Programmed for Pleasure

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Dexter is a scientifically programmed robot, designed to sexually satisfy whoever he encounters. He can read people’s minds, delivering exactly what his partner wants for intimate and intense orgasms.
Ava is a 28-year-old schoolteacher whose boyfriend recently cheated on her. She’s hesitant to try dating apps and isn’t interested in random hookups. She enjoys visiting wineries and gardening.

The atmosphere and temperature of the ship were cold. Shiny metal surrounded me at every turn. My nipples were fully erect beneath the nude-colored tank top I wore. I rubbed my arms vigorously attempting to create heat. I didn’t really know where I was or where I was going. I was disorientated.

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Pleasure. Sexual satisfaction. They were the only two things I knew how to do. I was programmed to please. I knew on a subconscious level that I wasn’t human but I felt human. I felt every curve of my subject’s bodies. I felt their warmth, their wetness, their desire. It was as if I could read their minds. I knew what they needed. What they craved. I knew how and where to touch them. When they arrived they were nervous, unsure, and rigid. By the time they left, they were content and completely satisfied. 

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Programmed for Pleasure Programmed for Pleasure
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Programmed for Pleasure Programmed for Pleasure
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Programmed for Pleasure

The atmosphere and temperature of the ship were cold. Shiny metal surrounded me at every turn. My nipples were fully erect beneath the nude-colored tank top I wore. I rubbed my arms vigorously attempting to create heat. I didn’t really know where I was or where I was going. I was disorientated.

Suddenly a voice broke through my thoughts. It was feminine and robotic sounding.

“Welcome, Ava. Step into the chamber please.” 

A clear tube appeared in front of me and the door slid open. Blue and red lights flashed all around me. I shielded my face and obeyed her command. The moment I passed the threshold the glass door swung shut around me. 

“We will scan you now”, the same robotic voice boomed through the speakers above my head. 

I stood still not knowing what a scan was or what it felt like. Red and orange lights moved up and down the tube, reflecting on my body, covering me briefly in a blanket of warmth. 

“Scan complete”.

With a sudden rush, the tube began moving down at a high rate of speed. My stomach fluttered the same way it did every time I rode the elevator at my apartment complex. Except this time the flutter rushed from the pit of my stomach into my crotch in a rush of heat. The tube stopped abruptly at the bottom. My tits bounced slightly and I grabbed the sides to stabilize myself. My breath caught in my throat as the door slid open again. I felt equal parts excited and apprehensive. I didn’t know what to expect. I had to shove those thoughts from my mind or I would’ve never kept going.

I stepped out onto the diamond-plated floor. It was surprisingly quiet. I flinched as the door behind me swung shut. I turned and watched the tube retreat back up into the ceiling and disappear.

I took a deep breath and forged on. Where exactly was I going? Would I know it when I got there? The hallway was dark, but with each step I took, a few inches of the path became visible. It was as if it sensed my movements. I passed one doorway after another and long windows of glass. Everything was dark except a few feet in front of me. 

I suddenly saw something up ahead. I squinted, trying to make sense of the image and figure before me. The hallway came to an end and then I saw him. It. I wasn’t sure what to call it.

The perfect man. An example of pure, masculine, sexuality. His eyes were closed and he was shirtless. His body looked human but I knew it wasn’t. It was unbelievably realistic. The skin was smooth and buttery looking. I yearned to touch it. He was naked. A perfectly crafted cock hung down between two muscular legs. The balls were round and full. His body was completely hairless. The tip of his dick looked like a mushroom head — fat, pink, and round. He was strapped to a standing table, his wrists and ankles shackled.

My heart was pounding hard inside my chest. I swallowed hard and realized I was holding my breath. I was afraid to move. Afraid to make a sound. Suddenly, his eyes flew open and I jumped back. 

His eyes were dark and intense. They locked onto mine with no emotion. A fake smile spread across his lips. It was meant to be reassuring but it was mildly discomforting. 

“Hello Ava”, he said in an even tone. 

His voice was surprisingly reassuring. My breath slowed slightly and the tension in my muscles released.

The shackles automatically opened and he stepped down from where he was standing. His dick moved freely as if made of real flesh. His erection was slowly growing. He extended his hand, taking mine and kissing it gently on the top. His lips were warm and soft. His mouth lingered near my skin. He reached out and grabbed me by the waist, pulling my body into his. 

His hands were strong and mine were drawn to his muscular forearms. He didn’t speak, just slammed his mouth into mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth. He stroked my tongue with his. His movements were strong and purposeful. He sucked my tongue with just the right amount of pressure. His hand was on the small of my back, pulling me in close. I felt his erection pressing into my leg. He kissed me deep and long — a perfect balance of passion and seduction.


I surrendered my body to him. I let down my defenses, letting my body hang loose. Our mouths broke from one another and he pulled my tank top over my head, letting my bare breasts hang free. He scooped them up on his hands, leaning down to suck each nipple tenderly. Why did his hands feel so good? How did his mouth and tongue know exactly what my body needed and craved?


Blood rushed to my crotch, filling my clit. His hands trailed to the top of my shorts, undoing my belt and slowly lowering my zipper. My shorts easily dropped to the floor. The cold air surrounded my pussy, blowing over my lips and arousing all my senses. 


His hands trailed down my stomach and between my legs. He pushed them open and I obeyed. He ran his fingertips up and down my slit. It felt like a million tiny massagers working every inch of my cunt. He found my clit, circling it with expert movements. My head fell back as his mouth explored my neck. 


He rubbed my clit the same way I would myself. He knew what I liked without me telling him. Just when I felt I couldn’t take the pressure on my nub any longer, he slid his finger into my hole, alternating between rubbing and finger fucking me. I felt his precum on my leg as his dick grew longer and stronger. I reached down, gripping the shaft. The tight skin was warm and smooth. He pulled my hand away, kissing my fingertips. I reminded myself that this was about me.


A rush of warmth and pleasure overwhelmed me as the man read all my body cues. Two fingers were stuffed inside my pussy now, his long fingers sliding across my throbbing clit. I released the first wave of creamy cum. He barely reacted but instead held me, fucking and rubbing my cunt in perfect rhythm with my orgasm.


When my legs stopped shaking he removed his hand and helped me regain my balance. The silent stranger turned me around, kissing me from the back of my neck, down my spine, to my tailbone. His tongue swirled in tiny circles at the small of my back as he slowly bent me over. I placed my hands on my knees and braced myself. He buried his face into my ass, squeezing my flesh. He spit into my folds as my own juices dripped down my inner thighs. I couldn’t tell if he was fucking me with his tongue or fingers. He was everywhere. I focused only on the sensations as another wave of intense pleasure overcame my entire body. I gripped my knees tightly as my body shook and I delivered another hot load into his mouth. He swallowed my thick cream greedily.


He sucked my lips into his mouth before standing up behind me. Without warning he shoved his perfectly crafted cock into my throbbing cunt. I shook my head in protest. I couldn’t take anymore. My pussy was aching and the muscles in my stomach were sore from cumming. He held my back steady, taking complete control. His cock was long and thick, fitting like a puzzle piece inside my hole. It was as if he was made just for me.


The tip of his tool curved upwards slightly, tickling my G-spot. The pressure in my crotch built, pushing on my bladder. I thought I might lose control and urinate all over him. I was overcome by embarrassment and fear until I realized he was stroking my hidden pleasure spot. I’d read about this — feeling like you had to pee before having a G-spot orgasm. He gripped the back of my neck with one hand and held my ass snuggly against his cock with the other. His dick continued to stroke every erogenous zone inside my canal. 


I cried out as an unfamiliar feeling flooded my stomach and crotch. My pussy exploded in spurts of hot, wet cum and another thin liquid. I lost complete control of my body, my hands slipping off my knees. He caught me, stopping me from falling and supporting my entire body weight as I continued to cum and squirt all over his talented cock.


As the orgasm subsided I nearly collapsed onto the floor. His dick slipped from my hole and I let out a heavy sigh of satisfaction and exhaustion. I had never cum that hard or that many times. My muscles and pussy ached. I sat on the floor, gathering myself. He reached down, lifting me up, and turned me to face him.


“Was that satisfactory, Ava?”


He smiled slightly and his voice sounded slightly more robotic now. I just stood there, staring at this beautiful man, countless questions running through my mind. He bent down, grabbing my clothes and handing them to me.


“I hope you’re pleased,” he said in a monotone voice as he stepped back toward his original spot on the standing table.


I had no words. I stood there, gripping my clothes in complete shock and awe — confused about what had just happened. He returned to his standing position, placing his hands back into the shackles as they closed in around his wrists and ankles.


“Thank you, Ava,” he said, still smiling. “Please come again.”


I couldn’t help but smirk at the irony of his words. Oh, I will, I thought as I turned and headed back toward the tube. 



Pleasure. Sexual satisfaction. They were the only two things I knew how to do. I was programmed to please. I knew on a subconscious level that I wasn’t human but I felt human. I felt every curve of my subject’s bodies. I felt their warmth, their wetness, their desire. It was as if I could read their minds. I knew what they needed. What they craved. I knew how and where to touch them. When they arrived they were nervous, unsure, and rigid. By the time they left, they were content and completely satisfied. 


Tonight’s visitor was Ava. When I first saw her photo on the computer, my cock instantly sprung to life. I knew I had a job to do but, somehow, Ava was different. She had an innocence about her that I hadn’t seen or experienced before. Her green eyes were like emeralds and her red hair framed her delicate, creamy face. She had thin pink lips and perfect white teeth. Her smile was warm. Staring at her picture triggered an unfamiliar sensation in my stomach. It was like desire but stronger. Was it, longing? 


I waited for nightfall in anticipation. I’d never been more excited about one of my subjects or more eager to please. 


I took my position on the standing table, completely nude, shackled at the ankles and wrists. My dick hung freely between my legs. It wasn’t until I heard the chamber door open that my half-flaccid cock began to twitch. She was close. I could almost smell her from the moment she entered the hallway. A mix of sweet flowers and clean, fresh skin. Human skin. That was the thing I looked forward to most. Feeling and smelling a real woman. Hearing her heartbeat, running my hands through her hair, and experiencing every twitch of her body. 


As I felt her grow near, I opened my eyes, locking them on hers. She flinched, clearly startled and a bit apprehensive. My eyes scanned her body. She was even more gorgeous in person than in her photograph. Her perfect round tits hung freely beneath the tan fabric of her clothing. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see her nipples. Her deep red hair cascaded down her shoulders, falling just above her breasts. She parted her mouth slightly, wanting to speak but unsure of what to say. 


I smiled, trying desperately to reassure her but knowing that, to most, my smile looked artificial. 


“Hello, Ava,” I said robotically. Her name on my lips sent a fresh wave of excitement through my body. 


The shackles released and I stepped down, the hard metal floor cold beneath my bare feet. Her eyes fell to my cock, taking in its length and girth. I stood still, letting her eyes scan my body. I wondered if she was wet for me. I reached for her hand, planting a gentle kiss on her smooth skin.


She stood motionless, watching my every move. I wanted to feel her warmth against my body. I took her by the waist, effortlessly pulling her to me. She didn’t resist, stumbling slightly before coming to rest against my chest. I slammed my lips onto hers, not wanting to wait another moment. She tasted like sweet mint. Her mouth was stiff at first but soon, her lips parted and she began stroking my tongue with hers. I held her face, kissing her deeply and passionately. I took her tongue between mine, sucking it firmly as her tiny whimpers of pleasure filled my mouth. 


My shaft stretched with excitement, the tight flesh pressing into her thigh. I felt her body release as she completely surrendered to me. I held her up by her tiny frame, exploring every inch of her mouth with my tongue. I broke contact briefly, just long enough to remove her shirt, exposing her perfect round breasts. I couldn’t help but stare. I scooped each one up tenderly, bringing her perky nipples to my lips. I swirled my tongue around her nubs before nibbling them gently. Ava didn’t like to admit it, but she enjoyed a little roughness. A little pain with her pleasure. I smirked as her body flinched and her nails dug into my flesh as I continued working her delicious nipples between my lips and teeth.


She needed more. Her pussy was hungry for my touch. I easily undid her belt and lowered the zipper of her shorts. She gripped my hair, tugging it firmly as her shorts fell to the floor. I sensed her wetness instantly. I traced her flat stomach with my fingertips, gliding my hand over her mound before settling between her legs. I firmly parted them, gaining access to her sacred spot. She opened her legs to me, willingly. I dipped my finger into her wetness, using her creamy, natural lube to flick her swollen clit. She whimpered, falling even heavier into my arms as she abandoned all control. I licked and nibbled her neck. My one hand steadied her body while the other explored every inch of her glorious cunt. 


I slid my finger from her clit to her hole, easily penetrating her. The soft walls of her pussy pulled my finger inside, begging to be fucked. She bent her knees, pushing down on my hand and willing me to go deeper and harder. Her sweet pussy juice pooled in my hand, covering my fingers and dripping down my knuckles. I desperately wanted to taste it. I stopped myself from flinching as I felt Ava’s firm grip on my dick. She squeezed my shaft, methodically jerking me off in rhythm with my movements. I slid a second finger inside her body and she began stroking my tool even faster. No, I reminded myself, this was about Ava.


I gingerly removed her hand from my dick, placing it on my shoulder and returning all of my attention to her pleasure. She was close. She braced herself, her hands gripping my shoulders, as her entire body trembled and the first wave of pleasure swept over her. Her legs shook and she nearly collapsed into my arms in a fit of complete ecstasy. 


As Ava regained her composure, I turned her around and began exploring her from the back. My fingertips and tongue trickled down her spine to her tailbone. Her smell was intoxicating. Her skin was smooth and firm. She stood helpless, giving herself to me completely. I placed one hand on her stomach, the other on her shoulder, and slowly bent her over. She placed her hands on her knees, bracing herself. I desperately wanted to enter her but it wasn’t time yet.


Instead, I knelt down behind her and buried my face into her ass, getting my first true taste of Ava’s sweet juice. I slide my tongue into her hole before pushing the tip of my finger into her tight ass. She pushed back on me, welcoming my touch. I spit on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. I switched between finger- and tongue-fucking her delicious cunt until she delivered another rush of hot, sweet cum, this time into my mouth and down my throat. I was covered in her femininity. I smelled and tasted like her. I swallowed every drop greedily.


I stood up, not able to bear it anymore. I grabbed my shaft and easily guided my throbbing tool into her waiting hole. Her slippery lips parted easily, pulling every inch of my cock into her most sacred area. Her pussy was tight and warm. I gripped her waist firmly, pushing and pulling her hot, wet pussy over my dick. She was shaking her head in protest, but I knew she wanted it. I knew she had one more orgasm in her and I needed to feel it. I wanted to feel her beautiful pussy wrap around my cock as she collapsed in a fit of pure pleasure.


I angled my body upward, the tip of my cock hitting her G-spot. She gasped, gripping her knees tighter, a look of surprise sweeping over her face. I held her shoulder, pulling her body harder onto my shaft. My cock fit perfectly inside her body, just the way it was designed to do. I felt the walls of her cunt twitch and pulse as she reached the point of no return once more. 


She cried out as her entire body shook. I felt the wetness instantly. A mix of creamy cum and hot, liquid shot from her pussy, drenching my cock and balls. The fluid poured from her body, cascading down her thighs. She nearly fell under the intensity of the orgasm but I held her steady, not letting her go. I lowered her to the floor as my tool slipped from her oversensitive cunt. She needed a moment of relief. I laid her gently on the floor in a naked heap of pure satisfaction. Her breathing slowed as she looked up at me in complete amazement.


I smiled, lifting her off the floor. She stood before me, sweaty and breathless. 


“Was that satisfactory, Ava?” I asked expectantly.


She smiled and nodded, a look of bewilderment on her face.


I grabbed her clothing and handed it to her. A strange sensation came over me. I wanted to hug her. To tenderly kiss her and hold her for a moment. But that wasn’t part of my job. I had one mission and that was sexual satisfaction. So, why did I feel the overwhelming desire to be close to Ava in a more intimate way?


I shook the thought from my mind, returning to my position on the standing table, patiently waiting for the cold restraints to grip my ankles and wrists yet again. As they closed, I stared at the gorgeous woman before me.


“Thank you, Ava,” I said with a smile. “Please come again.”


As I watched her turn and walk back toward the tube, I realized that I’d never meant those words as much as I did in that moment. 


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