Sibling Rivalry

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Derek is a 19-year-old lacrosse player with killer abs and a hunger for pussy. A good-looking guy, Derek has no problem getting girls but secretly desires his bitchy step-sister, Shayna.
Shayna is a stuck-up, spoiled 18-year-old with a rock-hard body and bad attitude. Shayna is used to getting her way and doesn’t react well when people don’t gravel at her feet.

My mother and new stepfather had set three rules before eloping on their honeymoon.


One: No house parties.

Two: My stepbrother was responsible for the car.

Three: At least try to get along.

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There were three distinct rules that my father and stepmother set before eloping on their honeymoon. 

One: No house parties. 

Two: I was responsible for their car. 

Three: At least try to get along. 

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Sibling Rivalry Sibling Rivalry
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Sibling Rivalry Sibling Rivalry
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Sibling Rivalry

My mother and new stepfather had set three rules before eloping on their honeymoon.


One: No house parties.

Two: My stepbrother was responsible for the car.

Three: At least try to get along.


I’d told my mom that rule three wasn’t fair. Derek made getting along with him impossible. He was a complete burnout stoner, and an asshole one at that. All he did was play video games with his door closed and stay silent at the dinner table. I didn’t like him at all.


The only thing was: he was sexy as hell. His long black hair hung down just enough to touch his collar, and he always wore grey sweatpants or track pants around the house that were a bit too tight. I’d snuck glances at his dick before, and I knew that it was something he was very proud of. He looked like he could be a model, as long as they were looking for someone with a bad attitude.


When we all moved into the same house, my stepbrother and I had to share the same bathroom. I hated it. He never rinsed his hair out of the sink after he shaved, and he left the toilet seat up constantly, no matter how many times I yelled at him to stop.


But sometimes he would walk in on me showering. I knew he could see me through the gaps in the curtain, using a loofah on my perky breasts, letting the water flow through my hair. I acted shocked and yelled at him to leave, but when he was gone, I realized that the thought of him seeing me was…kinda hot. I rubbed my clit under the hot water, slapping my hand over my mouth so he couldn’t hear my moans from across the hall.


Now he was being absolutely annoying again, as per usual. “Why should I have to stop what I’m doing, just because you want to go out again?” he sneered. He wasn’t even looking at me until he swiveled around in his chair, pausing whatever juvenile game he had on the screen.


His hair was messy, but it suited him, made me want to comb out all of the tangles with my fingers. His eyes were a bright green, like Harry Potter green, and I looked at them every time I got the chance. And he was wearing those track pants again. I couldn’t think like this, not about him.


“Mom said you’re in charge of the car, so stop being such a little cry baby and let’s go.” I put my hands on my hips. I wanted to go see my boyfriend Kyle, and it seemed like Derek would do anything to keep me from getting there.


He huffs, an arrogant laugh escaping his lips. I glare at him. “You think I’m going to take you anywhere with that attitude?” he asks. “Why doesn’t your precious boyfriend come and get you? I’m your stepbrother, not your slave.”


He crosses my arms and we stare at each other, neither of us willing to budge. Why was he in charge of the car, anyways? Probably because it had belonged to his dad before the marriage, but weren’t things supposed to be equal now?


I look at him and bite my lip. “Why do you always have to be such a jerk?” I match his stance, not willing to budge. I wasn’t going to let him off the hook just because he was being an asshole.


I try not to look at his muscular arms, imagine him throwing me onto the bed and ravishing me. These weren’t good thoughts to think. If we did this, it could break up my mom’s marriage, or at least make the house incredibly awkward. But I could feel the wetness pooling in my underwear. I’d always loved a good fight.


A thick silence settled over the room, both of us unwilling to compromise. I knew I wouldn’t be the first one to say anything.


“I’ll tell you what,” he said smugly. “I’ll take you to see your boyfriend, but you have to do something for me first.”


My mind went in a billion different directions. Clean the toilet. Take the dog out for a week. Vacuum the living room. Let him throw a house party. I was stubborn, but maybe we could come to an agreement.


I look down at him, scolding in my eyes. “Go on,” I retort.


And then he does something I never would have expected. He smooths his hand over the thin material of his track pants, grabbing a heaping handful of his cock. I couldn’t help staring at it, my mouth parting in disgust. I hoped he couldn’t see the excitement hidden behind my eyes.


This was wrong. I wouldn’t give into it.


“What are you-” I start, but suddenly he’s yanking out his entire length, and it bounces freely in the air. I gasp at the sight. It’s bigger than I even realized, and I have to stop myself from salivating at the sight.


“You’ve got to make it worth my while,” he hums.


Wasn’t he afraid that I would tell our parents? I wasn’t beyond it. Maybe he didn’t care? Or at least the lust had taken over him so much that he wasn’t thinking about it.


I stare at his hard length, completely silent. I do want him. I want to cross my legs so I can’t feel the tension growing in my clit. 


“I-” I hesitate, my eyes flickering between his cock and the door. No one was here to catch us. Our parents won’t be home for a week. Maybe this was their fault after all. If you put two horny teenagers in one house alone before they get the chance to really feel related to each other, something is bound to happen.


I shake my head.


“Come on,” he says. “You give me what I want and then I’ll take you to go and see your boyfriend.”


But I wasn’t thinking about my boyfriend at all anymore. I take a jittery step forward, almost subconsciously.


“I promise, I won’t tell anyone,” he adds.


“Fine,” I say, still trying to sound as annoyed as I could. But I can tell by his smirk that he can tell that I’m into this too.


He smiles as I lower myself to my knees. I quickly pull his pants down to his ankles, wanting to taste his cock. I look up at him, our eyes locking again, and I know he is at my mercy.


“But if you tell anyone, I will kill you.” I wanted it to sound more authoritative than it did. I grab the base of his cock, realizing that my fingers are trembling.


And then I do it, licking up his dick. Past the point of no return, but I don’t care. This was too good to back down on. I taste the glistening arousal that seeped from his tip, lapping it up, loving the taste. He leans back so he could watch me, and a part of me wants to put on a good performance.


I wrap my lips around his cock, unable to stop the moan from forming in my throat. The desire washes over me in waves, and I wonder if this will be the only thing we do. I feel a little ashamed as I realize that I want him buried to the hilt inside me. I swirl my tongue around his shaft as he places a hand on my head, guiding me up and down on his long prick.


I take him deep into my throat, my eyes watering at his girth. I bob back and forth, thrusting him in and out of my mouth, unable to keep myself from trembling. This might be wrong, but it felt so perfect, so right. 


“I knew you’d be good at this,” he sighs as I continue. I moan around his girth. “I’ve wanted this for months,” he whispers. I realized suddenly that I had, too. There was something about him that made me hungry for his lips, for his tongue, for his member inside my tight little pussy.


He pulls my hair as I quicken my pace, and I want to slap him across the face, just to see whether he’d like it. I look up at him through my eyelashes and he’s speechless, rendered silent by my sloppy licks around his shaft.


I let my moans vibrate his cock, and the way he bit his lip made me know he was about to come. I wished I would get the chance for a sweet release, too, but either way, I could touch myself to this scene for months.


Suddenly, he pulls me away from his cock. I let out a bratty whimper. I wasn’t finished yet.


“Tsk, tsk,” he says, shaking his head with a sinister grin. I want to slap him again, but I restrain myself. He pulls me up from my knees. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were actually enjoying this.”


He was teasing me, enjoying this a little too much. “Shut up, jerk,” I retort, but I realize that this is about the lamest comeback of all time. And I hadn’t denied it, either. I feel my cheeks flushing, but I can’t take it anymore. I want him to fuck me until I can’t stand it.


Without hesitation, I climb into his chair, spreading my legs over him. He grips my hips, helping me balance. His cock is at my trembling entrance, and I breathe shallowly, all inhibitions gone.


“So wet,” he teases. He inhales deeply, inhaling my scent. I hook my arms around his shoulders to give myself more purchase.


I sink down on his cock, not bothering to respond, falling down swiftly on the rock hard member. He lets out a cry at the same time as I do, both of us overwhelmed by the fullness. I envelop him, melt into him. I can’t help but whimper, closing my eyes as I bite my lip.


He groans under me, and I know it’s time to continue. I pull myself up before sinking back down, letting out a carnal moan. He grips my hips so tightly that I think he might leave bruises. We start to move in tandem as I bounce on his prick, grinding against him, chasing release. My breasts rub into his chest, heaving with my breath.


“Oh, fuck,” I swear, my head falling back uncontrollably as I circle my hips around his girth, filling myself over and over again. He pants, and I can see him looking where his sword is sheathed in my entrance, our bodies bound together. I think for one moment that nothing will ever be the same between the two of us, but I push that thought away. Maybe this could just be a one time thing. Or maybe we could forget about it. It didn’t seem possible, but maybe in time.


He kisses my neck, licking so intimately. I want to scream. I continue to fuck myself with his enormous cock, wanting to bounce up and down for hours. But I know I won’t be able to stand it much longer.


I feel his cock pulse inside me. Then he does something that surprises me: he kisses me. It’s even more intimate than the sex, so illicit that it makes me see stars. I think of my mother’s face if she could see us now, and it almost makes me come right on the spot. I moan into the kiss, letting his tongue enter my mouth as I whimper. He grabs my ass as I begin to cry out.


“Oh, fuck,” I repeat, much more urgently now. He pulls my body against him and meets me in the middle, bucking his hips as I bounce, thrusting into me. I lean in and kiss him again, biting his lower lip a bit too hard, just to remind him how much I loathe him, even if I love his thick cock. It sinks into me over and over, the repetitive movements too much to bear.


“I- I’m com- coming,” I cry, and I am undone. I ride his cock as hard as I can as he slams into me, my climax ripping through me. I moan so loudly it could wake the neighbors. I feel myself tumbling over the cliff, slowing down as the heat washes over me. Goosebumps of pleasure dance over my flushed skin. I can feel him looking at me as the sweat drips down my forehead.


I can feel my pussy move around him, gripping his cock so deliciously. It’s only a moment before I feel him gushing inside me, ropes of cum filling up my pussy, delicious and raw. He groans and I continue to fuck him until he’s through.


And then I gasp and pull away.


“No!” I scream, leaping away from him as fast as I can, cupping my hands between my still quivering thighs. “You came inside me!”


No matter how erotic I found it, that was the worst idea imaginable. Someone would definitely find out about this if there was a little fetus growing in my stomach.


I ran to the bathroom. “You’re such a jerk!” I yell from the shower, trying to wash him off of my skin. I would get him to buy me Plan B on the way to my boyfriend’s house.


Fuck my stepbrother. No matter how erotic it was, this could never happen again.


There were three distinct rules that my father and stepmother set before eloping on their honeymoon. 

One: No house parties. 

Two: I was responsible for their car. 

Three: At least try to get along. 


The third rule was honestly going to be the hardest. My step sister was the most stuck up, brattiest female I had ever met. Even though she had just turned eighteen, she’d never had a job, never cleaned up after herself and spent more time straightening her hair and reapplying thick eyeliner than making decent conversation with anyone. It was safe to say, we didn’t get along. I was into PC gaming and smoking weed, whilst she was constantly going out or blasting rock music in her room that blared throughout the entire house. 


She was annoying, stubborn and one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. When we all moved into the same house, my step sister and I had to share the same bathroom. On one hand, I hated it. She had so much stuff- makeup, hair accessories, all of her girly crap that she would leave in every corner of the bathroom. On the other hand, I had accidentally walked in on her showering on more than one occasion. She would scream and complain and I would act as if I was equally mortified; and then, I’d spend the next hour tugging on my hard cock at the memory of her perfect, pale body.  


“Why should I have to stop what I’m doing, just because you want to go out- again?” I sneered. I look away from the computer, swivelling in my chair to prepare for her snide come back. I immediately had to slouch after gawking at her outfit. She wore a short, black skater skirt, surely not long enough to cover her backside if she were to lean over. Her nipple piercings poked at the sheer material of her white crop top and it took all of my strength to look away before she noticed. My cock pulsed in my pants, my mind trailed off into betraying territory. 


“Mom said you’re in charge of the car, so stop being such a little cry baby and let’s go.” Her bratty stance should have enraged me. She perched her petite fingertips on her hips, whipping her long, black hair behind her shoulder with an arched brow that screamed spoilt. I huffed, laughing at her audacity. 


“You think I’m going to take you anywhere with that kind of attitude?” I counter, “Why doesn’t your precious boy friend come and get you? I’m your step brother, not your slave.” 


I cross my arms, leaning back into my chair as we stare at each other. She rolls her eyes, so much attitude oozing from her expression. I wanted nothing more than to fuck that sass right out of her. 


“Why do you always have to be such a jerk?” She sneered and crossed her dainty arms, matching my stance to emphasise her stubbornness. She wasn’t going anywhere until she had her way, but I was more than fine with that. 


A thick silence settled over us as we glare at each other, both unwilling to compromise as we silently challenged each other.  The urge to throw her onto my bed grew more tempting with each passing moment. I hated myself for it, but how could any guy resist when those plump lips just begged to be fucked – those smooth thighs aching to be grabbed. Months of build up and it was getting harder and harder to keep my provocative thoughts to myself. 


“I’ll tell you what,” I clicked, overcome with the need to feel her. “I’ll take you to see your boy friend, but you have to do something for me first.” 


She looked down at me with an intense scold, curiosity filling her otherwise irritated gaze as she weighs up her options.

“Go on,” she retorts, shifting on her step with a completely transparent front.


I smooth my hand over the thin material of my track-pants, fisting a handful of my throbbing length, giving her something to really gawk at. Her eyes immediately lower to my junk, her mouth parting in disgust, yet I could see her expression laced with a daring stare. 

“What are you-” she starts and I yank my aching, throbbing cock from my pants, letting it bounce freely in the air. She gasps.


“You’ve got to make it worth my while.” I counter, overcome with the need to finally feel her more than the fear that she would tell our parents. A mixture of anxiety and arousal flickered through me; a strange blend of emotions that forced an exhilarating pulse to ripple over me. She stared at my hard length with a heavy silence, jaw practically hitting the floor at the notion.

“I-” she hesitated, her eyes flickering from my cock, to the door and back. She shook her head, emerald eyes bouncing around the room with such puzzlement. I smirked, watching her slowly give in to the idea.

“Come on,” I beckon, “You give me what I want and then I’ll take you to go and see your boyfriend.”

She took a jittery step forward, arms slowly uncrossing as she continues to argue within herself.

“I promise, I won’t tell anyone.” I added. Finally, she looked up, a devilish contemplation in her eyes.

“Fine,” she spits, acting as if she didn’t want this just as much as I did. She looked back down at my cock, virtually salivating at my feet. I could see straight through her morally upright front. I knew that look of hunger in her flustered expression. 

I smiled, a full-faced grin as she lowered herself to her knees, gripping onto my pants and pulling them down to my ankles. She looks up at me once more, her long lashes fluttering and sending pulses of need down my shaft as it bounces in the air.

“But if you tell anyone, I will kill you.” Her threat came out in a croak as she grabbed the base of my cock with trembling fingertips, eager to finally take my load in her pretty mouth. 


A deep vibration runs through me when she licks my knob, tasting the glistening arousal that seeped from my tip as I lean further into my chair, settling into the gorgeous view. I look down at her in awe whilst she wraps her sweet lips around my cock, swirling her warm tongue around the my shaft as she moans subtly, letting her desires wash over her. I place a trembling hand on her head, guiding her down as she take my length down her little throat. I groan at the sensation of my hard cock sliding into her mouth, disappearing between her luscious lips whilst she sucks and dips her head over and over again. I could’ve come in her warm mouth within seconds.


“I knew you’d be good at this,” I sigh, revelling in the feeling of my step-sister devouring my girth, moaning around it, just like I had imagined all this time. “I’ve wanted this for months,” I whisper, gripping onto her hair as her pace quickens, her hand gripping tighter onto the base of my cock as she slurps and licks and sucks on my pulsating length, looking up at me through thick lashes as her bright green eyes glimmer with a mischievous greed. 


Each moan she let out vibrated around my cock, overwhelming me with the need to come- but I wasn’t finished yet. I had to have more than just her pretty, little mouth. I yank on her hair, pulling her away from my cock as it pulsated and bounced. I immediately wanted her back. She lets out a bratty whimper, like she wasn’t finished yet either.

“Tsk, tsk,” I click, shaking my head with a sinister grin, staring into her lustful eyes as I pull her up from her knees. 

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re actually enjoying this.” I tease and she rolls her eyes, pulling her panties down from under her tiny skirt with urgency.

“Shut up, jerk,” she retorts and I huff at her pathetic response- at the notion that she was so turned on, she couldn’t think of a better comeback. Her cheeks flushed a deep red and she wastes no time climbing over my chair without hesitation. I grip onto her small hips, balancing her as she spreads her legs over me, levelling my throbbing cock with her trembling entrance.

“So wet,” I tease, breathing in deeply, inhaling her sweet scent while she hooks her arms around my shoulders.
She sinks down without another word, falling onto my rock hard cock. We both cry out, overcome with the intensity of the feeling. Her warm, silken hole envelopes me, gripping onto me as she lets her entire body melt onto me. Her sweet whimper fills my room and I watch her gorgeous features, captivated by the innocence of her flushed cheeks, biting her own lip, clamping her eyes shut. I groan with the urging impulse to destroy her delicate frame. 


She pulls herself up, melting back down with another heavenly moan. Her sex felt euphoric; wet and warm and starving for the fullness of my shaft. I grip tightly onto her hips as we begin to move in tandem. She grinds against me, perked breasts rubbing against my chest as she moves and bounces atop my throbbing length.

“Oh, fuck,” she swears, letting her head fall back while she circles her hips over me, filling herself over and over again with all of my girth. I pant and groan, unable to decide where to look. Her beautifully contorted face, expressions of pleasure and lust and ache enveloping her features; her perfect, tight body, jumping and swaying back and forth; or my own hard cock, sleek with her arousal, pushing into her with every wave of her petite hips. 


I settled on all three, eyeing back and forth, taking in the impossible scene whilst my step-sister uses my huge load to get herself off. I kiss into her neck, licking up her heated skin, lost in the dizzying feeling of her wet sex dripping over me. My cock pulses hard inside her, the desire to climax almost painful as I contemplated if I’d ever be ready to stop feeling her. 


She blinks down at me with a mixture of lust and uncertainty and I lean in, taking her lips with mine, silently encouraging her to keep going. She moans into my kiss, parting her soft lips as her warm tongue slides over mine, massaging it with subtle flicks. The sound of her heavenly whimpers send euphoric shivers down my spine and I reach my large hands over her little backside. I grip onto the round curves, digging in my fingertips whilst she cries and moves against me.


“Oh, fuck,” she repeats with more urgency and I pull her body against me, bucking my hips each time she bounced, meeting her whimpers with another thrust. She kisses me again, biting onto my lower lip as I pound into her, relentlessly pushing and sinking my hard cock into her over and over. 


“I- I’m com- coming” she stutters and cries, the angelic sound forcing an overwhelming surge of heat to ripple through me. I feel the trembling feeling of my climax pulling at my core, tensing my limbs as I focus on her sex-drunk expressions, sweat beading down her forehead whilst she climbs her gorgeous high. I thrust into her with a rough force, gripping tightly onto her skin as I watch her reach a gorgeous peak. She wails into the air, mouth parting in awe as she comes in sinking waves. Her climax rips through her, sending goosebumps of pleasure to dance over her flushed skin. It was the most beautiful view I had ever seen. 


Her walls gripped around me, the tightness and of her wet sex tugging on my throbbing cock and it was enough to catapult me into my own release. I come deep inside of her, bursts of dizzying pleasure surging through me as I thrust my load into her. I come with a deep groan, lost in a haze of erotic and thrilling fireworks, feeling the sensation wash over me. 


She gasps and pulls up from me with a quick snap.
“No!” she screams, leaping from my chair and cupping between her quivering thighs. She pants and trembles as we stare at each other, emerald orbs glaring at me with a shock as the realisation settles in.

“You came inside me!” She squeals and runs for the bathroom. I lean back into my chair, still coming down from the glorious high, heaving and smiling as I watch her leave.  


“You’re such a jerk!” she growls from the shower and just like that, things went straight back to the way they were.
Damn, I hated that bitch. 



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