. The contact was electrifying. She gasped under her breath. I pushed forward, entering her slowly. Her groans were almost animalistic. 


I went further, entering her one slow inch at a time. Her knees widened as her body pulled me in deeper. Her dark cave tightened around my shaft, gripping it snuggly and sending pulses of pleasure up through my groin. I gripped her hips and held my breath, trying to keep my orgasm at bay. This was about her. I could wait.


With one solid thrust, the last inch entered her and we both remained still, silently relishing in the moment. It was a deeper connection than we’d ever experienced before. After the brief pause, I regained momentum. Rocking her gorgeous body back and forth over my cock. It slid so nicely over my shaft, a sensation tighter and more intense than I’d ever felt. My balls gently tapped against her thighs.


Her body told me she wanted it faster and harder. As always, I obliged. I grabbed her waist, pounding into her with fury and passion. She pushed back hard on my cock, slamming our hips together with each thrust. 


“Tell… me you’re… mine”, I demanded between my heavy breathing and grunts.


“I’m yours”, she answered breathily. “I’m totally yours.” She could barely speak. Her voice caught in her throat as I continued to pound my body into hers. We fit like a perfect puzzle piece. 


I shoved her head down into the mattress, lifting her hips an inch higher, achieving a better angle. She reached between her legs, tending to her throbbing clit. I imagined how wet it was. How good she tasted and felt. 


I felt her muscles twitching around my cock. Her orgasm was building along with mine. I felt the warmth in my pelvis as I continued to match her movements with my own. She cried out and her body trembled uncontrollably. The soft walls tightened around my cock, coaxing my own orgasms from deep inside. 


My cock erupted, filling her body, my cum mixing with her own sweet release. My body collapsed on top of her. I held up my weight, my chest pressed firmly against her back. Our bodies rose and fell in unison as we regained our natural breath. I slowly lifted myself up, breaking the connection between our slick, sweaty bodies. 


She fell onto the bed, a mix of exhaustion and pure bliss. My eyes traced her body, a satisfied smile spreading across my lips. She looked so peaceful, I was hesitant to touch her but couldn’t resist.


I wrapped my strong arms around her delicate body, getting lost in the euphoria and reaffirming our connection, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


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