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Esmerelda is ageless and strikingly beautiful. A natural-born dancer, Mel is a free spirit who loves travel, holistic medicine, and nature. She never stays in one place, or with one person, for too long.
Emma is an awkward 24-year-old struggling to find her place in the world. A college student who doesn’t invest too much time in her appearance, Emma’s been with the same boyfriend since high school. Her life lacks excitement.

Dancing was my escape. I never felt more full than when I was against other people, colorful strobe lights flashing, the music thudding through my skull. Tonight is no different. 

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It was through the thick smoke, moving amongst grinding bodies and colourful strobes that I first saw her, swaying her round hips to the thudding music. I watch in awe as she runs her fingers through long, brunette curls, biting her lip like she was seducing the song to beat to her movements. 

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Esmerelda Esmerelda
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Esmerelda Esmerelda
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Dancing was my escape. I never felt more full than when I was against other people, colorful strobe lights flashing, the music thudding through my skull. Tonight is no different. 


I run my fingers through my long, brunette curls, biting my lip. Finding someone to make love to tonight would be almost as good as feeling the music in my veins. I look around the room and catch someone staring at me. She’s a girl, very petite, a pair of wire-rimmed glasses resting on her nose. She had shoulder length blue hair with bangs that perfectly framed her face. I smile at her and she immediately looks away. I wonder whether she’s queer and if she really had her eyes on me.


A tall man comes up behind me and starts grinding against my ass. I’m bisexual, so his gyrating should have been welcome, but I couldn’t stop checking to see whether she was still staring. I can feel her eyes on me, so I slide my hand up his chest, around his neck, wondering if I can make her a little jealous. When I glance over, she’s leaning against a wall, her hands empty, looking like she’d seen a ghost. Maybe that shock was over the way she was locking her eyes with mine at every opportunity.


A guy walks up to her and kisses her on the temple. I shouldn’t be surprised. They always had boyfriends. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t shoot my shot. I had this feeling deep in my gut that she wanted me, and I wasn’t going to give up the opportunity to be with a girl who looked like that.


I separate myself from the guy on the dance floor, much to his dismay. I clap him on the shoulder; he’s not my prey for this evening. I walk over near where she’s still talking to her boyfriend, hoping he’ll leave again.


Quickly, I get my chance. He walks away like he’s looking for someone, and I hope to God that he doesn’t find them anytime soon.


“Who are you looking for?” I ask with the most sultry look I can manage. I can tell from this distance that her hair is more green, not blue. It was surprising for someone who seemed so deeply like she wanted to hide in the crowd. We’d have to work on that.


“I-” she stutters. The ice cubes in her drink were rattling in the glass. So maybe I was making her nervous. That thought thrilled me.


I laugh, flicking a curl behind my shoulder. My hair was one of my best features, and I wasn’t afraid to show it off, especially to pretty girls who also had amazing hair. I lean towards her and place my hand onto her flushed cheek. When she doesn’t back away, I lean over to talk into her ear so she can hear me over the music, my face skimming hers. It feels warm to the touch. 


Maybe she had never been with a girl before. The thought struck me. Usually I found that annoying, the crisis in the morning, the confusion. But with this girl, it was kind of…sexy. Would I be the one to deflower her in the ways of Sappho? Only time would tell, but it looked more and more likely the redder her face got.


“My name is Esmerelda,” I purr. “But you can call me Mel.”


After another moment of silence, I pull back so I can look her in the eyes. They’re a beautiful brown, like a rock you’d pull from the sea. I give her my most seductive stare, the one that had a pretty high success rate of bringing in straight girls.


She swallows, almost a gulp, and I feel like it’s time to cut to the chase. I lean back in.


“But I’d prefer to hear you moan it…” I flirt, then wait for her reaction.


She pulls away from me, leaving a pit in my stomach. Was I losing my touch? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, steadying herself. “I have a boyfriend,” she blurts out. It sounds like a tentative whimper, not an authoritative statement.


I smile and roll my eyes playfully. “And where was he whilst you were left to stand here and watch me dance with second options all night?”


I know I’m being forward, but it’s starting to get late and I’m thirsty for someone to touch. It felt like I’d never wanted anyone this badly.


She looks around, like she’s trying to find this mythical “boyfriend.” Then she turns back to me and bites her lip and I smile like a cat about to pounce on its prey.


“What’s your name?” I ask, touching her hand with mine. I softly stroke her fingertips before taking the drink from her hands. She looks at me with wide eyes as I take a slow, sensual sip, my tongue briefly leaving my mouth. It’s vodka and orange juice, sweet and tangy on my tastebuds. 


She takes a while to answer the question, but I don’t mind. “Emma.” 


“Emma,” I repeated, turning it over in my mouth. A beautiful name. “Well, Emma, you belong on the sidelines as much as this drink belongs in a bored hand.”


I grab her hand more forcefully this time, pulling her towards the dance floor. But she hesitates, stopping just a few steps away from the crowd. She turns back to face me, her hair moving over her shoulder, and she looks confused.


“I don’t really dance,” she says, trying to get out of my grip. I wouldn’t let her go that easy. She looks around like her boyfriend will turn up and save her from her sapphic feelings. I couldn’t let that happen.


I step close to her. I grab the vodka again, but this time bringing it up to her lips. She needed to loosen up, and if lust couldn’t do it, maybe alcohol could.


She drains the drink and we lock eyes. I lean in, my lips only a few inches away from hers, staring deeply into her eyes.


“There’s no way this little body couldn’t captivate a crowd,” I tell her. I ache to feel her under my fingers, and I know she won’t be able to resist once she feels me there. So I reach down to touch her leg, slowly tracing up towards the hem of her skirt. I trail my lips around her jaw, teasing her before reaching her ear once more.


“But that’s okay,” I whisper.


I trace two fingers beneath the material, moving between her thighs. I hover above her panties for a moment, giving her the opportunity to push me away. She’s dripping wet, and I have a feeling it’s not for her boyfriend.


“There’s something much more enticing I’d like to use you for,” I croon. Then my fingertips push onto the thin fabric covering her hungry pussy, ready to bring her infinite pleasure.


She gasps again and I start to rub her clit, slowly and sensuously. She pushes her head against my shoulder and stifles a moan, but I still hear it in my ear, tasty and warm. I laugh again.


“Come with me,” I whisper, lust dripping from my voice. I know I have her in my grasp, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her.


I move my hand out of her panties and she looks a little disappointed. I grab her hand instead and begin leading us through the crowd towards the exit. I look behind me to find that she’s still grabbing my hand, her eyes wide with anticipation.


I open a large door that opens up to an alley. I’d be lying if I said this was the first time I’d been out here; it was sort of my spot. But it felt special with Emma, like we were consecrating holy ground.


I can’t resist her anymore. I slam her into the brick wall, my hand immediately up her skirt again. I tease her pantyline, full of heated purpose. I rest my hand between the wall and the back of her head, my instinct to protect her from harm. I look at her, knowing that she could see the ferocious look in my eyes.


Our mouths collide at my insistence and I immediately put my fingers inside her panties again, even more impressed by the wetness there this time. She moans into the kiss, my tongue massaging hers.


I’m inside of her, my fingers stroking her walls. I go slow at first, my thumb and forefinger running circles around her clit. She is putty under my hands, and I want to show her what it’s like to really be with a girl, how it’s so different from being with a guy, so much softer, so much more sensual.


I lean into her leg, rubbing my hips against hers, the friction warming my clit. I groan, shoving my face into her neck. I continue to push in and out of her. I would fuck her until she called my name out loud enough for the people on the street to hear.


She bucks her hips forward to meet my touch, the fever consuming both of us now. She wanted me deeper inside her, and I quickly obliged. I move more forcefully, faster, hearing the sound of her tight pussy around my fingers.


She’s groping me, her hand on my breast, my ass, wrapped around my waist. I continue to stare at her as I pump my hand inside her. I search for her g-spot before quickly finding it. I aim my gyrating fingers right there and she starts to breathe heavily, restlessly. She’s definitely experiencing pleasure that’s better than she’s had in a long time, maybe ever.


She starts to scream and it turns me on so much that my fingers are flying in her pussy, wanting to hear the orgasm leave her throat. But not yet.


Right as she’s about to climax, I pull away.


She grunts in protest and grabs my hand, trying to pull it back to her sex, wanting release. I smirk at her. Always leave them begging for more.


Her cheeks burn bright red as she realizes what she’s done, what we’ve done together. I smirk before heading back through the door, back into the club. I grab the handle before turning back to look at her.


“Esmerelda…,” she sighs. She’s begging for me to come back. I almost oblige, but I know that I want to make sure that she wants this.


“If you want more, you’ll meet me back here at the end of the night.”


Her mouth falls open, shock across her face. I was offering her pure pleasure, and I knew how much she wanted it.


“Forget your boyfriend, Emma, and I will show you a world of pleasure that your wildest imagination couldn’t conjure.”


Then I walk through the door, back to the chaos of the club. I wonder whether I’d see her again, but there was something telling me that she would come to me when I called.

It was through the thick smoke, moving amongst grinding bodies and colourful strobes that I first saw her, swaying her round hips to the thudding music. I watch in awe as she runs her fingers through long, brunette curls, biting her lip like she was seducing the song to beat to her movements. 


She leans against a tall man who had been staring at her for almost as long as me and he smiles through perverted thoughts as she grinds her plump ass against his dark jeans, sliding her hand up his chest, around his neck. They begin to swing their hips together, the beat of the loud music surrounding them; a guide to their heated dance. 


I lean against the venue walls, unable to pull myself away from her captivating features. It felt as though the act of merely watching her was as sinful as I could possibly feel all night- and yet, I couldn’t bear to look away. 


Abruptly interrupted, it took a moment to catch my boyfriend’s voice, shouting over the speakers.


“There she is!” He smiles down at me, pearly whites beaming at the sight of me. I smile back sheepishly and lean into him for a soft kiss. He pecks my lips playfully, before sliding a vodka and orange juice into my hands. 


“Are you having a good time?” He yells and I reply with an overly ambitious nod, guilt riding up my neck from spending the last half hour fantasising about a woman when he had spent far too long at the bar to buy me a drink.


I look back at the gorgeous woman who had no idea just how much of a hold she had on almost everyone in the room. 


I couldn’t quite tell what had come over me; I was never the type to fixate on strangers; particularly a woman who had the kind of aura that screamed red flags. 


My thoughts staggered as the feeling of my boyfriend’s arm smoothed over my shoulder and I look up at his features, blissfully ignorant to my perverted thoughts. He looks down at me, his smile beaming once again before he licks his lips to speak.


“I’m going to see where Kyle went. Will you be okay here?” Kyle was my boyfriend’s roommate, who lived for this kind of scenery. Whilst Gavin and I spent most Saturday nights binge watching Netflix and eating cheap takeout, Kyle found himself partying and drinking his weight in spirits in the city, surrounded by like-minded souls desperate to find solace through drunken states. 

However, this weekend was his birthday and Kyle knew that it was the exact excuse he needed to pry us out of the safety net of the living room. 


I nod back at Gavin and watch as he peels through the dance floor in search for his friend. I look back to the mystery woman that had captivated my thoughts since the moment I saw her, just to be met with a strange ache in my chest when I couldn’t find her amongst the crowd. 

Damn, I thought to myself.

“Who are you looking for?” A feminine voice asked and I spun my head to be met with….her. 

Groomed, arched brows and glossed lips stared at me behind the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen.

A sudden heat rose up my neck, flustering me entirely as I conjure up something- anything- to say to her.

“I-” I stutter, feeling my vodka shake in my jittery hand. She laughs sweetly, flicking a long curl behind her shoulder. She leans toward me, placing a warm hand onto my flushed cheek as she skims her face against mine, talking into my ear and over the music. 


“My name is Esmerelda,” She purrs, the sound of her name falling from her tongue like ecstasy in my veins. “But you can call me Mel,” she continues. 


She pulls back to look me in the eye, the kind of seduction encasing her stare that was completely out of my element. I could feel my mouth salivate and my mind was working in overtime, trying to comprehend what was unfolding in front of me. I swallow, hard. After a long, intimate pause, she leans back toward my ear with a devilish smirk as goosebumps dance up and down my neck. 

“But I’d prefer to hear you moan it…” 


Her voice slithered through me like honey, swimming down my chest to leave my nipples taut and noticeably untouched, a pool of arousal forming beneath my panties. I had to physically pull myself away to get a grip on the reality I had suddenly lost. Clamping my eyes shut, I take a deep breath and steadied my ground, before looking back at the insatiable siren before me.

“I have a boyfriend,” I blurt; and what was supposed to be a stern tone, turned into an unsure whimper under her stunning gaze. She smiled once more, a pearly Hollywood grin, and rolled her eyes playfully. 

“And where was he whilst you were left to stand here and watch me dance with second options all night?” 


I couldn’t even fathom her forwardness. I was utterly out of my comfort zone, looking around to see where my boyfriend had gone. Guilt riding my high just as much as the smell of her flowery perfume. I bite my lip nervously and look back at her, to find her intense stare hovering at my plump mouth. She takes in a deep breath, that gorgeous smile enveloping her features once more.

“What’s your name?” she asks. She brings her hand to mine, softly stroking my fingertips as she takes the forgotten vodka from my hands and up to her mouth to take a sip. I watch the liquor disappear behind her crimson lips and wonder why- how- such a powerhouse could be wasting her time talking to me, whilst a world of beautiful people dance and sway around her. I could still feel the electricity from where her manicured hand had touched mine. 


“Emma.” I finally reply, hastily searching for a way to understand what I was feeling. Lust? I had never even considered being with a woman. Gavin was my first, my only partner and I had loved his company for two years without doubt. 


“Emma,” she mimicked, my name sounding like a symphony coming from her mellifluous voice.  


“Well, Emma, you belong on the side-lines as much as this drink belongs in a bored hand.” She reaches for my hand once more, pulling me toward her as she swivels on her step. We trail toward the dance-floor, before I hesitate, stopping in my tracks just steps away from the crowd. Her hair flicks softly behind her shoulder as she turns back to face me, a puzzled expression encasing her gorgeous features. 


“I really don’t dance,” I apologise, trying pathetically to pry from her grip. I look around the room again, hoping that my boyfriend wouldn’t see me. The thought caught me off-guard entirely. 


She steps toward me… too close. Taking the vodka, she tilts the cup onto my bottom lip, encouraging me to take a long gulp.


We lock eyes as I drink the last of my liquid courage and as she pulls the empty glass away from my face. Just as I began to miss the contact, the proximity was replaced by her. Her glossed lips, a mere breath away from mine. The air was instantly too thick and my entire body began to ache, to quiver beneath her presence. She stares deeply into my eyes. 


“There’s no way this little body couldn’t captivate a crowd,” she begins. And with all of the commotion, I had almost missed the feeling over her hand beginning to trace up my leg. My knees buckle, my mind ran in a thousand directions, unaccustomed to any experience like this. 


Her fingertips reach the hem of my skirt, and she trails her lips along my jaw, up to my ear.

“But that’s okay,” she whispers, tracing two fingers beneath the material. I hold my breath as she slowly, painfully, moves between my thighs. I feel her manicure hover above my panties, unmoving from her hypnotic closeness. 


“There’s something much more enticing I’d like to use you for.” Her fingertips push onto the thin fabric covering my folds, inching dangerously to rub against my clit. 


I inhale sharply as the entire room falls apart around me. My entire body shakes and I push my head against her shoulder to stifle a moan. She begins to rub her fingertips against me, a secret that endless bodies around us were oblivious to. I hear her sweet laugh over muffled music. 


“Come with me,” she whispers with the kind of lust lacing her voice that turned me into putty in her clutch. 

She moves her hand away from my panties and clasps my hand instead, leading us away from the crowd and toward the exit doors. I follow her without hesitation, a mess of arousal and confusion and not a single wonder as to where Gavin had gone. Finally, she opens a large door that lead us to a shady alleyway, just outside of the club. I look back once more, before stepping out into the cold air. 


The cold left my body just as fast as she slams me onto the cool brick wall. Her warm hand slipped under my skirt and teased my pantie line with a new sense of heated purpose. Resting her hand between the wall and the back of my head she leans toward me with a piercing, ferocious look in her wide, hazel eyes. 


Our mouths collide just as her fingertips found their way beneath my panties without warning. 


Gasping, I moan into her kiss and revelled as her tongue massaged mine whilst her thumb and forefinger ran circles around my most sensitive nerves. 


She leaned into my leg, rasping a drawn out groan as she rubs her hips against me, shoving her face into my neck without fumbling the rhythm of her fingers pushing in and out of me slowly. 


I buck my hips forward, feeding off her energy, needing to feel her deeper. 

She matches my eagerness with a more forceful push and fastens her rhythm. I am a mess of moans and shaking and grabbing onto whatever my hands could reach, whilst she remains calm, eating me from the inside out with her beautiful stare. I begin to feel pangs of pleasure threatening to burst at the tip of every nerve in my body. I exhale faster, screams of unadulterated desire leaving my throat as I build up to what I know will be a mind-blowing climax, when suddenly she pulls back from my sex. 


Faltering with a grunt of protest, I grab at her hand, trying to pull her back. Our eyes lock and she’s smirking like she had just discovered a new species. Suddenly, reality creeps back in and my cheeks burn beet red. I wondered where Gavin was- how I’d explain to him where I disappeared to. By the time my mind floated back to reality, she was heading back to the heavy door. She placed a firm grip on the handle, pulled it open and turned her head to look at me.


“Esmerelda…” I sigh, flustered and practically grovelling to make her come back, finish making love to me with her heavenly hand. She smirked with a roughish grin that sent a wave of arousal through me. 

“If you want more, you’ll meet me back here at the end of the night.” She begins. 

My mouth falls open, my mind doing backflips to figure out what had just happened- what was happening now. 


“Forget your boyfriend, Emma,” She continues, “and I will show you a world of pleasure that your wildest imagination couldn’t conjure.” 


She walked through the door and back into the chaos of the club. I waited outside for another ten minutes, wondering if I was really going to become a player in this mysterious, alluring game. 


Of course I was… 

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