The Perfect Gift

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Paul is a typical working husband and father. He coaches his kid’s sports teams and volunteers in the community. He’s a doting husband who would do anything to make his wife, Amy, happy.
A confident, 40-year-old realtor, Amy is a happily married wife and mother. She and her husband Paul enjoy a healthy sex life, date nights, and family time.

Paul and I had, what I considered, a fairly healthy sex life. Like any other married couple with children, we didn’t have as much sex as we wanted to. I found myself scheduling it on the calendar like a lunch date or a dental cleaning. The lack of excitement in the bedroom was partially due to Paul’s demanding work schedule. As a general contractor, he worked long days and commuted to the city often. I ran my own business from home and with clients in different time zones, my work hours were all over the map.

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I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with the perfect gift for my wife’s 40th birthday. I’d bought her every piece of jewelry imaginable and sent roses for every Valentine’s Day and anniversary since I could remember. This had to be something different. Something bigger and better.

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The Perfect Gift The Perfect Gift
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The Perfect Gift The Perfect Gift
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The Perfect Gift

Paul and I had, what I considered, a fairly healthy sex life. Like any other married couple with children, we didn’t have as much sex as we wanted to. I found myself scheduling it on the calendar like a lunch date or a dental cleaning. The lack of excitement in the bedroom was partially due to Paul’s demanding work schedule. As a general contractor, he worked long days and commuted to the city often. I ran my own business from home and with clients in different time zones, my work hours were all over the map.


We tried to be creative. I brought vibrators and edible underwear to bed. He gave me massages using baby oil and covered my nipples in whipped cream. But, over the years, things had grown stale. I’d never thought about bringing another person into the bedroom until last week. In fact, Paul brought it up. And you’re probably thinking exactly what I did — he wants to watch you have sex with another woman. Wrong! Paul actually suggested bringing another man into the bedroom — not for him, but for me.


We were lying in bed last week after another lackluster romp when he broke the silence.


“Is my dick too small?”


I couldn’t help but laugh. He looked hurt and I instantly regretted it. Of course, his dick wasn’t too small, it was perfect. I had no idea he ever doubted himself in that… area.


“No, sweetie! Your dick is perfect. I love it!”


I stroked his bare chest reassuringly and kissed him gently on the lips before resting my head in the crux of his armpit. 


“Why?” I asked, not being able to shake the question.


“Well…”, he started. “I don’t know. Sometimes, I just wonder if you’d enjoy something bigger.”


 I didn’t respond because I didn’t know what to say.


“I’ve also wondered…”, he spoke again. “What it’d be like to see you with another man.”


I laid motionless, shocked at his statement. I pushed myself up on his chest and turned to him, the silk sheet sliding down my bare breasts.


“What?” I was shocked. Appalled. Maybe the tiniest bit intrigued.


He grinned, nervously scratching his chest.


“Well, yeah…”, he continued. “I think every guy dreams about seeing their wife in complete submission. Getting pounded by a big, fat cock. Her begging for more and then pleading for them to stop when they can’t take another minute.”


If I thought I was shocked before, now I could barely wrap my mind around what Paul was saying. Was he right? Was that really every man’s dream? My mind raced trying to come up with a response but he spoke before I could.


“You’re telling me…,” he pushed the hair from my bare shoulders, sending shivers down my chest and blood rushing to my nipples. “…that the thought of a big, black cock stretching your pussy to the max doesn’t make you even the tiniest bit wet?”


I’d never heard Paul talk this way before. It was shocking and yes, admittedly, a little exciting. A rush of heat flushed my cheeks. I shook my head and smiled nervously.


“I don’t know,” I finally managed to stammer. “I mean, I guess it would be… different.”


Paul grabbed my face in both his hands, kissing me long and deep as he giggled into my mouth. And that was the last time we spoke about it. 


Until tonight.

It was my 40th birthday and we had gone out for a delicious dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant. The kids were sleeping at my in-laws and I was eager to get Paul home. I wanted to run around the house naked, shower together, leave the door wide open, and scream his name. 


We quickly made our way into the house, kicking off our shoes at the door. Paul chased me through the living room and up the stairs, sliding his hands up the back of my dress and grabbing my bare ass. I let out a tiny yelp as he gave my right cheek a pinch. We tumbled through the bedroom door, giggling and fondling each other like horny teenagers. 


Paul wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in for a deep kiss. When we parted he was smiling down at me lovingly.


“I have a gift for you,” he said, swaying me back and forth. 


“Oh?” I said in surprise. “I thought dinner was my gift?”


“Well, it was, but this is something just for you…”, his voice trailed off. “…and I guess a little for me.”


A quizzical look came over my face. 


“Okaaaaay,” I said suspiciously. “What are you up to?” 


He grinned, taking my hands from around his neck and kissing the tops simultaneously.


“I’m not telling,” he grinned. “All you need to do is get undressed, climb that hot little ass of yours into bed, and put on that blind fold.”


He pointed toward the bed where a black blindfold sat on a single pillow. I hadn’t even noticed the bed was turned down and most of my decorative throw pillows had been removed. When did he have time to prep the bedroom? 


“And what will you be doing?” I asked. But he didn’t answer. He simply smiled, pressed his finger up to his lips to indicate I stop asking questions and entered the en suite. 


I clumsily removed my navy blue cocktail dress. I wasn’t wearing any panties or bra so getting undressed was simple. I slipped off my nude heels and climbed into bed. The silk sheets felt cool and sensual against my skin. My head was buzzing from the bottle of wine we finished at dinner. I slid the blindfold over my head and into position. I laid there completely exposed, enjoying the darkness and feeling of the silk beneath my naked body. I gently fondled my nipples and tickled my flat stomach.


I was growing inpatient. I reached down and touched the mound of my neatly shaven pussy. My lips and clit were throbbing, begging to be touched.


“Paul!” I called out for my husband. “Hurry… or I’m going to take care of myself!”


Just then I heard the bathroom door open and Paul’s voice from across the room. 


“Are you ready?”


I opened my legs wide, gently rubbing the top of my pussy just above my clit.


“Do I look ready?” I bit my bottom lip and wiggled around on the bed. We hadn’t fucked in days leading up to this night and I was more than ready for whatever treat Paul had in store.


I laid there motionless, listening to his footsteps move across the floor. I felt the weight of him at the bottom of the bed as he climbed onto the mattress. He grabbed each of my ankles, parting my legs an inch wider and running his hands up the inside of my thighs. I gasped. His hands were strong and rough. I felt him crawl closer between my legs, inching toward my waiting cunt.


I felt his warm breath on my pussy as I held my own, anticipating the feeling of his lips on my skin. He started by gently kissing the wrinkled folds of my cunt. I inhaled quickly, tweaking my nipples. His kisses trailed from my swollen clit down my labia to my slippery hole. He dipped the tip of his tongue inside me, releasing a flow of pussy juice. His tongue felt fat and strong against my body. I pushed downward slightly, driving his tongue deeper inside my hole. I could hear him lapping up my thick cream. His fat tongue moved swiftly over my clit in small, aggressive circles.


 I reached down, wanting to grab onto his head but was met with resistance.


“Not so fast.” 


I paused. Paul’s voice sounded different — distant – as if he were in another part of the room. 


But before I could give it much thought he began feasting on my pussy more eagerly, grabbing my ass and pulling my cunt harder onto his face. I grinded my body against his mouth, muffling his moans. His tongue was like a tiny jackhammer on my clit. Was he holding out on me all this time? I didn’t remember Paul’s tongue being so talented. 


The pleasure started building between my legs as I rubbed my cunt harder on his face and his tongue fucked my hole. I didn’t want to cum yet though. I wanted to tell him to stop but my body wouldn’t let me. The climax grew in my belly, warming my fingertips and toes. I arched my back, willing him to finish me off. 


Just as I felt my orgasm coming to its breaking point, he slowed down, retracting his tongue and gently kissing my pussy folds once more. My body tingled all over. I was sensitive and on edge. Fuck. I wanted to cum so bad. I tried grabbing for Paul’s body. I wanted to feel him, kiss him, pull him close and beg him to fuck me. But my extended arms were met with only air.


“Paul?” I was feeling a little uneasy. “Where are you?”




I sat up straight in bed, my heart beating in a different way. I was becoming nervous and uneasy. The air around me felt strange.


“Paul!” I said, demanding a response. 


“I’m right here, baby.” 


I felt Paul approach me from the right. He lovingly stroked my hair with one hand and kissed me gently on the cheek. He ran the fingertips of his other hand up and down my inner thigh in an effort to relax me. My heartbeat slowed and I reclined back onto the bed. I felt relieved. His mouth met mine as his hand trailed up my thigh and lightly traced the lines of my throbbing pussy. He circled my cunt, getting close but never making contact. My desire began to build once more. I thrusted my hips upward slightly as the blood rushed back into my clit. 


I reached down and instantly felt his erection beneath his thin boxers. Droplets of precum were scattered across the fabric. I squeezed the bulbous head and his kiss intensified.


“You know how much I love you right?” he asked between kisses.


“Yes, of course,” I said, running my hand up and down his shaft, cupping his balls and pressing my pussy against his forearm. His one hand was still wrapped in my hair and the other moved to my breasts, caressing the soft skin.


I felt his hand return to my inner thigh, squeezing the flesh and pushing his thumb against my throbbing clit. It was then that I realized we weren’t alone. It wasn’t Paul’s hand between my legs anymore — his hands were on my breasts and face. I instantly reached up to rip off the blind fold, but someone stopped me.


“No, no”, Paul whispered in my ear, holding my wrist firmly. 


I moved my head from side to side, desperately trying to get a sense of my surroundings. I suddenly felt like I was in a foreign place. 


“What the fuck is going on?” I pleaded.


My heart pounded in my chest. 


Paul spoke again. “Do you trust me?” 


Of course I trusted him. I slowly nodded my head and reluctantly let Paul push me back down onto the pillow. The hands I felt a moment ago returned between my legs, pushing my thighs open and running two fingers up and down my slippery folds. They were the hands that had been on my body this whole time. Not Paul’s. Someone else’s. My mind tried desperately to make sense of what was happening. 


I felt a different sensation between my legs. Two strong knees pushed my legs open even wider and something soft and round was pushing against my clit. I laid there motionless as Paul licked my ear and neck, encouraging me to relax. I tried desperately to calm myself as the stranger played with my clit and invaded my body. The large round object moved from my nub down my lips to my hole, spreading it open. It was then that I realized it was the tip of another man’s cock. And it was big.


I took a deep breath.


Paul whispered in my ear, “Get ready baby. Just relax and let it happen.”


I held my breath as I felt the head of the stranger’s cock slowly enter me. My pussy opened willingly as the first inch broke the threshold of my most sacred area. I felt the walls of my pussy stretch. I reached down, grabbing the stranger’s shaft. I was surprised Paul let me but once I felt it, I knew why. It was huge. He wanted me to be prepared. My petite hand could barely wrap around the entire thing. The veins were pronounced and the skin tight. I moved my hand up and down the length of the monster between my legs, convinced there was no end. Once I reached the base of the thick tool, I slowly pushed it deeper into my cunt. My pussy lips folded inward as the giant cock penetrated my wetness.


I gasped as Paul slid his hand beneath my back, propping me up. The stranger grabbed onto my hips, pushing my arm out of the way. He was halfway in now and I already felt filled to the max. He pushed my legs upwards and I grabbed onto my knees, trying to make room for him to go deeper. 


I shook my head vigorously. “I can’t, I can’t Paul. It’s too big.”


Paul licked my ear and whispered, “Oh you can do it baby just relax. Relax and enjoy it.”


I took another deep breath, gripping Paul’s hand and the bedspread. The stranger buried his shaft an inch deeper using long, deep strokes. To my surprise, Paul slid the blindfold off of my face.


I looked down to see an incredibly good looking, muscular black man between my legs. His bald head looked as smooth as the skin on his cock felt. The muscles on his chest and arms flexed with every thrust. Paul held my right knee in his hand, peeking down as the shaft pumped in and out of my dripping cunt. The man stared down at my pussy with a look of hunger in his eyes. I pushed down on his cock.


“You want more, baby?” Paul asked, clearly aroused. “You want it all?”


I nodded vigorously.


“Yes, yes! Give it to me.” I begged the black stranger to bury the rest of his monster into my tight hole. 


He began to pick up the pace of his strokes. My hole widened, straining under his girth. I felt his fat balls smack against my asshole as his cock made the final plunge into my pussy. I cried out. It was an intense mix of pleasure and pain. The faster he moved, the looser and wetter my pussy became. He grabbed my hips and violently pounded his cock into my cunt. Paul knelt beside me, pulling his own dick from his boxers and stroking it vigorously. His other hand grabbed my breast tightly. My tits bounced violently with every thrust from the dark stranger. 


The penetration ran from my G-spot into the pit of my stomach. It felt as if he was violently fucking my entire body. He grunted loudly, pinching my flesh. I cried out again, grabbing his wrists to brace myself against his movements. 


“Fuck her. Make her cum.” Paul’s voice was breathless. He was tugging on his cock faster now. 


I wanted to cum for him. I wanted him to watch and look in my eyes while another man’s cock drove me over the edge. I begged the dark stranger to fuck me harder. His giant dick filled every inch of my pussy. Paul leaned over, spitting on my clit. He smacked it hard and began rubbing it with his fingertips.


The combined sensation of a stranger’s cock in my body and my husband’s hands on my pussy were more than I could handle. I felt the pleasure building in my pussy. I grinded down hard on his thick shaft. Paul’s hand grazed the stranger’s cock with every stroke. Blood rushed to my pussy, mounting in breathtaking waves. Paul held my leg tightly as my entire body shook violently. The muscles in my pussy squeezed the stranger’s massive cock as a rush of hot creamy cum poured from my hole. The stranger held me tight, continuing to move in and out until I begged him to stop. 


I pushed him away and his tool slipped from my cunt. My hole felt relief as it contracted back to its normal size. The visitor grabbed his giant cock and began jerking off between my legs, grunting as a steady stream of cum came flying from the tip like a geyser, landing on my mound and stomach. At the same time Paul released his own load onto my tits, collapsing on top of me as he finished. 


We all laid there breathless and sweating. Paul’s body was sprawled out on top of mine, my arm draped over his back. He turned to me and smiled. He looked exhausted and content. 


He kissed my belly and said, “Happy Birthday, baby.”


I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with the perfect gift for my wife’s 40th birthday. I’d bought her every piece of jewelry imaginable and sent roses for every Valentine’s Day and anniversary since I could remember. This had to be something different. Something bigger and better.


For 40, my wife looked fabulous. She always took pride in her appearance and it showed. She still turned me on as much today as she did when we met over a decade ago. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry sometimes. It wasn’t so much about her cheating on me, but I worried that I wasn’t satisfying her. I mean, I thought I was pretty good in bed. My penis was above average and I ate pussy like a machine. It was like my tongue had radar that led me to every crevice and fold of her sweet pussy. 


But, like any guy, I wanted to make sure I kept my wife happy. I also fantasized about a threesome on the regular. While the thought of watching Amy with another woman turned me on, I actually had a different scenario in mind. I jerked off rhythmically in the shower imagining a big, black stud climbing between her legs. Pushing her knees apart and slowly burying his gigantic tool into her eager waiting cunt. I’d eat her out first, warming her up for his massive cock. I got off on the thought of a dark stranger pounding her until she couldn’t take anymore. Until she cried out in pure ecstasy, coming over and over again. 


I tried bringing it up one night in bed, just to see how she’d react. She was a little surprised and taken aback, as I expected, but once I started describing it, she seemed a little more open to the idea. I was sure she’d gotten wet just talking about it and could already picture her dripping pussy opening wide, willingly accepting an unfamiliar cock.


That’s when I got the idea to give her a birthday gift she’d never forget.


All the arrangements were made. The kids were at my in-laws, I had dinner planned at her favorite seafood restaurant, and I’d given our special guest specific instructions. I would call him once we left the restaurant. He was to park down the road and enter through the garage door, hurrying upstairs to wait in the master bathroom until I came to get him. I knew he’d hear us come in and that was his signal to get undressed and get ready to perform. Not that he needed much preparation in that department. The man was built to fuck. I received his name from a friend of mine and we’d met a few weeks prior for a drink. He was incredibly good looking, muscular, and guaranteed my wife would have a good time. Multiple good times, in fact. 


Amy looked amazing tonight. I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties beneath her tight navy dress. We never wore underwear on date nights. I chased her upstairs, eagerly grabbing her ass. I was filled with excitement and trepidation. As turned on as I was by the idea of another man pleasing my wife, I was also nervous. Would I be jealous? Would I change my mind? And more importantly, how would Amy react? I was hoping that in the moment, she’d let down her guard and enjoy herself. I was also secretly hoping the wine and blindfold would help with that.


As we entered the bedroom I pulled her in close for a deep kiss. I wanted her to know I was there. That I’d be there the entire time, making sure she was safe and satisfied. I took a deep inhale. It was time.


“I have a gift for you,” I said, cradling Amy in my arms.


She seemed surprised. “I thought dinner was my gift.”


“Well,” I explained. “It was, but this is something just for you. And I guess a little for me,” I added, wanting to be transparent. 


“Okay,” she said slowly, cautiously. “What are you up to?”


She playfully jabbed at my stomach which was in knots. I grabbed her hands in mine and gazed deep into her eyes with what I hoped was a reassuring look.


“I’m not telling,” I grinned. “All you need to do is get undressed, climb that hot little ass of yours into bed, and put on that blindfold,” I instructed her. 


She didn’t move at first. I watched as she carefully examined the bed which was turned down and ready, the blindfold laid neatly on her pillow.


“And what will you be doing?” She asked quizzically.


I pressed my finger to my lips, encouraging her to remain quiet and follow directions. And with that, I slipped into the ensuite. He was standing there, as instructed, in a tight pair of boxer briefs and nothing else. He looked even more muscular than I remembered. He had broad shoulders, a chiseled six-pack, and defined pecs. My eyes immediately fell to his package which was kind of hard to miss. It hung loosely on his inner thigh, the tip nearly poking out from beneath his underwear. And that was flaccid. I swallowed hard at the thought of how huge he would be when fully erect. Could Amy handle it? Could I handle it? Would it hurt her?


As if reading my mind, he smirked and held up his hand.


“Don’t worry, buddy,” he said in a husky voice. “I’ll be gentle.”


The words lit a new fire of excitement in me. This was really happening. I imagined Amy innocently lying in our bedroom beneath the darkness of the blindfold. Completely naked, completely unaware. 


“Paul!” I heard her voice float through the closed door. “Hurry… or I’m going to take care of myself!”


She was giggling, a mix of anticipation, arousal, and intoxication from the wine. I took another deep breath. This was it. I nodded at the tall, dark stranger in my bathroom and he nodded back. I gripped the door handle and turned it, entering the dark bedroom.


I could see Amy’s silhouette beneath the sheets. Her perfect body was wriggling and writhing. I was sure she’d already touched herself and fondled her breasts while waiting. I was hoping so. Then she’d be warmed up.


“Are you ready?” I asked her. Or was I asking myself?


She spread her legs, letting the sheet fall to the side, exposing her nude body.


“Do I look ready?” she said as she playfully rubbed her mound with one hand and her tits with the other. 


I moved toward the corner of the room, signaling the stranger to get on the bed. He crawled toward Amy’s body, firmly  grabbing her ankles, and pushing her legs into a spread eagle position. I looked intently at his face. His eyes were gleaming at the sight of her thin pussy lips. They were glistening with her sweet, thick juice. I looked up at Amy. She had no idea it wasn’t me on the bed with her. That those weren’t my hands running up the inside of her legs. Blood flowed to the tip of my dick, springing it to life.


The stranger leaned in, delivering soft kisses along the folds of her labia. She bit her lip and gently pinched her nipples. He continued to kiss the length of her cunt, from her swollen nub down to her hole which was dripping with precum. I licked my lips, imagining it was me between her legs. I knew how good she tasted. I squeezed my shaft, willing myself not to get too excited. We’d just begun.


He was eagerly eating her pussy now. Shoving his fat tongue inside her body, drinking in her cream. I knew he’d found her clit by the way her body was moving. Her back arched and she gripped the sheets as he worked her nub. She reached down, wanting to shove his head in closer but I wasn’t ready for her to discover my little secret yet.


“Not so fast,” I said abruptly. 


Her body stiffened slightly as she looked around the room. Had she noticed my voice came from a distance? Luckily, it didn’t take long for her to get lost in her ecstasy once more. The dark stranger was feasting on her cunt, running his mouth up and down her folds, moaning with every pass. He grabbed her ass firmly, letting his tongue fuck her juicy opening. She tugged at the sheets, gyrating her hips to match his movements with her own. As he pulled her pussy harder onto his face, she pushed down, grinding hard against his powerful tongue.


She was getting close to climax. I could tell as her breath became quick and sporadic. Her gorgeous tits heaved up and down as she tried to control herself. No, no. She wasn’t allowed to come yet and he knew it. He was bringing her right to the edge of desire before slowly backing off. He stopped tongue-fucking her and delivered a few more gentle kisses to her folds and inner thighs. 


Amy was reaching down now, wanting to touch me. 


“Paul?” She said my name nervously. “Where are you?” 


I didn’t answer at first.


“Paul?!” Now she was sitting up and her voice sounded alarmed.


“I’m right here, baby,” I responded soothingly. 


I moved closer, approaching her from the side of the bed. I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. Her flesh was warm and smelled of honey. I ran my fingertips along her inner thigh, following the same path as the stranger’s mouth just moments ago. I felt her body relax. She let out a whimper, settling back down onto the bed. The tension left her body as I continued to circle her pussy with my fingers, teasing her ever so slightly. She began to move her hips up and down, begging to be touched.


She reached over, finding my throbbing cock beneath my thin boxers. The material was saturated with precum. She gripped the head, sending a fresh flood of pleasure down my shaft and into my swollen balls. I leaned down, kissing her deeply, and asked her if she knew how much I loved her.


I was mesmerized by her unbelievable nude body, completely exposed and vulnerable.


“Of course,” she said with an affectionate smile as she continued to fondle my shaft and balls. 


My hands were intertwined in her hair as I traced the lines of her ribs, breasts, and nipples. I looked over at our guest who was waiting patiently at the end of the bed, slowly stroking his monster cock. I swallowed again nervously. He was enormous, at least 10-inches and thick. Amy and I had messed around with some pretty large dildos but nothing this big. I looked at her once more before giving him a nod.


He moved closer, reaching out and pressing his oversized thumb against her clit. My hands were still attending to her nipples and caressing her face. It was only a matter of time before she tried to sit up and remove the blindfold. She was no fool. My hands couldn’t be in three places at once. I grabbed her wrist, keeping her from ruining the surprise just yet.


She was turning her head frantically now.


“What the fuck is going on?” She sounded scared but I knew she would be pleased.


“Do you trust me?” I whispered in her ear, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.


She nodded, allowing me to gently push her back down onto the bed. The dark stranger turned his attention to her legs once more, grabbing her thighs and pushing them open. His two long fingers moved up and down her slippery folds. He fondled her cunt momentarily before climbing onto the bed and taking hold of his giant tool. He slowly ran the head from her dripping hole up to her clit, making small circles. 


I leaned in, licking and kissing Amy’s ear.


“Shhh,” I reassured her, moving from her ear to her neck with light kisses and flicks of my tongue.


The stranger’s cock was near the opening of her cunt, preparing to make entry. I knew she felt it. How couldn’t she? Her body was tense. She squeezed my hand, taking a deep breath and preparing for what was next. 


I whispered in her ear again, “Get ready baby. Just relax and let it happen.”


I wasn’t sure who was more excited, her or me. Or perhaps our tall dark guest.


I held my cock tightly with one hand and kept my other on Amy’s body, making her feel safe. I moved closer to her crotch, wanting an unobstructed view. I watched intently as he slowly entered her. Her tight cunt opened wide, willingly accepting his enormous tool. Amy’s hands flew between her legs, grabbing hold of his cock. Her mouth fell open when she felt what was about to enter her. Her nipples perked and goosebumps covered her body. She instinctively opened her legs a few inches wider, bending her knees to make room for him. 


I was pleasantly surprised as I watched her grab hold of his dick at the base and slowly pull him into her. She wanted more. My excitement grew as I watched the walls of her twat swallow the dark, thick treat. I slid my hand beneath her back to support her as he grabbed onto her hips, thrusting deeper with every stroke. He was only halfway inside her and I wasn’t sure if she could take it all.


“I can’t,” she whimpered, shaking her head. “I can’t Paul, it’s too big.”


 I smiled. I had chosen well.


I leaned down and whispered in her ear again, “Oh you can do it baby just relax. Relax and enjoy it.”


She grabbed my hand and the bedspread, her mouth hung open, letting out tiny gasps as he drove it home one inch at a time. I wanted her to see. I wanted her to lay eyes on this gorgeous man. On the gift I’d given her. I slowly slipped the blindfold from her face.


Amy’s eyes widened when she saw the dark stranger between her legs. Her chest heaved in heavy, exasperated breaths. I grabbed her knee, bending it backward, spreading her cunt open even wider. He started to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Now that he was fully engulfed in her pussy cream, his giant shaft slid easily in and out of her body. The stranger watched as his tool moved in and out of my wife’s cunt.


To my surprise and delight, Amy pushed down hard on his cock, enjoying every glorious inch.


“You want more, baby?” I asked enthusiastically. “You want it all?”


Amy nodded vigorously, begging for it.


“Yes, yes! Give it to me,” she cried out, throwing her head back and grabbing hold of her other knee. Her legs were fully bent now as he pounded away at her gaping hole. His oversized balls smacked against her ass. She cried out as if the tip of his dick was inside her belly. He grabbed her tiny frame tightly, ramming it back and forth on his shaft without mercy.


My own cock was twitching and throbbing, more precum spilling from the tip. I began to feverishly jerk off in rhythm with his strokes. I was transfixed on his dark tool as it disappeared inside my wife. I pinched Amy’s nipples roughly, making her squirm in pleasure and pain. She gripped his wrists, steadying herself on his giant stick. Willing him to simultaneously keep going and go easy. Seeing the mix of emotions on her face was slowly pushing me to the brink of my own climax.


“Fuck her. Make her cum,” I didn’t even realize it was me speaking. I was breathlessly egging him on, urging him to make my wife cum as I continued to jerk-off.


“Fuck me. Fuck me harder!”


 It was the first time Amy had spoken to the man directly and it seemed to excite him. 


I leaned down, spitting on her clit and rubbing it vigorously with my fingertips. I knew how much she loved being stuffed and fondled at the same time. Amy was fucking him as hard as he was pounding her, her body bouncing freely on his shaft. I rubbed faster and harder, her clit like a tiny marble between my fingers. The base of my hand was on his cock. I wanted to feel him enter her. I knew she could feel it. Amy could feel my hand on this strange dick inside her and it was too much for her to take. 


I continued to circle her clit feverishly as I watched her face twist in pleasure. She cried out, her entire body shaking violently as she came all over his cock. He never slowed his pace, continuing to fuck her rhythmically as gobs of pussy cream poured from her body. As she began to relax, she urged him to stop. I knew that look well. Her body couldn’t handle it anymore. 


She pushed herself up on his wrists and his giant dick slid out onto the bed. Without missing a beat, he took hold of himself and began vigorously stroking it. Amy’s cum was all over him and he used every last drop to lubricate his monster cock. Before long, a steady stream of hot cum erupted from his body. He grunted, leaning over and spreading his jizz all over Amy’s stomach. 


I couldn’t hold off. I finished myself off with a few fast strokes, delivering my own hot load on Amy’s chest. I laid overtop my wife, her hands on my back, both of our chests heaving up and down as our heart rates slowed to a steady rhythm. 


I pushed myself up slightly, getting a good look at my gorgeous wife. Her eyes were half-closed and she had a content look on her face.


I kissed her smooth belly, in between droplets of cum, and whispered, “Happy birthday, baby.” 


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