Just One Look

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Roger is a local business owner and entrepreneur. Never married, Roger mostly keeps to himself and enjoys kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.
Cara is a 19-year-old college student working at a local coffee shop to pay off her student loans. Educated and passionate, Cara finds boys her age boring and immature. She spends most of her time doing yoga, reading, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

How does he do it? How does this man I don’t even know cause such a visceral reaction in my body? It’s been this way from the first day he walked into my coffee shop. He was hard not to notice. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smirk that tore through me like a tornado. The minute our eyes met, I lost all sense of reality. Nothing made sense anymore. All I wanted, all I needed, was to have this man inside me. 

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Let’s face it. The coffee sucked but she was amazing. So petite. So innocent. I went into the same coffee shop every day with the hopes of seeing her. I’d take a mental picture home with me to use for my own pleasure. In my imagination, I’d taken her every way possible. Over the counter, in my truck, against the wall. Just the thought of her tiny frame bouncing up and down my cock was enough to give me flow. 

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Just One Look Just One Look
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Just One Look Just One Look
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Just One Look

How does he do it? How does this man I don’t even know cause such a visceral reaction in my body? It’s been this way from the first day he walked into my coffee shop. He was hard not to notice. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smirk that tore through me like a tornado. The minute our eyes met, I lost all sense of reality. Nothing made sense anymore. All I wanted, all I needed, was to have this man inside me. 


That was three months ago. Which meant I’d been touching myself for over 90 days thinking about this gorgeous man’s touch. The smell of his skin, the curves of his face. I fantasized about licking him from his neck down his torso to the lines that led me to the promised land. My pussy throbbed at the thought of releasing his cock into my hands and then my mouth. I bet he tasted amazing. 


I shook my head violently, bringing myself back to the present. The clock read 4:52 p.m. which meant we’d be locking our doors soon. The Beanery was the only coffee shop in the local area that stayed open this late since we also served food. I was cursed with the closing shift because Melody, my boss, said I was the only one reliable enough to count the drawers and lock the doors properly. I rolled my eyes in exhaustion as I finished cleaning the espresso machine. As I wiped down the counters, I heard the familiar sound of the front door chime. Fuck. 4:55 p.m. I hated customers that came in a few minutes before closing wanting a double frappuccino with extra foam or some other ridiculous drink.


I turned around, fully prepared to make my annoyance known when I froze. It was him. My mouth gaped open as he flashed that devilish grin that made my knees want to buckle beneath me. 


“Hey,” he whispered.


I somehow managed to say hello in return. He had placed a bottle of water on the counter and gestured toward it, raising his eyebrows. He looked amused. I smiled back nervously, at a loss for words. I was suddenly very aware that we were the only two people in the coffee shop. The sun was slowly setting outside and suddenly, an erotic tension formed between us. I rang him up for the water, trying not to fumble and make a fool of myself. With a simple, thanks and a wave of his hand, I watched this beautiful specimen exit the front door, his jeans hugging his tight ass in all the right places. 


I collapsed onto the counter, a pile of excitement, desire, and nervous energy. I can’t believe he was here at the same moment I was daydreaming about him. My heart was pounding at the thought. If I’d had enough gumption, I would’ve jumped over the counter and accosted him right then and there. Instead, I’d have to take matters into my own hands. I quickly undid my cream-colored apron, placing it on the counter, and hurried into the back room. It was 5:05 p.m. and the shop was closed. No one else would be coming in and I needed a minute to myself.


I slipped into the office and plopped into the rolling chair. I undid the button and zipper on my khaki jeans, shoving my hand inside, landing in the pool of wetness that had drenched my underwear. I let out a sigh of relief as my hand made contact with my clit. I needed this so bad. I tipped my head back, shifting down in the chair to a more comfortable, reclined position. I closed my eyes, settling into the feeling of my fingers around my clit. My free hand trailed up my stomach, lifting my shirt up beneath my breasts as I tickled the soft skin with my fingertips. I let out a sigh, getting lost in the sensation. And I pictured him. The way I had done so many times before.


I imagined his strong hands on my face, pulling me close. The taste of his mouth, his tongue exploring mine. I increased the pressure on my clit, circling it with urgency. My pussy was slick with juice. The thought of him made me insanely wet. Wetter than any other lover I’d ever been with. I shoved my shirt up above my breasts, caressing them through my lace bra. I scooted down a few inches lower in the chair, spreading my legs and making room for my entire hand in my shorts. I continued to picture him. His intense eyes and seductive grin. How did he have this effect on me? I laughed in spite of myself. That is until I heard the front doorbell.


I froze in place, jerking up into a seated position. Fuck. Had I forgotten to lock the door? I glanced over at the security camera just in time to catch a glimpse of someone walking through the store and they were coming this way. My heart stopped and I pulled my hand from my shorts, pulling my shirt back down. But before I had time to even stand, the office door slowly creaked open. I froze, my heart pounding in my chest like a drum.


Nothing prepared me for what I saw next. Him. He was back. And his eyes were no longer playful. They were intense. He had a purpose. I sat completely still as his eyes trailed over my body. Shit. The zipper and button on my shorts were still open and I was sure my hair was a mess from resting against the chair. An amused grin danced across his lips and he raised his eyebrows. Just his look was enough to send my body through a dozen emotions at once — shock, fear, arousal, curiosity. 


He stepped into the room and closed the door. Without a word, he removed his shirt and I swore I died right there on the spot. His body was chiseled, tan, and God-like. I watched motionless as he undid his belt and slid off his shoes and jeans. This gorgeous man was standing before me like an adonis. The lines of his erection clearly visible beneath his navy boxer briefs. I couldn’t speak. My eyes were glued to his crotch. I pulled them away and met his gaze. There was that smirk again. I gripped the arms of the chair as he stepped closer. Still silent, he easily hooked his fingers into the belt loops of my shorts, yanking them free. I gasped in surprise but didn’t fight it. I had been dreaming of this moment for weeks.


I sat up straight, lifting my arms and letting him remove my shirt. He unclasped my bra with one hand like an expert. I tensed slightly as my breasts hung free. His eyes looked hungry and aroused and instantly my fears were replaced with desire. He swooped in, kneeling between my legs and grabbing my tits, one in each hand. His mouth was on me now, sucking and nibbling at my nipples. I moaned loudly, my hands in his hair, pulling and tugging as he continued to work my nipples between his teeth. I rocked back and forth on the chair, my cunt alive with desire and wetness. 


His one hand moved down my belly, sliding easily into my panties. I gasped as his fingers made contact with my pussy. He moaned into my mouth out of surprise and delight at my wetness. I spread my knees, giving him easy access to my sacred area. His expert fingers worked my clit, simultaneously finger-fucking me. I leaned back, gripping the chair and arching my back as he plunged one then two fingers deep inside my body. I pushed down on his hand, willing them deeper.


With his other hand, he freed his cock and started stroking it in unison with his fingers inside me. I stared in amazement at the length and thickness of his tool. Our eyes met and we smiled with acknowledgment. He got to his feet, pulling me to join him. Our chests pressed against one another, our mouths met, devouring each other. He brought his fingers between our lips as we shared in the salty flavor of my nectar. 


He grabbed my shoulders, turning me around and bending me over the desk. I held myself steady as the papers moved freely beneath my hands. I propped myself on my elbows, gripping the edge of the desk in anticipation. His fingers pushed my panties aside, making room for his glorious dick. I held my breath as he entered me — slowly at first. With a few small thrusts, the length of his cock was buried inside my stretched hole. I cried out as my body accepted his enormous shaft. 


He grabbed my hips, pushing and pulling, back and forth, my pussy running up and down the length of his erection. I reached back, placing my hands on his own, meeting his thrusts and movements. I arched upward and moved our hands to my breasts. He grabbed them, twisting and pinching my nipples. I held myself steady as he continued to pound and fuck me without reservation. I felt the pressure building between my legs. I reached down and fondled my clit with one hand, grabbing his muscular ass with the other, pulling him an inch deeper.


“Yes. Yes. Yes.” I whimpered.


It was the only word I could muster as a wave of intense pleasure washed over my body and out my pussy. I exploded in a fury of wetness, my cunt gripping his cock as he released his own hot load inside me. I collapsed onto the desk, completely overwhelmed by the intensity of my orgasm. He continued to slowly rock back and forth, his own climax subsiding. I fold my arms, resting my head on my hands, and let my heart rate slow down. I could hear him breathing heavily behind me and the distinct sound of his belt scraping across the tile floor as he gathered his things. I didn’t look up. I didn’t have to. I closed my eyes and relished in the euphoria until I heard the office door close. He was gone. 

Let’s face it. The coffee sucked but she was amazing. So petite. So innocent. I went into the same coffee shop every day with the hopes of seeing her. I’d take a mental picture home with me to use for my own pleasure. In my imagination, I’d taken her every way possible. Over the counter, in my truck, against the wall. Just the thought of her tiny frame bouncing up and down my cock was enough to give me flow. 


I couldn’t really make a move though. I didn’t even know how old she was. Plus, I’d learned over the years that fantasy is usually better than reality. Why spoil a good thing? I spent every morning in the shower with her and most nights in bed, getting off to whatever naughty scenario played out in my head that day. As she took my order, I couldn’t help but picture her tiny mouth struggling to swallow my cock. Fuck, I was hard.


My eyes narrowed on the road in front of me. I was headed home for work and had no real plans for dinner. I was a minimalist and lived alone so unless I brought home leftovers from lunch, my dinner usually consisted of Titos vodka and ice. As the strip malls and gas stations whirled by, something struck me. I was right there. In the same neighborhood as the coffee shop. I checked the clock on my dashboard. 4:50 p.m. Shit. I’d better hurry. I stopped on the gas and weaved in and out of traffic, pulling into the parking lot at exactly 4:52 p.m. Just in time.


I took a deep breath as I pulled the keys from the ignition and stepped out into the crisp evening air. I opened the door and the smell and warmth of the coffee shop washed over me. Shit. I can’t drink coffee this late at night. I frantically searched the shelves for something practical to buy and landed on a bottle of water. Perfect. I grabbed water and headed toward the counter. There she was, standing with her back to me. Her tight little ass looked oh-so-delicious in those crisp khaki shorts. She didn’t notice me at first so I simply stood there, taking in her body. Imagining my hands on her. 


I was jarred back to reality as she turned swiftly around, our eyes meeting one another in shared surprise. I couldn’t help but grin. Her large brown eyes blinked frantically. She wasn’t expecting me. Her tiny lips were parted and my cock pulsated at the thought of being wrapped in the warmth of her mouth. 


“Hi”, I said in a low voice.


She didn’t speak or move. I had to keep myself from laughing. Wow, did I really make her that nervous? The thought was exciting. I felt my erection growing and shifted my position, trying to conceal it behind the counter. I watched intently as she rang me up for the water, barely meeting my gaze. I’d never seen her this flustered and hoped it had all to do with me. After she handed me my change, I grabbed the water, gave her a little wave, and retreated to my truck.


As I settled into the driver’s seat I let out a sigh. Man, she was fucking adorable. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was. I instantly felt regret for not saying or doing more. We were the only two people in the store. That was my chance to make my move. But what did I even want from this girl? Well, I could think of one thing. I grabbed my shaft through my jeans, readjusting my balls which were now swollen with desire. Fuck. Normally after seeing her, I just went home and jerked off. But tonight I wanted more. Knowing she was still in there, all alone, I couldn’t just leave. 


Before I lost my nerve, I took a swig of water and headed back into the coffee shop. The lights were dim now and all the coffee machines were turned off. All I could hear was the humming of the drink cooler. I walked toward the back of the store. There was only one place she could be. I moved quietly back to the office. I wanted to surprise her, not scare her. The office door was cracked slightly open and there was light flooding from below. I stood still and silent, listening. I could hear something coming from inside but couldn’t quite make out what it was. 


I peered through the crack, totally unprepared for what I saw. It was her but she wasn’t just sitting there counting money or balancing the books. She was slouched down low in the chair, one hand inside her shorts and the other fondling her tits through a sexy lace bra. My mouth dropped open as I watched in awe. Her mouth was pursed open as she continued to fondle her pussy and breasts. My cock throbbed with desire, pressing firmly against my jeans. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. But as she slowly grew closer to climax, I had to act. This was the moment.


I pushed the door open slowly, stepping inside without a word. She froze, sitting straight up in the chair, pulling her hand from her shorts and covering herself with her shirt. Don’t stop on my account is what I wanted to say but, instead, I said nothing. I closed the door behind me and stood there, facing her with a look of seriousness that I don’t think she’d ever seen before. She didn’t speak either, her eyes filled with curiosity and anticipation. I let her drink me in as I slowly removed my shirt, shoes, and jeans. I wanted her to see me and she did. Her eyes trailed down my body, landing on the obvious erection bulging from my boxers. 


That’s for you baby, I thought. Not having the nerve to say it out loud. Her eyes met mine and I couldn’t help but smile. She was so pure. So innocent. I moved closer, easily removing her shorts and shirt, exposing her tight, young body. I unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the side as her perky tits sprang free. Her body was amazing. I had to force myself to move slowly or else I’d ravage her in an instant, completely shattering the fantasy. 


I moved in quickly, kneeling between her knees, and buried my face and hands in her soft tits. Her skin was smooth and tight. She smelled of mocha and her skin tasted sweet like cinnamon. I cradled her perfect tits in my hand, my mouth tending to her erect nipples. Each one fit like a perfect bead between my teeth as I nibbled and sucked them with urgency. She arched her back, exposing herself more fully to me and I welcomed the gesture. I had to feel her. I slid my hand into her panties and was instantly met with hot wetness. She was wet for me. I knew it. 


My fingers made quick work of finding her swollen clit, one finger, then two, sliding easily into her slippery folds. My mouth continued to ravish her nipples while I slowly and methodically finger fucked her. She arched forward, pushing down on my hand, shoving my fingers deeper inside her soft, tight cunt. She was so warm. So ready. Her hands were in my hair, pulling and guiding my mouth on her body. I reached down, releasing my cock and taking its girth in my hand, stroking it as thick sticky precum erupted from the tip. 


I broke free from the moment of complete ecstasy, our eyes meeting for the first time. We shared a smile and I knew it was time. I stood up, grabbing her hands and bringing her to a standing position. For the first time, we were face to face. My mouth met hers in a passionate, intense kiss. She tasted amazing, like sweet maple syrup. Her tongue tasted almost as delicious as her pussy. I brought my fingers to our lips, letting us both savor in her sweet cream.


I pulled back, relishing in the sight of her tight, petite body for a second longer before turning her around and bending her over the desk. She gasped in surprise and excitement, willingly pressing her ass out and into the air. I worked my fingers into her panties, which were soaked with arousal, exposing her hole and making way for my eager cock.


I grabbed the shaft, slowly but easily sliding the entire length into her warm, waiting cave. She moaned, arching her back and accepting my gift. I grabbed her hips, my fingers digging into her soft flesh as I pushed and pulled her tight cunt over my tool. She felt even better than I imagined. I closed my eyes, completely lost in the sensation of her womanly sex. My balls tapped rhythmically against her ass as I pressured down on her lower back. She grabbed my hands, lifting her body halfway up and planting our hands together on her perfect tits. She moved one hand to her clit and the other to my ass, grasping it and pulling me closer. I held her tits firmly and continued to fuck her deep and hard. 


“Yes,” she whimpered over and over again, her pleasure growing closer to its final release.


I kept pounding her, waiting to feel her body tighten around me, and then, with a fury of cries and shaking, it did just that. Her pussy gripped my cock, the muscles tightening and releasing as a hot flood of cum spread between her legs and down my balls. I couldn’t stop my own orgasm from taking over. I grunted loudly, squeezing her flesh as my own hot load mixed with her own wetness. As her body relaxed, she came to rest on the desk, a content smile spread across her face. 


I slowed my pace, easing myself out of her. I stood there, my cock half-flaccid watching gobs of cum ooze from her pussy and down her thighs. She didn’t move, simply closed her eyes and basked in the moment. I quickly gathered my things, throwing on my jeans and shoes. I let my eyes trace her petite body one more time before making my exit.

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