The Good Neighbor

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Ryan is a single, 36-year-old contractor who recently parted ways with his fiance of two years. Ryan is still reeling from the split and is struggling to trust women again.
A 39-year-old single mother with a 16-year-old son, Chelsea’s a freelance writer and recent widow. A self-proclaimed badass, Chelsea is extremely athletic and self-sufficient. She enjoys spending time in the sun, working in the yard, and kickboxing.

I loved living in Florida. The palm trees, cool ocean breeze, sunshine, and clear skies. Life was good. I was a single mom living with my 16-year-old son. I had the luxury of working from home and spent long hours on the back lanai listening to the trickle of the pool as slow jazz played in the background. 

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I was so over LA. The noise, the people, and especially my ex. I needed a new start, which is why when my grandma Norma invited me to stay with her in her Florida home by the beach, I couldn’t get a plane ticket fast enough. She lived in the type of neighborhood you see in movies. Pristine lawns, waving neighbors, barking dogs.

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The Good Neighbor The Good Neighbor
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The Good Neighbor The Good Neighbor
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The Good Neighbor

I loved living in Florida. The palm trees, cool ocean breeze, sunshine, and clear skies. Life was good. I was a single mom living with my 16-year-old son. I had the luxury of working from home and spent long hours on the back lanai listening to the trickle of the pool as slow jazz played in the background. 


Norma lived next door. She was an elderly woman, also living alone. We quickly bonded across the small patch of grass that separated our property. She was a sweet woman who baked us delicious treats every weekend. I delivered her groceries and helped keep her yard well-maintained. Her memory wasn’t the best and she walked using a cane. We kept an eye out for each other — as good neighbors should.


It was about a month ago that I started noticing unusual activity at Norma’s house. A black Jeep Wrangler parked in the driveway and music flooding from her open sliding doors. It was loud country music, not quite Norma’s type — or mine. 


One afternoon when I was out back working on a particularly dry article on personal finance, I saw him. He was young — in his 30s like me. Slender but muscular. Brown hair and a babyface. I glanced up over my laptop, watching him stand beside the pool. His chest and torso were void of any hair. Strong, defined muscles ran from his obliques down his sides and disappeared into the waistband of his swimsuit. A flood of warmth filled my stomach and crotch. He must’ve felt my stare and glanced in my direction. I ducked behind my laptop, hoping he hadn’t seen me. I heard a small splash as he dove into the pool. My face burned with embarrassment. I saw him on a few separate occasions and was desperate to ask Norma who he was and why he was there.


The following weekend I was cutting Norma’s grass. The sun was beating down on my tan shoulders. My jean shorts squeezed my muscular thighs and cut into my crotch as the riding mower hummed beneath me. My white tank top stuck to my body, collecting pools of sweat from under my breasts. I had my headphones on and was jamming out to Demi Lovato. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise. Someone was calling my name. I stopped the mower and turned off my music.


“Chelsea!” I recognized Norma’s familiar voice instantly. She was standing at the edge of the grass waving her wrinkled finger at me. I lowered my headphones. She was standing with him — the muscular, good-looking man I’d been secretly watching. Despite the warmth of the sun, my nipples perked up beneath my shirt. 


I stepped off the riding mower and made my way over to them. 


“Chelsea,” Norma said in a shaky voice. “This is my grandson, Ryan.”


I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my arm and extended a hand to meet his. 


“Hi, I said, looking down at the ground sheepishly.


Why the hell was I so nervous and bashful?


His hand made contact with mine, sending an electrical current up my arm and into my throat.


“Hi”, he said with a grin.


Norma explained that Ryan was visiting and was planning to move to the area. I smiled and nodded politely, feeling anxious. I desperately wanted to finish the job of mowing Norma’s grass and take a shower but didn’t want to be rude. 


“I gotta tell you”, Ryan said looking down at his feet nervously. “I really appreciate everything you do for my grandmother. She’s told me a lot about you.” He looked up at me sheepishly, smirking. “She says amazing things about you.”


My breath caught in my throat and I smiled, slightly embarrassed.


“Well,” I started, feeling my cheeks blush, “She’s a good lady. We take care of each other.”


I nodded and winked at Norma.


“I’d like to thank you,” Ryan continued. “Can I maybe treat you to dinner sometime?”


My defenses suddenly perked up. What was this guy trying to pull, anyway? Ever since my husband died two years ago, I hadn’t let anyone in.


“Yeah,” I said slowly and coldly, “ I don’t know about that.”


“Oh, Chelsea!” Norma said, almost in a scolding tone. “My grandson is a good boy. He’s handsome too! Look at him!” 


She squeezed his cheeks affectionately. We both laughed. How could you argue with Norma?


 “Maybe just coffee or lunch?” The invitation seemed innocent enough but I still wasn’t convinced. 


“We’ll see,” I said noncommittally. “I should really get back to the lawn. Nice to meet you,” I said with a slight wave. 


I replaced my headphones and walked back toward the riding mower, feeling Ryan’s gaze on my body.


It was a few nights later when I heard the doorbell ring. I was enjoying a relaxing evening on the lanai. I’d swam earlier and was indulging in a glass of wine and some reality TV while lounging on the daybed. My son was at a sleepover and I had no obligations — it was an unfamiliar feeling.


I wasn’t sure I’d heard the bell at first. I sat up, cocking my head and listening more closely. Then it came again. I scooted off the plush teal cushions and walked barefoot toward the front door. The frosted glass made it difficult to see out. I paused, my hand on the lock. 


“Who’s there?” I asked, trying to sound confident despite my heart pounding in my chest.


“It’s me,” responded an unfamiliar voice. “Ryan.”


I tilted my head. Ryan? I thought, confused.


“Who?” I asked suspiciously, my hand still on the lock.


“Ryan”, his voice sounded amused. “From next door.”


My heart started pounding faster and I instantly felt nervous — and a little aroused. It was Norma’s grandson. I did a quick check of my outfit. I straightened my string bikini to better conceal my breasts. I zipped up my cover-up an inch higher. It was too late to put on shorts. I took a deep breath, unsure if I wanted to open the door.


“Um, hello?” His voice came from the other side of the closed door. 


I shook my head and quickly unlocked the door, opening it to greet him. He stood there in a blue striped bathing suit and a white T-shirt. He was holding a pizza and a bottle of wine.


“Hi,” he said with a broad smile.


I didn’t speak. I just stared at him.


“I figured you wouldn’t let me take you out to eat, so I decided to bring dinner to you. Is this a bad time?”


I stood motionless in the doorway. I couldn’t put my finger on how I felt — nervous, offended, excited?


“Can I come in?” he asked politely. “This pizza box is getting kind of hot.”


I brought myself back to reality.


“Yes, yes, come in,” I said, moving out of the way and letting him enter. He strolled over to the counter where he put down the pizza box and wine. I watched as he scanned the living room and kitchen. I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I was half-naked. I gripped my cover-up close to my body.


“Wow”, he exclaimed with an exhale. “Your house is beautiful.”


I let out a heavy sigh that I’d be holding in since he arrived. He seemed harmless. 


“Thank you,” I said shyly, swallowing hard. “Would you like a glass of wine?”


Ryan looked up at me with hope and warmth in his eyes.


“I’d love one,” he said, staring at me intently.


Three hours, one bottle of wine, and an entire pizza later, we’d pretty much covered our entire life stories. Ryan was 36 and never been married. He was engaged for two years until he found out his fiance was cheating on him. That was over a year ago and he hadn’t been in a relationship since. He sold their condo in LA and decided to move to Florida to start a new life. I told him about my son and my late husband. He thanked me again for keeping an eye on his mother.


“She’s great,” I said, honestly. I explained how my mother had died a few years prior and Norma reminded me a lot of her. “We take care of each other”, I said.


Ryan smiled up at me from where he was leaning at the kitchen counter. His eyes were dark and intense. I swallowed hard. The wine was taking effect and I felt more relaxed and vulnerable than I had in years.


“Well, I think you’re great,” he said, biting his lip slightly. “You’re a beautiful person.”


My stomach gripped tightly. Did he just call me beautiful?


“Inside and out,” he continued, his eyes unwavering.


I suddenly felt nervous — I didn’t trust myself around him. I grabbed my glass of wine, downing it in one gulp.


“Would you like to go outside?” I asked, desperate to change the subject.


Ryan nodded, finishing his own glass of wine and following me outside. The lights from the pool cascaded across the water. It was a clear, warm Florida night. The stars were visible and my jazz music was playing on the TV. 


I stood near the entrance of the slider as Ryan made his way out onto the lanai and over to the circular daybed. He plopped down, making himself at home. This gesture was both comforting and jarring. He patted the cushions beside me and I reluctantly joined him. I started at the edge of the couch but quickly found myself laying back, completely relaxed on the pillows. Ryan was beside me, laughing as he recounted some of his favorite memories as a child with Norma. I was surprised at how comfortable I was with him. Maybe it was the wine or the fact that he was Norma’s grandson. Or perhaps it was that I had been watching him from afar for weeks now, fantasizing about what his voice sounded like, how he smelled, and what his body looked like up close.


We were laying inches from one another now, him on his side, propped up on his elbow, and me on my back. He stared down at me, asking me questions about my childhood, my son, my husband. I lowered the zipper on my cover-up. Why was I so warm?


“So,” he said, slowly tickling my stomach. “When’s the last time you…”, he stopped, his hand pausing near my belly button.


I held my breath, knowing what he was going to ask. He didn’t need to say it.


“Two years,” I said abruptly. “Since my husband died. I just haven’t met anyone that I felt comfortable with.”


I looked away briefly, embarrassed for some reason.


I felt Ryan’s hand on my face, cupping my jaw and turning me toward him.


“It’s okay, Chelsea,” he said smoothly. “I’d never take advantage of that.”


My stomach dropped and my pussy throbbed. He was incredibly sexy. His words touched every part of my body. I yearned for him to kiss me. To touch me. As if reading my mind, he leaned in slowly, his lips meeting mine. He tasted sweet. My hand rested on his. His tongue pushed my lips apart, stroking mine. I didn’t resist. My tongue massaged his — hard and slow. His kiss intensified as his other hand found my waist. My back arched my body like a magnet to his. He held me tightly and I felt safe.


I pushed my hips upward as desire flooded over me. My cunt was warm and swollen. His kiss deepened, his tongue exploring the lines of my mouth and teeth. My heart pounded in my chest and blood flowed from my nipples to my clit.


His hands were on my breasts now, gliding over my erect nipples. I continued to hump the air, desperately wanting him to touch my pussy. My hips gyrated upwards as his hands explored my tits and belly. I threw my head backward onto one of the pillows as his lips trickled down my body. He kissed my mounds lightly, nibbling my nipples through the thin fabric of my bikini. His tongue licked my ribs and belly button. He slowly lowered the zipper on my cover-up, exposing my entire torso.


I looked down at him, grabbing his head and grinding my hips upward. He slowly lowered my thin bathing top to the sides of each breast, exposing my fully erect nipples. I gasped in anticipation and pleasure. Ryan looked up at me, making eye contact as his tongue swirled around my nubs. I bit my lip, driving my hips higher up into his body. He closed his eyes and let out a deep moan as his lips and fingers explored my tits. His kisses slowly moved from my mounds down my stomach. He paused at the top of my bathing suit bottom, repositioning his body at the bottom of the daybed and between my legs. 


I stared at him as he slowly peeled my bottoms down my legs and off my feet. The warm night air felt good against my bush. I bit my lip as he firmly pushed my knees open, exposing my entire pussy. His face was expressionless as he lowered his head between my legs and slowly dipped his tongue into my wet hole. I gasped, holding my breath, anticipating the next swipe of his tongue on my sacred spot.


The tip entered my hole gently before running up the length of my crease and circling my swollen clit. He looked up at me — his dark eyes locking with mine. His tongue pushed open the folds of my wet cunt and my stomach lurched with desire. My mouth hung open in shock and awe. He sucked my clit into his mouth as I fondled my tits. I pushed my crotch up into his face gently. His body shifted as he removed his shorts, crawling up my naked body. 


His erection was hard and soft on my skin. I reached down to where his cock rested on my thigh. His mouth clamped down on mine, his kiss intensifying as I grabbed hold of his erection. It filled my entire hand — thick and tight. I slowly jerked him off as his hands explored my body, his mouth moving from my nipples to my tongue and stomach. He couldn’t get enough. His fascination with my body drove me crazy. 


He began grinding his cock into my leg and I matched his movements. Precum trickled from the tip of his dick and down my leg. He gripped my breast tightly and I moaned. His tongue traced the lines of my neck, up to my ear where he whispered, “Are you ready? Is this okay?”


It was more than okay. I grabbed his face and shoved my tongue into his mouth, nodding my head and grinding my crotch against his. He pushed my legs apart and positioned himself between them. I let my knees fall open as he guided his thick tool into my waiting pussy. 


“Go slow,” I urged him, holding my breath and bracing myself for entry. 


He held himself above me, the muscles in his forearms bulging. The head of his dick slowly spread my slippery folds. I bit my lip — it had been so long since I last made love. My pussy was tight and tender. I nodded again, letting him know it was okay. He buried his cock an inch deeper into my wetness and I took another deep breath. It felt unfamiliar. I was sore but with every stroke my pussy began to warm up, pulling his dick deeper inside.


Ryan fell down to his elbows, stroking my forehead and kissing my closed eyelids. His tenderness was intoxicating, sending waves of pleasure to my pussy. I was drenched now and his thick tool slid easily in and out of my cunt. I held his back tightly, pulling him close, my legs wrapped around his muscular body. He pumped in and out with slow, deep strokes. I felt his soft balls tickle my asshole. My apprehension was replaced by desire. I shoved my hips upward, matching his movements — silently begging for more. 


“You feel amazing,” he whispered in my ear followed by a flick of his tongue. 


I gripped him tighter, my nails digging into his flesh. He reached below my body, lifting me up by my ass, plunging his cock an inch deeper into my tight pussy. I cried out as his hand grabbed my soft flesh and his fingertips explored my ass hole. He moved faster now, fucking me rhythmically. I hadn’t cum in months. My throbbing clit was rubbing just right against his pelvis and his cock filled up every crevice of my pussy. 


He kissed and licked my neck, reassuring me it was okay — encouraging me to cum. My legs wrapped tightly around his body, pulling his dick deeper as waves of pleasure washed over me. I cried out that I was cumming as my body shook beneath him. I begged him to cum with me — to cum inside me. He wasn’t wearing a condom but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel his hot load fill me up. He grunted and his muscles tightened as he granted my wish. A rush of hot thick cum poured into my body. I felt his shaft pulsate and twitch inside my pussy walls. He held me tight and continued to fuck me until I trembled and my body finally came to rest. 


We laid there for a while, his body relaxed on top of mine — his face nestled into the crux of my neck. I could feel his half-flaccid penis still inside me. My legs ached from being shoved open for so long but I didn’t care. I held Ryan there beneath the stars, content for the first time in years.

I was so over LA. The noise, the people, and especially my ex. I needed a new start, which is why when my grandma Norma invited me to stay with her in her Florida home by the beach, I couldn’t get a plane ticket fast enough. She lived in the type of neighborhood you see in movies. Pristine lawns, waving neighbors, barking dogs.


My grandma and I shared a special bond. In fact, I’d considered moving in with her a few years back when my grandfather passed away but she assured me that she was fine. She was always very independent. Plus, she had a great neighbor, a widow named Chelsea who she said cut her grass, bought her groceries, and kept an eye on her. It made me feel good to know someone cherished my grandmother as much as I did.


What she had failed to tell me was that Chelsea was young. And hot. When you use the word “widow”, for some reason, an older, middle-aged woman comes to mind. Not a young, tan, athletic, brown-eyed bombshell. The first time I saw Chelsea gardening, I almost backed up into the garage door. Her muscular, tan legs disappeared inside her jean shorts which were filled out perfectly by her high, tight ass. She had an athletic frame and one of the brightest smiles I’d ever seen. I remember sitting in my Jeep just staring at her for longer than I’d care to admit. Thank God I had tinted windows or else she would’ve thought I was a total creeper. 


In my defense, I’d seen her eye-balling me too. I guessed that she worked from home because I never saw her leave for work in the mornings. I’d see her sitting by her pool, tapping away on her computer, listening to obnoxious jazz music. I’d give her a pass on the jazz. On one particular afternoon, I was almost sure I’d caught her peeking over her computer at me. For her benefit, I’d lingered by the poolside for a few extra minutes before jumping in. That’s the day I asked my grandmother about her.


“So grams,” I said casually as I helped prepare dinner. “What’s the story with Chelsea?”


Grandma Norma didn’t look up from dicing carrots but I saw a suspicious smile dance across her lips.


“Oh, my Chelsea,” she said happily. “She’s a sweet girl Ryan. Lost her husband two years ago. Very sad.”


Her face dropped remorsefully.


“Now, it’s just her and her boy. She has a son. He’s got to be a teenager now. She takes good care of him and is always doing things for me.”


Grandma looked up, pointing her knife in my direction.


“She’s got a good heart, Ryan. She’s a real catch if ya ask me.” Grandma winked before turning her attention back to dicing.


I felt my heart swell. Grandma Norma has never liked a single one of my girlfriends and especially not my most recent finacé. She knew from the start that Bethany was trouble and she didn’t hide her disdain. But God love her, when I told her Bethany had broken my heart, she simply said, “Her loss. Onto the next!”


Listening to the way she spoke about Chelsea warmed my heart in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time. Could this girl really be the total package?


“Well, she sounds lovely,” I said. “I’d love to meet her sometime.”


I didn’t have to wait long to get my wish. I was standing at the kitchen window watching Chelsea cut the grass. I’d offered to do it but grandma told me Chelsea enjoyed it. 


“It gives her a chance to work on her tan,” she’d said with a chuckle.


And what a tan she had. I leaned against the sink, watching the muscles in her calf flex and twitch as she worked the riding mower’s controls. The white tank top she wore clung to her sweaty skin. Her brown hair was pulled up, tucked into a baseball cap. I was mesmerized by her strength and independence. I’d never known a girl who actually enjoyed cutting grass or knew how to work a riding mower. 


“Put your tongue back in your mouth, kiddo.” Grandma Norma’s voice startled me from behind. Shit.


I laughed. She’d caught me staring at Chelsea. Again.


“Well let’s go meet her, shall we?” grandma said, grabbing my hand and leading me out the back door. 


I was unusually nervous and I had no idea why. I didn’t even know this girl. What was the big deal?


“Chelsea!” Grandma screamed her name loudly, to get Chelsea’s attention over the sound of the mower and the headphones she was wearing. My stomach was in knots as Chelsea looked up and that gorgeous smile swept across her face. She glanced from Norma to me and flinched slightly. Was she nervous too?


I watched intently as she stepped off the mower and pulled off her headphones, walking towards us.


“Chelsea”, grandma said sweetly, “This is my grandson, Ryan.”


I extended my hand as she wiped the sweat from her forehead and met my hand with hers. Her skin was soft and warm. 


“‘Hi”, she said shyly. 


Her touch was electrifying. 


“Hi,” I said with a grin, my heart pounding. Wow, this was more awkward than I’d expected and I wasn’t even sure why.


Grandma Norma was looking from me to Chelsea, a goofy smile on her face as if she knew something we didn’t. 


“Ryan’s here visiting from LA”, grandma said, emphasizing “LA” with an eye roll. “He might be moving right here to Florida!”


Chelsea nodded along, politely listening to grandma tell my entire life story. I had to cut her off before she shared anything too personal.


“I gotta tell you,” I interrupted. “I really appreciate everything you do for my grandmother. She’s told me a lot about you.” I smiled warmly, making eye contact with Chelsea. “She says amazing things about you.”


Chelsea smiled nervously, visibly embarrassed. Was she blushing?


“Well,” she said slowly. “She’s a good lady. We take care of each other.”


She gave grandma a little wink. Watching their exchange only made me like this girl even more. I was fascinated by her and needed to know more. 


“I’d like to thank you,” I said, trying to sound casual. “Can I maybe treat you to dinner sometime?”


Chelsea’s face froze slightly. She looked unsure.


“Yeah, I don’t know about that,” she said, fiddling with her headphones and looking down at the ground.


My heart sunk slightly. 


“Oh, Chelsea!” grandma chimed in. “My grandson is a good boy. He’s handsome too! Look at him!” 


She squeezed my cheeks affectionately. I felt my face flush with embarrassment but was partially thankful that Chelsea was smiling again. 


 “Maybe just coffee or lunch?” I said, trying not to sound too desperate.


“We’ll see,” she said politely. She was hard to read.


 “I should really get back to the lawn. Nice to meet you.” And with that, she turned away from us and headed back to where she’d left the mower. I couldn’t help but watch her go, her tight, fit body making me want her even more. 


It had been two days since I’d officially met Chelsea and asked her out and I hadn’t heard a peep out of her. In fact, the house seemed quieter than ever. I thought about just letting it go. I didn’t want to seem like a total freak but I couldn’t shake Chelsea from my mind. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was sweet. If grandma Norma liked her, there had to be more to it and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t find out.


So, the next night I decided to be bold and not take no for an answer. I ordered a pizza, grabbed some wine, and walked myself over to her front door. I took a deep breath, swallowed, and rang the doorbell. Nothing. I knew she was home because I’d watched her send her son off with a friend less than an hour ago. 


I waited a few more seconds before ringing the bell a second time. My heart stopped as I heard footsteps from inside. 


“Who’s there?” It was Chelsea’s voice.


“It’s me,” I said trying to keep my voice from shaking. “Ryan.”


Silence. The pizza box was starting to burn my hand and I was sweating. What would I do if she wouldn’t let me in? I hadn’t thought that far ahead. 


“Um, hello?” I wondered if she’d walked away and I’d be left to eat pizza and drink an entire bottle of wine myself.


Just when I’d lost faith, I heard the door unlock and then it swung open. I wasn’t sure if she was surprised, annoyed, or nervous. What I did know was she looked amazing. Her hair was in a messy bun, she had on no make-up, and was wearing a black bathing suit beneath her cover-up. I felt my cock come to life. I was wearing a bathing suit too and silently prayed that my half-erection wasn’t visible. 


“Hi,” I said with what I hoped was a confident smile. 


She said nothing, so I kept talking.


“I figured you wouldn’t let me take you out to eat, so I decided to bring dinner to you. Is this a bad time?”


Still nothing. She wasn’t making this easy on me but I wasn’t willing to give up just yet.


“Can I come in?” I asked, feeling hopeful. “This pizza box is getting kind of hot.”


I gestured to the box I’d been balancing awkwardly for the last few minutes.


“Yes, yes, come in,” she said, moving aside so that I could enter. I placed the pizza on the counter, slowly scanning the open floor plan. Her house was breathtaking.


“Wow”, I said, looking from the ceilings to the light fixtures and peeking out at the lanai. “Your house is beautiful.”


“Thank you,” she said, seeming to warm up to my presence. “Would you like a glass of wine?”


My heart swelled as I realized she was opening up to me. I looked at her with a genuine smile.


“I’d love one,” I said, holding her gaze for a few seconds. 


After three hours, plenty of wine, and the entire pizza, we’d learned a lot about each other. I revealed all the dirty details of my last relationship and learned that Chelsea’s husband had died in a tragic accident just a few years prior. Now it was just her and her 16-year-old son. Her mother had also passed, which is why she’d taken a special interest in my grandmother. 


“She’s great”, she said with an affectionate smile. “We take care of each other.” 


I stared at Chelsea for a moment, wondering if she was real. Although my head was buzzing slightly from the wine, it was abundantly clear that Chelsea was special. I almost didn’t recognize my own voice as I began to speak.


“Well, I think you’re great,” I said, being completely honest and raw. “You’re a beautiful person.”


I paused before going on. Her face softened. 


“Inside and out.”


She avoided my gaze, finishing her wine in one gulp.


“Would you like to go outside?” she blurted out nervously. 


I couldn’t help but grin at how adorably uncomfortable she seemed. I nodded encouragingly, following her out onto the lanai. The lights from the pool danced across the surface of the water.. I moved toward the circular bed in the corner. I felt Chelsea’s eyes on me.


I plopped down and turned to face her, patting the cushions beside me playfully. She didn’t move at first but then slowly made her way over, joining me on the edge of the seat. We continued talking about Norma. I shared stories from my childhood and we laughed. Chelsea began to relax, sliding backward and resting her head on the pillow beside me. We were only inches from each other now. I felt the warmth radiating off her skin. She smelled like honey and lavender. I watched her lips move as she talked, desperately wanting to kiss her. To taste her. 


“So,” I said, gently tickling her stomach. The wine had given me newfound courage. “When’s the last time you…”. I trailed off, afraid I was being too forward.


“Two years,” she said abruptly, cutting me off. She knew what I was asking. “Since my husband died. I just haven’t met anyone that I felt comfortable with.”


She looked so sad and vulnerable. I took her face in my hands and looked her directly in the eyes.


“It’s okay, Chelsea,” I said genuinely. “I’d never take advantage of that.”


I wanted her to feel comfortable and safe. I wanted her to know that I truly cared about her and that this wasn’t just about sex. I continued to trace her flat stomach with my fingertips. My other hand brushed the hair from her forehead. She closed her eyes, focused on my touch. I had to kiss her. I couldn’t wait another minute.


I leaned down, gently pressing my lips against hers. She kissed me back, her hand brushing against my face. I pushed her lips open with my tongue and hers met mine. She tasted like sweet wine. We explored one another’s mouths, slowly at first but then more intensely. I put my hand at the small of her back as she arched upward, pressing her chest toward mine. She slipped her hands beneath my shirt. Her touch was hungry. She gripped my skin as her hips began to move up and down. I felt my erection growing as I watched Chelsea’s desire overtake her body.


Her nipples were visible now through her thin bikini top. I gently grazed my palms over them, careful to move slow. Her movements grew bigger with every caress. My erection was pressing firmly against my shorts, the head of cock peeking out the top of my waistband. I repositioned Chelsea’s body comfortably on the pillows and began kissing her neck and chest. Her body was writhing now. Her pussy was hungry for my touch. My cock twitched and throbbed in anticipation but I was more focused on her comfort and pleasure. Her eyes were closed and she was completely focused on every sensation. I felt powerful. I was intoxicated by her scent and femininity. 


I watched her face intently as I traced her ribs and belly button with my tongue. I lowered the zipper of her coverup, fully exposing her gorgeous, toned body. She grabbed my head, looking down at me. We made eye contact and a wave of blood rushed to my dick. I’d never felt such an intense connection with anyone so quickly. I moved up her body, kissing her briefly before turning my attention to her nipples. I pushed her bikini top to the side, exposing her full, round tits. Her nipples were hard and I dipped in for a taste. The stiff nubs felt amazing between my teeth. I nibbled them gently and she gasped. I moved down her belly, eager to taste her sweet pussy. 


We never broke eye contact as I positioned myself between her legs. I slowly removed her bathing suit bottoms, pushing her knees open and taking in the beauty of her gorgeous body. Her pussy was perfectly manicured. Her wet lips glistened beneath the moonlight. She giggled nervously, biting her lip and looking down at me. I leaned in, dipping the tip of my tongue into her honey hole. She gasped, her body flinching slightly before relaxing again. With slow, purposeful strokes, I licked from her asshole to her clit and back again. Her thick pussy cream engulfed my tongue, coating my throat. She tasted better than I’d imagined. She squeezed her tits, letting out tiny whimpers as I devoured her sweet cunt. 


I focused on her clit, which was swollen with desire. I circled it with my tongue, reading her body language and adjusting my movements to match hers. She was pushing her hips up now, gently humping my face. I grabbed her ass, propping her body up and giving me a better angle to explore her pussy. The velcro of my bathing suit gave way as my dick throbbed and finally broke free. I reached down, removing my shorts and climbing up to join Chelsea on the bed. Her warm flesh was electrifying against my erection. She reached down, gripping the head of my cock and sending waves of pleasure into my balls. I’d fantasized about this moment. About her strong, soft hands on my dick and now they were and it felt amazing. I kissed her aggressively as she slowly stroked my tool. I hungrily sucked her tongue and nibbled her lip, moving back down to her breasts. I wanted to explore every inch of her body. One spot tasted better than the next. 


I couldn’t help but slowly hump her leg. My precum streaked across her thigh. The feeling of her soft flesh on my dick felt too good. I wanted to fuck her. I needed to fuck her. 


“Are you ready?” I whispered in her ear, briefly licking it. “Is this okay?”


As bad as I wanted to bury my cock inside her, I was more concerned with her comfort. I wanted this to be perfect. She didn’t speak but instead grabbed my face, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She nodded feverishly, gyrating her hips upward, begging to be fucked. I rolled on top of her, spreading her legs with my knees. She let her knees fall open, welcoming me. 


“Go slow,” she pleaded, gripping my shoulders and closing her eyes. 


Like a magnet, the tip of my cock instantly found her wetness. Her pussy was tight. I moved slowly, the head of my dick spreading her soft lips. She gasped, bracing herself for entry. She nodded, letting me know she was okay. I watched her face intently with every movement. Her sacred hole slowly opened, drawing me in, inch by inch. The walls of her pussy swelled around my shaft as my balls gently tapped against her ass. My cock throbbed, wanting to explode inside her.


I moved onto my elbows, my face right beside hers. I kissed her closed eyelids and stroked her forehead gently. I wanted her to know I was there. Her pussy was drenched now and my cock slid easily in and out with slow, rhythmic motions. She gripped me tightly, her nails digging in my flesh. She wrapped her legs around my back, hooking her feet together. Our bodies moved in unison, like one person.


“You feel amazing,” I whispered into her ear, pulling her an inch closer and burying my cock even deeper inside her soft cunt.


I slid my arm beneath her lower back, pulling her upward. My fingers explored her firm ass, finding and gently probing her tight asshole. I began to pick up speed, fucking her faster and harder. She gasped and moaned, matching my movements with her own. She was grinding against me now, rubbing her clit against my pelvis. I wanted so badly to make her come. I wanted to feel her body let go.


“It’s okay,” I reassured her. “I’ve got you.”


My words seemed to electrify her, as her legs tightened around my waist. 


“Come with me,” she whimpered, her body rigid with desire.


I pumped faster as her pussy twitched and squeezed my shaft, expelling a powerful orgasm. 


“Come inside me,” she said to my surprise. “Fill me up.”


With those last three words, my cock erupted in a fury of hot cum. I grunted under my breath, thrusting and filling Chelsea’s sweet, tight pussy with my load. Her body trembled beneath mine as we shared a moment of complete release and ecstasy. 


We were both breathing heavy, our hearts pounding rhythmically. I let my body relax, gently lowering myself on top of her. Our sweaty bodies were intertwined and our breathing slowly fell in sync. We laid there for a while, basking in the pleasure, the vulnerability, and the gorgeous night sky above as smooth jazz played in the background. 


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