Sweet Teenage Nights

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Cameron is a sensitive, funny high schooler who plays on the school’s basketball team and gets straight A’s. He’s student council president and well-liked. He has a steady girlfriend, Michelle, despite the fact that most girls in school want to date him.
Michelle is a popular high school junior who plays soccer and sings in the school choir. Michelle is a virgin and has only had one steady boyfriend -- Cameron.

I’m nervous. So very nervous. It’s funny really, as I know how much I want this moment more than anything else, yet now it’s here, I’m terrified I’m going to do the wrong thing. What if I don’t look right, sound right, taste right—?

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I knew it was her the moment I entered the new school. Michelle wasn’t like the other girls. She was special. Gorgeous in the most natural and unassuming way. 

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Sweet Teenage Nights Sweet Teenage Nights
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Sweet Teenage Nights Sweet Teenage Nights
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Sweet Teenage Nights

I’m nervous. So very nervous. It’s funny really, as I know how much I want this moment more than anything else, yet now it’s here, I’m terrified I’m going to do the wrong thing. What if I don’t look right, sound right, taste right—?


“Hey, come back to me,” His words melt in my ears as he cups my face, his expression soft and welcoming. He’s an angel, of this I have no doubt. Cameron is always so thoughtful, so giving, to the point that he’ll sacrifice his own mental state in a bid to improve yours. I try to limit him doing this, for him to see that he’s just as important as everybody else, but it’s so hard to stop him from helping others. Perhaps I shouldn’t try to…? 


My head still resting in his hands, I rub my face into his palms, much like a purring cat snuggles down into a blanket or on its owner’s lap. I want my skin against his, the two of us connected on every level. I want him to have me in ways I’m not even sure I fully understand just yet, so why is voicing that need so scary? It’s driving me to despair. But I don’t want to break this tender moment, to tarnish it with my woes and foolish worrying; he deserves better than that.


“Michelle, I know you’re still lost in those thoughts of yours,” Softly, he moves my head so that I’m looking him directly in the eyes, my head held in place. “Please stop worrying, we don’t have to do anything tonight that you don’t want to—”


“I want to!” I hastily add, scared he thinks I’m rejecting him. His face breaks into a satisfied grin, but with no less sincerity than before. 


“Okay, okay. Still, this is about the both of us, so we can take it as slow as you want, and we can stop at any time.”


I nod in response, though I’m barely paying attention anymore, for all I can think about is how soft he’d feel against my naked body… how wonderful it would feel to finally know what he looks like naked. I’ve thought about it for months, daydreaming in class, and tonight seems to be the night that I’ll finally find out. 


It all seems so surreal. Every other girl in my year has already had sex — the moment they were legally old enough they hopped into bed with their boyfriends. Some even went all the way before they came of age. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to get physical, it’s just that I’ve been the odd one out because of my reservedness. While girls in my year were experiencing their first times, I’d been studying, lost inside the pages of a textbook — as my mum always said, “I had my nose in a book.” She wasn’t wrong. Sex for me just hadn’t registered high on my radar. I didn’t have the time or energy to waste thinking about something that wasn’t within my reach. 


Then Cameron had moved to our school. 


The first day I saw him I knew I was hooked, that devilish smile, those puppy dog eyes, that incredibly toned, muscular body — he was what every straight girl and gay guy dreamt of. The perfect package. Even if he’d been a dick like most of the other guys in my school, I’d have ignored those flaws in favour of checking him out every time he walked to his locker or answered a question in class. But oh no, he didn’t just have looks and charm, he had kindness as well. And for some crazy, unfathomable reason, he’d picked me out of all the girls at school. 


His hand strokes down from one of my cheeks to my collarbone, bringing me back to the here and now in the most prominent of ways. How could I think of the past when I had the most gorgeous boy in front of me, caressing my skin so that my whole body tingles? Looking him deep in those rich, chocolate brown eyes, I know that there’s no reason for me to be nervous, not when I’m with him. 


My hands reach for him, pulling him close as he does me, both of us tentatively going in for a kiss. It’s light at first, the way light summer rain kisses a blade of grass. But then it deepens, the lust we’ve tried to hold back finally breaking through, the rain turning into a torrent downpour. In a matter of seconds, we’re gripping one another, our mouths colliding while our hands tug at our clothes. I can tell Cameron’s trying to hold back, but what he fails to understand is that I really don’t want him to. 


“Please, I need you…” My words are breathy, but they make their urgency heard. 

Cameron gives me the flash of his smile as he begins to undress me. As much as I long to see him naked, I can’t help but freeze in place so that I can fully enjoy him removing every piece of my clothes to reveal more of me to him. When he’s finally done, my body completely laid out for him to see, he shakes his head in awe.


“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”


The pure joy and elation this sends through my body has me lunging towards him, my hands more awkward than his skilled fingers were. I’m ravenous. After all this time, I know what I need is this moment here with him — to wait a moment longer would be torture. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for me to tug Cameron out of his clothes.


My god, he’s more handsome than I could have ever imagined. And while I’m trying not to be dirty minded, the size and thickness of his cock has me blushing with glee. Gone is my innocent nervousness, it’s replaced by a sensual siren waiting to burst free.


Sensing my excitement, he leans towards me, his body following against mine so that he’s pushing me onto my back, our bodies pressed together. Quickly, he stops and pulls away.

“Cameron?” I hesitate, worried something is wrong. 


“Don’t worry, baby, I just want to grab a condom.” Holy shit, this boy can’t be real, I must be dreaming! Within seconds he returns to me, nothing able to hold us back anymore. 


I open my legs to him, a flower opening up under the warmth of the sun. My thighs greet him as he moves between them, his hardness pressed against my pussy, the sensation electrifying every inch of me. He’s so achingly close… Suddenly I feel his fingers slide between my lips, releasing my wetness, his fingers easily finding my entrance. “Do you want me, Michelle?” He murmurs, his voice huskily low. 


“Yes,” I reply, my lips trembling with anticipation. “You have no idea how badly.”


Cameron nudges his nose against mine as he smiles, the two of us nuzzling into one another as he presses the sweetest kiss on my mouth. Then, as I sink further into our kiss, I feel the tip of his head push between my lips and edge inside me.

I knew it was her the moment I entered the new school. Michelle wasn’t like the other girls. She was special. Gorgeous in the most natural and unassuming way. 


Now, as she lay there beneath me, I couldn’t quite believe it. I brushed her soft brown hair from her forehead. I sensed she was nervous. Her breathing was short and rapid. Her eyes looked distant. 


“Hey, come back to me”, I whispered with a warm, reassuring smile. I wanted her to know I was there. That I wasn’t going to leave her or pressure her to do anything she didn’t want. I was just enjoying being close to her. 


I wanted to take care of Michelle. It made me happy to take care of those I loved. Sometimes, to a fault. I wasn’t very good at putting myself or my needs first. Michelle was sensitive to that, though. She didn’t say it but she didn’t have to. 


I cradled her sweet face in my hands as she nestled against my palm. I pictured her purring like a cat, smelling my skin, nestling closer until she felt safe. She was safe and I wanted her to know that.


“Michelle”, I whispered, “I know you’re still lost in those thoughts of yours.”


I tilted her head slightly, aligning her eyes directly with mine. “Please stop worrying, we don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.”


I would never pressure her. Never make her feel bad or like I was disappointed. But I’d be lying if I said my erection wasn’t throbbing. My body yearned for hers. I wanted to feel her, smell her, and taste her from the inside out. But only when she was ready and not a moment sooner. 


“I want to!” She answered hastily and a look of slight embarrassment spread across her face. She didn’t want to seem too eager but I liked it. It let me know she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I smiled reassuringly.


“Okay, okay,” I smiled, still caressing her face. “Still, this is about the both of us, so we can take it as slow as you want, and we can stop at any time.”


She nodded, her eyes shifting. She no longer looked distracted. Instead, her eyes were focused. Intense and alive. My eyes and fingers trailed down her face to her neck. I envisioned her naked body and my cock pulsed with desire.


I knew Michelle was a virgin and although I’d had sex once in my last school, it wasn’t special. Nothing like this. It was more something I did to say that I did it. All my friends had lost their virginity and I felt like an outcast. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. But that’s all it was. Sex. Three minutes and a few pumps later and it was over. She didn’t seem to mind but I remember thinking, there’s gotta be more to it than this.


And I was about to find out just how much more. I was finally about to have sex with someone who mattered. Someone who trusted me. My pleasure and desire went far beyond the physical with Michelle. I felt connected to her. I wanted to feel her naked chest against mine. The warmth of her skin and the rhythm of her heartbeat. She turned me on in ways I never knew existed. She deserved only the best.


I continued to trace the lines of her jaw, neck, and collarbone with my fingertips. I wanted her to be fully relaxed. I felt goosebumps develop along her soft, olive skin. I imagined her nipples getting hard beneath her thin T-shirt. I wanted to feel them. Swirl them between my fingertips and lick them gently. I wanted so desperately to hear her moan and say my name.


She reached for me, pulling me in for a kiss. She tasted like honey as I stroked her tongue with mine. I kissed her slowly, deeply, passionately. But my desire overcame my senses. I was hungry for her. We’d waited so long and now that she was here, in front of me, I couldn’t hold back. I held her face and kissed her harder, with more urgency. Her hands slid up my shirt. The contact of her skin on my chest sent shivers down my entire body. I lifted her shirt, exploring her stomach and perfect tits beneath her lace bra. I quickly slid my hands down and back over her clothing. I didn’t want to be too aggressive.


“Please, I need you…”, she whimpered, begging me to take her.


Her wish was my command. I slowly began to undress her. I pulled her to a seated position, gently removing her shirt over her head. I held her gaze as I unhooked her bra. My eyes scanned her gorgeous body and skin. She laid back down, helping me ease her shorts and underwear off. As she laid there, completely nude and vulnerable, she was an iconic picture of beauty.


I shook my head in disbelief.


“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”


She smiled and bit her lower lip shyly. I pulled my shirt over my head. She undid my belt and easily helped me out of my jeans and boxers. There was no hiding my desire. My cock was hard and on full display. I saw her eyes light up as they glazed over it. My body ached to pleasure her. Her eyes danced across my body and she leaned back, pulling me into her.


I brought my body close, lowering her down to her back. Her soft tits pressed firmly against my chest. She felt and smelt amazing. Better than I’d ever dreamed. I pulled back momentarily, to reach for a condom. She instantly became alarmed.




My name on her lips was intoxicating. I reassured her once more.


“Don’t worry, baby. I just want to grab a condom.” 


As I ripped open the package and slipped the condom in place, she slowly opened her legs to me, offering me her most sacred gift. I moved between them, pressing my body against her middle, feeling her wetness on my pelvic bone.


I reached down between her parted legs. I needed to feel her. My fingers instantly found her swollen clit and moved down to release the silky cream from her pussy. I gently prodded her hole with my fingertips.


“Do you want me, Michelle?”


“Yes,” she whispered. “You have no idea how badly.”


I could sense the urgency and desire in her voice. Her body ached for me. I brushed my nose softly across hers, a grin spread across my lips before I touched them to hers in a gentle kiss. I grabbed my shaft and slowly replaced my fingers with its throbbing head. Her warmth enveloped me. I closed my eyes and held her close, prepared to enjoy every stroke, sensation, and precious moment of being inside her for the first time. 


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