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A self-proclaimed wallflower and introvert, Stewart mostly keeps to himself. He’s currently pursuing a photography career and works at a video game shop. He’s never had a girlfriend and has very few friends.
Brittany is a successful real estate agent who recently moved into an apartment with her boyfriend Clyde. Gorgeous, with an athletic body, Brittany is used to men drooling all over her, though she’s modest.

I’d never felt so alive. Clyde and I had just closed on our own apartment. It was my first, and biggest, commitment with a partner I’d ever made. My engagement to Adam hadn’t lasted long. After I’d picked myself up off the floor (along with the broken pieces of my heart), I’d sworn off men forever. I had a few lesbian encounters, one-night stands, and flings before meeting Clyde. He was tall, dark, handsome, and delicious. He fucked me harder and longer than any man I’d ever been with. He kissed the ground I walked on and treated me like a queen.

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I had never considered myself a social man. Whilst most people I knew thrived in extroverted environments, I had always found myself intently watching from the sidelines. I was a wallflower, in every sense of the word; and it was the most exhilarating feeling in the world. 

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Neighbours Neighbours
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Neighbours Neighbours
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I’d never felt so alive. Clyde and I had just closed on our own apartment. It was my first, and biggest, commitment with a partner I’d ever made. My engagement to Adam hadn’t lasted long. After I’d picked myself up off the floor (along with the broken pieces of my heart), I’d sworn off men forever. I had a few lesbian encounters, one-night stands, and flings before meeting Clyde. He was tall, dark, handsome, and delicious. He fucked me harder and longer than any man I’d ever been with. He kissed the ground I walked on and treated me like a queen.


That’s why when he saw my eyes light up at this apartment, we signed the lease that day. With Clyde twirling me around in the middle of our new, empty home, his strong arms around my body, I felt more alive than I had in years. 


Over the next couple of weeks, we moved in our furniture, decorated, cooked, and made love in almost every room in the apartment. We met our neighbors, hosted friends, and even bought a cat! Our lives were really coming together. But there was just one thing I couldn’t shake. The apartment complex behind us was extremely close. So close that the man across the way had an unobstructed view of our apartment. I’d caught him watching us on several occasions. At first, I thought it was merely an accident. A chance meeting of our eyes across the dark alley. It wasn’t until it happened every night after that I realized he was watching us.


I thought about telling Clyde. I thought about closing the curtains. But then, I realized something else. I actually enjoyed him watching me. It made me feel desirable and powerful. I started to walk seductively past the window. I paused momentarily, giving him a closer look at my entire frame. I wore less clothing and more makeup. 


After a few quiet nights, I’d forgotten about our mystery neighbor. I poured Clyde and myself two glasses of red wine and we ordered a horror movie. As we sunk into the couch, Clyde’s hand slid between my legs, fitting snugly against my thighs. My flesh strained against my jeans, as Clyde’s smooth hands ran up and down the length of my leg. I swiftly pulled my sweater up over my head, exposing my bare tits. Clyde smirked, quickly scooping them into his enormous hands, bringing his lips to meet my nipples. I gasped as his tongue swirled around each nub, gently sucking and nibbling them skillfully. 


I pulled his T-shirt up over his head, my hands gravitating towards the curves and lines of his abdomen. His dark flesh looked like the night sky against my own. I undid the button on my jeans, slipping them down my hips and onto the floor. Clyde’s strong hands gripped my ass, which my thong left completely exposed. He pressed his crotch into mine, his erection pressing into the slippery folds of my cunt. My panties were damp with excitement. 


He pressed himself upward onto his knees before standing and lifting me to a standing position. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hopping up into his waiting arms. My legs wrapped around his waist, his hands gripping the flesh on my ass. I pressed my tits firmly against his chest, feeling his erect nipples against my own. He walked me over to the window, pulling his shorts off in the process. I felt the warm flesh of his cock spring free. The length of his cock tickled my inner thighs, teasing all of my senses. 


We hit the wall beside the window with a thud and I gasped. I loved when Clyde took control. He was rough but attentive. Strong but gentle. My body hummed with anticipation as his fingers made their way inside my panties, pushing them aside. He held me against the wall easily, my hands gripping his biceps. His one hand cradled my ass while the other tended to my cunt. His fingertips crept in, gently penetrating my honey hole. I gasped, Clyde clasping his mouth over mine, swallowing my moans. 


Another thought snuck into my mind. The neighbor. Was he watching? If so, I wanted to give him a show. I pulled firmly on Clyde’s neck, willing him to move to the right. 


“To the window,” I whispered in his ear before sucking his lobe between my teeth. 


He moved over, pressing my bare ass against the cold glass. I threw my head back wildly, imagining the stranger’s eyes penetrating me from across the way. I arched my back, gripping the windowsill as Clyde entered me. He gripped my hips firmly, parting my pussy lips with his girth. My hungry pussy gladly pulled him inward, devouring every inch of his gorgeous, sleek shaft. I pushed my chest upward, urging him to suck my nipples. 


I imagine the neighbor touching himself. I wonder what his cock looks and feels like. Is he hung like Clyde or does he have a short, fat dick? I close my eyes, imagining him there with us as Clyde fucks me with long, deep strokes. I cry out, not worried about the neighbors hearing us. In fact, I hope the neighbor across the way can hear my wild cries of pleasure. 


Clyde grips at my flesh, squeezing and pulling, My skin is moist with sweat and desire. He pinches my nipples firmly, bringing them to life once again. I ride his cock as my swollen clit presses rhythmically against his pelvis. Clyde’s hand makes his way to my throat, gripping with just the right amount of pressure. He fucks me harder now, my back sliding up and down the window. As his grasp tightens around my neck, I wrap my legs tighter around his waist, pulling him an inch deeper inside my body. I’m close. I feel the pressure building between my legs and I wonder if he’s close too. Not Clyde. My secret admirer.


Was he jerking off at the sight of us? Could he hear us? Was he alone?


So many thoughts ran through my mind as Clyde buried his thick tool into the deepest crevices of my body. Clyde’s swollen balls smack rhythmically against my ass as he buries his face in my hair and the crux of my neck, inhaling me. I throw my head back, giving him unobstructed access to every inch of my body. I lick and bite my lips, hoping my face is visible from across the alley. 


Clyde abruptly changes positions, turning me over and easily entering me from behind. The new angle sends me to another level of ecstasy. I grip the window tightly, my tits bouncing freely in the open apartment air. As if reading my mind, Clyde has given our observer an even better view of our raw, naked bodies. Clyde firmly smacks my ass and I flinch, laughing wildly, intoxicated with pleasure and drunk with power. I stare directly at the window across the way, imagining his eyes burning into my flesh. I push back on Clyde’s tool, ramming him into my body, the tip of his cock stimulating my G-spot. I gasp, arching my back and pressing my tits against the window. 


I suddenly become hyper-focused on the window, staring, straining, desperate to see the stranger on the other side. Clyde is fucking me more fervently than before, pushing and pulling my sloppy cunt over his tool. My eyes are transfixed across the alley. I feel as if I’m floating over myself, watching Clyde fuck me from above. 


Come with me.


I wonder if I concentrate hard enough if I can make something amazing happen. If I can coax my secret admirer to reach his climax to match my own. I smile in his direction, a wide, wild smile. I brace myself for what’s about to happen. Clyde pulls my hair as he rhythmically fucks my pussy into submission. The muscles clamp tightly around his girth, squeezing and pulling his hot load from the depths of his being. His cock twitches, a thick stream of jizz exploding inside me, just as my own body releases its creamy finale. I feel a rush of fluid flowing from my hole, down Clyde’s balls and between my legs. My thighs are sticky with a mix of our salty cum. 


As Clyde pulls free, I push myself upward, standing in the window and arching my back. I run my hands over my ribs and around my torso before smiling and closing the shades.


This became our new dance. A show, if you will. We always made love in front of that window. Night after night. I always made sure he could see but I never did tell Clyde. It was our little secret between me and the stranger across the way. I came harder every time, thoughts of him flooding my mind while Clyde filled my body.

I had never considered myself a social man. Whilst most people I knew thrived in extroverted environments, I had always found myself intently watching from the sidelines. I was a wallflower, in every sense of the word; and it was the most exhilarating feeling in the world. 


I had quickly learned the power in being unseen- being entirely unnoticed as people talk in private tongues, unknowingly sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with me. 

I had experienced more in silence – in darkness – than I ever had from forwardness. I would never have to risk asking about the things that make you tick, when I could merely peer through your window and see the real you, unguarded, when no one else is around. The more information I drew from watching people, the more I yearned to see. I’ve seen people stripped down to their souls; baring more of themselves than they would ever show to the rest of the world and through that, I fell in love with notion of being invisible. 


I rented my first apartment after months of researching, exploring windows all over the city before finding the one that would show me the most. I inspected rooms with beach-front or park side views, city skylines and forests of trees. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until stumbling upon a small, dated studio apartment Down-town, overlooking endless keyholes into another complex that stood an alleyway apart from mine, that I had truly felt as though I could see everything. I had a front-row pass into the lives of people that would never know of my existence. From this angle, these strangers would bare to me more of themselves than they would to anyone else for their whole lives- and I knew that this would make my single, studio window the most valuable view in the entire city.  


A few months after moving in, I had gotten to know every person that lived in that complex. I knew that the older, Spanish woman in apartment three liked knitting socks for her rag-doll cat whilst watching the soccer on full volume. I knew that a young, single mother in apartment eight had no control over her four children and that she would secretly chain-smoke on the balcony after finally putting them to bed each night. I knew the cleaners, the maintenance workers and the local drug dealers. I knew who these people were when they had no chance of judgement interrupting their actions. I knew them more than their friends, their partners and their families ever would. 


My favourite couple hadn’t moved in until a couple of weeks ago. For the first time, I was met with people that I couldn’t predict and it was the most refreshing intrigue I had felt in years. I remember the day a broad shouldered, chocolate skinned, chiselled man walked through his front door with a petite, brunette, porcelain woman in his grasp. She had her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs crossed over each other as he carried her through the door with widest smiles I had seen in the entirety of my time here. They caught my eye instantly and I sat in my armchair by the window, watching them explore the empty apartment with the brightest eyes and joyous laughs that echoed across the strip. I could feel their excitement, see the love they shared as he spun her in the air, celebrating their first home together. They were settled in a week later, their furniture laid out and last materials unpacked.


I remember watching as the young woman poured two tall glasses of red wine, strolling blissfully over to the couch where the man was relaxing, watching whatever was playing on the television. He took the glass from her dainty hands with a soft kiss and hooked his arm over her shoulder as they sunk comfortably into the cushions below them, completely content within each other’s company. The quiet night satiated my curious mind and it hadn’t taken long before I had drifted to sleep in my armchair. 


A few hours later, a loud thud pulled me from my slumber. I look around the dark room, recollecting my surroundings as I awaken with a jolting suddenness. I whip my head in every direction, trying to find the source of the thud. Movement from the corner of my eye tempted my sights into the window of the couples apartment and with a deep inhale, I was met with the utter surprise of a private show that would change the dreary routine of my life forever.  


The young couple stood centre stage, framed by their window sill as their naked, toned bodies collided into each other over and over again, unknowing of my soundless company as they relentlessly pound and bounce before me. My cock pulsated fiercely in my shorts and I pushed on my hard length uncomfortably, staring at the couple as I became impossibly engrossed in their uncensored arousal. 

Her long, brunette curls whipped in the air as she moaned uncontrollably, gripping onto the window sill with dainty fingertips as her muscular partner slammed into her from behind. His dark hands were a stark contrast to her porcelain hips, digging into her skin like he was going to fuck the life out of her. She whimpered and gasped at the way he filled her, soft lips parting in awe with every deep buck of his pelvis. 


My hand finds its way beneath my shorts and I give in to my own curiosities- my own need to be satiated. I pull my shorts down, revelling in the freedom of my painfully hard member as it bounces and throbs in the air. My hand trembles as I grip onto the base of my shaft, heartbeat racing at the provocative notion of my secret entertainment.  

The couple fall into each other time and time again and a shiver of arousal ripples through me as I begin to stroke my needy cock, consumed by how oblivious they remained with my silent presence.  

He drags a large hand over her torso, hugging her perked breasts with a tight squeeze, before trailing up and around her neck. She gasps aloud, rolling her eyes shut as he grips an enveloping fist around her throat. He pounds into her with grunted thrusts and I could hear their heaving breaths from my chair. They were utterly consumed by their own, raw passion, sweat beading down her neck and trailing between her gorgeous breasts as her entire body jerks against the window, impossibly dominated by his sheer strength. 


I felt their primal sensations flow through me, endless pleasure tugging at my nerves with each stroke over my girth, my pace fastening to match the rhythm of their insatiable grinding. She screams into the night, lost in his overwhelming size, consumed within his grasp with the purest eroticism. He growls, shoving his face into her hair, breathing in her scent with a deep inhale whilst wild instinct takes over him. He begins pushing faster- harder – using her petite figure as he becomes lost in his own world of animalistic pleasure. I could hear the slap of their skin colliding, the wet arousal of her aching sex fuelling their movements. 

Her head falls at the euphoria of her partner’s hard length, and I’m met with the new view of her partner’s toned, hard torso. His muscles tighten and twitch as he ravishes her, looking down at her small frame as he runs a thick hand down her spine. He smacks her round ass, the hard thwack releasing a choked moan to fall from her mouth as he pounds into her relentlessly. Her knuckles whiten over the grip of the window sill and the thought of her racing climax sent me into a frenzy of tugging and pulling. I let out a muffled, quiet groan, uncontrolled as I watch them work faster and harder. Climbing to their own releases, blinded from the world as their sensual fuck takes over. Her panting becomes messy, beautifully uneven whilst he thrusts and slams his hard cock inside her aching sex with unwavering grit. 


I stand from my chair, the wild ferocity of their sex beckoning my need to come, pulling me into a trance of provocative sensations as I grip tighter. 


She blinks up, long eyelashes peering directly into my window. My heart races rapidly, with the slight chance that she may have seen me in the shadows of my own apartment. Surely, she couldn’t. I was obsessive, compulsive in keeping my lights off. I was adamant to sustain invisibility. I peer down at my hard length as I stroke and tug. 


My stomach drops. The moon shone brightly at the tip of my knob, glistening arousal that seep from my tip alight from the natural glow.  I jump, a deep panic pricking at my neck as I step back into the comforting shadows of my room. 

I look up at the neighbours, a cold dread ripping through my entire body, before meeting a sight that stopped me in my tracks.


Unmoved, the male pounds into her luscious curves, captivated entirely by her intoxicating moans and whimpers as he gazes down at her beautiful backside, watching himself sink into her over and over. 

She stares directly into my window. Large, chocolate orbs fixate onto the space where my cock bounced in the air and to my utter surprise, a slow, devilish smirk begins to spread across her face. She focuses on the space in my window, looking out for my presence as her partner thrusts into her. 


I bring my hand back up to my throbbing member, slowly stroking once more as I settle back into the comfort of the darkness, endlessly curious for her thoughts. As I pull on my hard shaft, I gaze at the woman who remained untouched by the dull view of my bare sexuality. With a puzzlement that shook me, the sudden realisation washed over me in boundless waves.


I take a small, hesitant step forward. She finds the moonlight highlighting my cock once more and her grin widens into a provocative beam. She rolls her eyes shut, her perked breasts bouncing beautifully in the dim night sky, her moans only growing louder, her movements exaggerating for my sheer pleasure. 


It was the most erotic reaction I could have ever imagined. A tightening in my core forces my limbs to instantly stiffen and before I could even comprehend what was unfolding in-front of me, I came in bursts of hot and heavy arousal. My climax shoots from my knob with a choking pleasure, the sensation trickling down my spine as my entire body shudders with an intense heat. I blink and huff in disbelief, standing in my dark apartment with my shorts wrapped around my ankles, unmoving as I let the moment wash over me. The way she silently invited me to the occasion, baring her naked canvas to a man she had never met, just so I could get off to the sight of her and her partner, ravishing each other’s souls in the privacy of their own space. 


Ever since that night, I had felt like a king. My thrown faced into their apartment permanently and I would wait patiently as the sun would set each day so that I could indulge their privacy all over again. They were the light I had been searching for- the fiery passion that I could live vicariously through, utterly content and excited and satiated in every way. The woman kept our connection a secret, putting on a show with her partner with open windows and draped curtains. I would catch her subtly searching for my shadow in the darkness of my sill, waiting for affirmation, for a glimpse of gratification, whilst she makes love to her partner in every position, every direction. 


And I would come for them every night; a private, erotic cinema. The most beautiful view in the city. 

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