The Bathhouse

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Cade is a shy but horny 20-something who is exploring his newfound open sexuality. During the day, Cade works at a bookstore, and at night he cruises gay bars, bathhouses, and other hook-up spots searching for experienced men to play around with.
Jack is a 40-year-old personal trainer who enjoys anonymous sex with men. Jack’s never been in a committed relationship and prefers it that way. He prefers hitting the gym, mountain biking, and bar hopping.

Jack sat in the sauna at the gay bathhouse, absolutely relaxed. 

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Cade took a deep breath as he walked into the sauna. This was his first time at the gay bathhouse in his town, and he was incredibly nervous. 

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The Bathhouse The Bathhouse
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The Bathhouse The Bathhouse
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The Bathhouse

Jack sat in the sauna at the gay bathhouse, absolutely relaxed. 


The bathhouse was one of his favorite places to go on a nice evening. He was a little older than most of the clientele, but it hadn’t been a problem before. In fact, he knew that some guys were into his “Daddy vibes.”


He was just about to doze off a little when he heard the door to the sauna open. An incredibly attractive man walked through the door, just a towel wrapped around his waist. He was definitely younger than Jack, but he was pretty used to that. His black hair was long enough to touch his ears, and his abs were basically the eighth wonder of the world.


They made eye contact, his bright brown eyes taking Jack by surprise.


“Mind if I join you?” the other man asked, and Jack nodded.


The man sat down on the other side of the room, his demeanor cool and collected. Jack wracked his brain, but didn’t think he’d seen him here before. He definitely would have remembered.


He wanted to interact with this guy. He didn’t know where it would lead, but there was no harm in making a little conversation.


“What’s your name?” he asked him, turning towards him to give him his full attention.


“Cade,” the other guy said. Jack couldn’t help wanting to put his hand in that hair, as well as other places…


“Jack,” he returned. He continued to take Cade in, noticing his hard nipples, his strong shoulders, the way it would feel to run his fingers through that hair. He knew Cade was checking him out, too.


He was used to hooking up at the sauna, but he wasn’t sure if Cade was. There was only one way to find out.


He took off his towel, revealing his semi-hard cock. He looked at Cade for a reaction, and he could tell that he was holding his breath. Good.


Cade closed his eyes for a moment, looking like he was about to say something. Jack waited in anticipation.


“Can I blow you?” he asked, and Jack felt his cock pulse. 


He had gotten so lucky. He was impressed with himself, that he could keep pulling men this attractive even though he’d just turned 40.


Jack bit his lip and put his hand behind his head. “I wouldn’t mind,” he said, and he could hear the lust in his voice.


It only took a moment before Cade let his own towel fall to the floor. His cock was huge, even larger than his own. Jack watched the show, wanting to reach down to touch his own member but resisting. That would come later.


Cade moved across the room and dropped to his knees in front of Jack. Cade took him by surprise by spitting into his hand, then wrapping his hand around Jack’s cock.


The slow movements pulsed through him like ocean waves, strong and hard. He looked down to watch the muscles in Cade’s arm move as he pumped it up and down. He started to speed up a little, and Jack leaned his head back against the wall in pleasure.


He knew he was fully hard now, and he hoped the main attraction was about to begin.


Cade moved his hand away and started to lean his head down instead.


The anticipation in the sauna was palpable as he leaned closer and closer, opening his mouth…


Suddenly, those pretty lips were wrapped around the head of his cock. His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure. He obviously knew what he was doing, even if he wasn’t doing it at this bathhouse.


Jack groaned, low and deep in his throat. This seemed to please Cade, because he immediately leaned down further to take most of his cock into his mouth. His pretty little lips stretched around its girth, and Jack couldn’t stop looking down at him.


Cade slowly started to move his head up and down on Jack’s cock, building momentum. Jack watched him deeply, thinking about all of the other things they could do but knowing they wouldn’t get the chance…at least not today, not in this sauna. That made the feeling all the better.


Jack was barely keeping himself together. Even though he received a blowjob from people at the bathhouse with some regularity, this was probably the best one he’d had. Cade was so good at it, anticipating his every need, going at a pace that would break down most men.


Cade reached down to cup Jack’s balls. It really surprised him, and his breath hitched in his chest. Just that light contact on his balls felt amazing.


Jack started to buck his hips, driving his cock into Cade’s needy mouth. He simply couldn’t stay still any longer.


Jack continued to fuck Cade’s mouth, and suddenly Cade was taking his cock in all the way up to the hilt. His dick was pretty massive, so that honestly didn’t happen that often.


Without hesitation, he put his hand on the back of Cade’s head, pushing his mouth down on his cock. He just couldn’t contain himself, wanted him closer to him, wanted more of him.


He ran his hands through and grabbed at that beautiful hair, growing closer and closer to release.


With one more strong push of his head, Jack was coming. He moved back and forth in a frenzy, so turned on by the fact that his cum was filling this young man’s mouth to the brim. The sensations of his mouth were immaculate.


Jack let go of Cade’s head and couldn’t help slumping back against the tile. That had taken a lot out of him.


He knew Cade’s mouth would taste like his cum for hours. He knew he would like that, given how eager he had been.


Jack was wondering whether Cade would want more, but that wasn’t really his style. However, he slowly moved away.


Once he was cleaned up, Cade grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. He got up, and just like that, he was giving Jack a wave as he left the sauna.


He hoped Cade would come back to the sauna sometime soon. Maybe they could pick up where they’d left off…


Cade took a deep breath as he walked into the sauna. This was his first time at the gay bathhouse in his town, and he was incredibly nervous. 


He’d had no idea what to expect. So far, he’d seen some guys lifting weights in the gym and a couple making out in the locker room. However, it wasn’t exactly the sex-crazed experience he’d been expecting. Maybe it was his fault for going on an off day.


He was debating what to wear, but he was a confident dude. He took off his boxers and wrapped a towel around his waist.


When he entered the sauna, there was another man inside. He was a little older, probably about 40, but Cade was positive he was even sexier now than he’d been in his “prime.” He had a salt and pepper beard and sharp cheekbones. His defined abs peeked out over the towel, and as he followed his way down, he caught a small glimpse of his pubic hair peeking out the top.


It took him a second to realize that the guy was staring at him. He made contact with his piercing green eyes and was absolutely stunned.


“Mind if I join you?” he choked out, and the man nodded.


Cade sat down on the other side of the room, keeping his cool. Just because lots of people had sex here didn’t mean this man would want to. At the very least, he would wait for him to make the first move.


“What’s your name?” the man asked, turning to him.


“Cade,” he said. “Yours?”


“Jack,” the guy said.


He realized that Jack was checking him out, too. His eyes raked over him, and he was more than willing to let them.


At that moment, Jack took off his towel. His cock was already semi-hard underneath, long and thick, and Cade had to stop himself from gasping. 


Was this an invitation? He hadn’t pictured his day going this way, but he definitely couldn’t complain.


He closed his eyes for a second, getting up the courage for what he asked next.


“Can I blow you?”


The man bit his lip and put his hand up behind his head. “I wouldn’t mind,” he said, lust filling his voice.


Cade had never done anything like this before. He’d never even really been into the Grindr scene. But here he was, about to suck some random guy’s dick in a sauna. He was a little impressed with himself.


Cade let his own towel fall to the floor. Jack watched him do it and he felt like he was putting on a show.


Cade moved across the room and dropped to his knee in front of Jack. He started by spitting into his hand, then wrapping his palm around the other man’s cock. He wanted him at full hardness before he started to blow him.


He started slow at first, his hand stroking the guy’s length, heavy in his hand. He caught Jack watching the muscles in his arm move as he began to speed up a little, and he leaned his head back against the wall.


Cade could feel his own cock getting hard. This was the hottest, riskiest thing he’d ever done. 


He couldn’t wait anymore. He took his hand away from Jack’s cock and leaned his head down instead.


There was a moment of intense anticipation, he assumed for both of them. He couldn’t wait to see how Jack tasted…


He wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, slowly whirling his tongue around the head. Jack groaned, low and deep. It encouraged him, made him want to pleasure this man even more.


He leaned down further and took most of the length into his throat. It was long enough that he could feel his gag reflex wanting to kick in, but he’d tamed that long ago. It was thick enough that his mouth stretched around his girth.


Cade started to slowly move his head up and down around Jack’s cock, building a rhythm. He glanced up to see Jack’s hooded eyes, watching his every movement.


Cade loved sucking coc k. He loved to bring pleasure to someone else; there was a certain power in it. Plus, it just felt really, really good.


He was enjoying the saltiness from the bit of precum that had leaked from Jack’s hard cock. He kept up his pace, wanting to get Jack horny but not end things too soon.


He reached down to cup Jack’s balls. He wasn’t sure how this was going to go over, but Jack’s breath hitched and he started to buck his hips, driving his cock into Cade’s mouth, just the way Cade liked it.


Cade played with Jack’s balls as he continued to blow him, his movements growing bigger and bigger. Soon, he had the whole cock in his mouth, right to the hilt of Jack’s body.


Suddenly, Jack’s hand was on his head, pushing his mouth down on his cock, which must have been begging for release. It was rough, but Cade liked it, being told what to do through movements by this older man.


Jack’s body was starting to shake, and Cade knew he was close. He had little control over the movements anymore, and that turned him on, too. He was no more than a warm hole to this man, and for some reason, that made him want to come, too.


It only took one more hard push against Cade’s head before Jack started to come. Cade tasted the ropes of hot cum pulsating into his mouth, reveling in it. It made him want to burst open.


He continued to coax Jack through until he had stopped pushing his head and was slumped back against the wall.


He moved away from Jack, not expecting anything in return. In fact, maybe it was better that it be one-sided, especially since Jack seemed like the type that wouldn’t get down on his knees like that.


Once he was cleaned up, he grabbed the towel, wrapped it around his waist, and gave Jack a wave as he exited the sauna.


He couldn’t wait to get home and jerk off. He knew that this encounter would be fuel for that for years to come…or at least until the next time he returned to the bathhouse….

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