City Lights

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Chris is a 31-year-old out-of-work electrician who probably drinks a little more than he should. Chris has been with his long-time girlfriend, Lisa, for five years but often feels inadequate. He plans to one day marry Lisa but wants to secure a well-paying job first.
Lisa is a spunky, energetic 28-year-old yoga instructor. Lisa loves to drink, smoke weed, and party. She adores her doting boyfriend, Chris, and likes to push his loyalty to the limits.

I couldn’t believe Chris had agreed to do this. He was so eager to please. He knew how much I loved cock and having two at once had always been my ultimate fantasy. Now we were in Vegas and what better place to live out naughty fantasies, right? After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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The sound of the slot machines ringing and people celebrating at the roulette table faded into the distance as we walked toward the elevator. The shiny hotel floor squeaked beneath my sneakers. Lisa squeezed my hand excitedly and I struggled to swallow the lump that was growing in my throat. The second shot of Fireball hadn’t kicked in yet. 

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City Lights City Lights
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City Lights City Lights
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City Lights

I couldn’t believe Chris had agreed to do this. He was so eager to please. He knew how much I loved cock and having two at once had always been my ultimate fantasy. Now we were in Vegas and what better place to live out naughty fantasies, right? After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


My stomach flipped and my pussy throbbed as the elevator doors opened. I drag Chris inside behind me. His hand was clammy. Nerves, I was sure, but those would fade. I pressed him up against the mirror, shoving my tongue in his mouth. He tasted like cinnamon. As the elevator whooshed upward, it electrified my cunt. Even more so than it already was. I pulled him closer, squeezing his muscular ass and pressing my crotch into his. I was high on whiskey and adrenaline. I dry-humped Chris’s leg, imagining the monster cock I was about to have. 


I wondered if Chris was ready. Just then, the elevator came to a halt on the 17th floor. I squealed excitedly, exiting the elevator and dragging Chris behind me. Room 1708, that’s what Lance had said in his text to me. I practically bounded down the hallway like a horny teenager. I stared back at Chris who was following me like an obedient puppy. 


I stumbled to a stop in front of room 1708, my arm grazing Chris’s erection. He was as excited as me. Dirty little boy, I thought as I knocked 3 times on the door. The door swung open almost instantly and I nearly came in my pants. Lance was even more delicious in person than in his photo. He was shirtless, revealing a perfectly chiseled body. My eyes traced his abdominal muscles until they disappeared inside his jeans. It took all of me not to reach out and touch him.


“Lisa? Chris?”, he asked with a playful grin. The sound of my name on his lips brought my nipples to life. I stared down at his hands, imagining them on my body.


“Yeah, that’s us,” I said more eagerly than I intended. “Are you Lance?”


I already knew the answer but wanted to confirm for Chris’s benefit. 


He grinned. “Yep, that’s me. Come on in.”


As he stepped aside I got a glimpse of the expansive hotel suite. This was worth every penny. Lance kissed my cheek softly as I brushed past him. He smelled like sweet marijuana. He and Chris awkwardly greeted one another behind me. A giant bed sat in the middle of the room. My body hummed with desire and anticipation. That’s where it would happen, I thought excitedly, my eyes examining the bed. 


The room had floor to ceiling windows. I walked over, gazing out onto the Vegas strip below. 


“This is a spectacular view,” I said breathlessly.


Lance poured himself and Chris a shot of vodka. I declined. I’d already drunk too much. I watched the men make small talk as my eyes danced over their bodies. I already knew Chris was hard. His erection tucked neatly in his pants, sticking straight up toward his belt. I took another look at Lance’s impressive shirtless frame. I imagined running my tongue along each defined muscle on his torso, trailing down that sparse line of hair before entering his forbidden zone. 


Were Chris and Lance, flirting? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Although I couldn’t hear what they were saying, their body language said it all. Lance was glancing at Chris’s package, which was at full salute and Chris was laughing nervously, the way he did when he was innocently flirting with random women at stuffy cocktail parties. I loved the idea that Chris might enjoy this as much as me. That made it all the more exciting.


“So,” Lance’s voice broke through my thoughts. “Why don’t you two get started and I’ll just watch for now?” He said it so matter of fact like we were getting ready to play a game. Which, I guess in some ways, we were.


For the moment, I’d pretend Lance didn’t exist. It was just me and Chris. I glanced over at my doting fiancé, fully focused on the task at hand. Without hesitation, I pulled my dress up over my head, letting my perky tits bounce free. I bounded towards Chris, leaping into his arms and wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. My pussy landed directly on his cock, exactly where I wanted it. I gently sucked and nibbled his lips. He kissed me back eagerly, walking over to the bed and plopping me down on the soft mattress. I giggled as my tiny body bounced on the cushiony surface. 


Chris stood at the edge of the bed looking down at me hungrily. He pulled his shirt off, exposing his own gorgeous frame. I knew his body so well. I grabbed his belt, quickly undoing it and unzipping his pants. I needed his dick in my mouth, now. I licked my lips, grabbing his hard shaft and taking all of it, one inch at a time. I firmly sucked on him, my tongue making circles around the round head, drinking in his precum. He tasted amazing. I helped Chris yank his jeans down, freeing his balls. I sucked harder and faster as his tool grew inside my mouth, making its way gradually down my throat. 


I’d almost forgotten that we weren’t alone until I heard a second pair of jeans hit the floor. It was Lance. He was beside us now, his enormous cock proudly on display. He wanted some too, I thought playfully. I reached out, taking hold of Lance’s unfamiliar cock without breaking my stride sucking on Chris. Having two giant dicks so close to my face was intoxicating. I felt drunk with more power than I did alcohol.


I wanted to taste Lance’s cock and wanted Chris to watch. I pulled him from my mouth, turning my attention to the strange dick before me. I looked up at Lance as I took his giant tool in my mouth. He thrust his hips forward, instantly gagging me.


“Fuck yeah baby,” Lance grunted, “Suck that cock.” 


I opened my mouth willingly, letting Lance fuck me deep while my hand continued to stroke Chris’s throbbing member. The men were so close together, their bodies almost touching. The sight of Chris so close to another naked man made my pussy throb with desire. I’d never seen him this hard, so I knew our little arrangement was exciting him too. 


I pulled Lance’s cock from my mouth, taking in a deep breath as I stroked him and Chris simultaneously. Lance reached down, grabbing me and tossing me onto the bed. He crawled towards me with an animalistic look in his eyes. Lance forcefully pushed my back into the pillows, lifting my legs in the air and onto his muscular shoulders. I loved how aggressive he was. I spotted Chris over Lance’s shoulder. His cock was still twitching in his hand, his eyes transfixed on us. With one swift motion, Lance removed my panties and began feasting on my dripping cunt. His mouth was as amazing as his cock. His fat tongue navigated every fold and crevice of my wetness. I held my legs up, giving him full access to my honey hole. I couldn’t help but grind up and down on his face. I didn’t hide my pleasure, crying out as Lance hungrily devoured my cunt. 


Lance firmly grabbed my ass, moving my body up and down on his tongue. I felt Chris’s weight on the bed and my excitement grew. Was he joining us? Before I knew it, Chris’s dick was back in my mouth and I was happily sucking him while Lance tended to my pussy. Chris reached down, rubbing my clit as Lance began exploring my hole with his fingers. Chris pulled my knee upwards, getting a better look and driving Lance’s fingers deeper. He spat on my clit and slapped it firmly, just like he knew I liked it.


Chris pulled his dick from my mouth, stopping himself from coming. I didn’t have his same self control. 


I cried out, “You’re gonna fucking make me come!” 


No sooner did I say it than my body exploded in a rush of hot, thick juice. My knees shook uncontrollably, smacking against Lance’s shoulders. Lance never wavered, hungrily sucking up my sweet, thick cream. Chris watched, wide-eyed. 


When my body finally relaxed, Lance grabbed me by the waist, flipping me onto my stomach. I instinctively got onto all fours — my favorite position. I pushed my ass and pussy up in the air, putting it on display for the taking. Lance didn’t waste a single minute, slowly guiding the tip of his cock into my slippery hole. My lips spread wide, making way for his member. I arched my back, welcoming the unfamiliar cock. Lance entered me slowly, one glorious inch at a time. Within seconds, my pussy had fully engulfed his shaft, his balls making contact with my tight ass.


Chris’s hand was on my ass now, spreading my cheeks wide, watching every stroke. I begged for it.


“Yes, yes!” “Fuck that pussy.” 


I reached for Chris, wanting to feel him. Wanting to know he was there. I cupped his balls and stared into his eyes. They were wild with desire. I felt Lance’s hands on my pussy, feverishly rubbing my clit as he continued to penetrate me with long, deep strokes.


The sensation of his dick inside me and his hands on my clit were too much for me to handle. I squeezed Chris’s balls as I prepared for another orgasm. 


“Fuck, fuck,” I cried out. “I’m gonna fucking cum again.”


My pussy erupted again, covering Lance’s shaft with more hot, thick cream. The walls of my cunt twitched uncontrollably. Lance grabbed my shoulder, pulling himself deeper inside me. Deeper than Chris had ever been. His balls slapped rhythmically against my ass. I could hear Chris grunting as he continued to stroke himself.


I couldn’t hold myself up anymore. I collapsed onto the bed in complete sexual exhaustion. Lance slowly pulled his throbbing cock from my hole. He was covered in strings of pussy juice. 


“Clean it off,” he said, turning me around and shoving his cum-covered dick in my face.


I smiled, grabbing his erection eagerly and starting at the base. I ran my tongue from his balls all the way up his veiny shaft to the bulbous head, drinking in my sweet nectar along the way. I felt Chris’s hand on the back of my head, urging me to take the entire length of Lance’s cock. I opened my mouth obediently as Lance fucked my face and Chris helped. I was gagging, saliva and cum dripping from the corners of my mouth but I never missed a beat. I loved sucking cock, especially big, unfamiliar cock. 


Lance pulled himself from my mouth, giving me a moment to breathe. I wiped my chin clean with the back of my hand.


“Your turn,” Lance said to no one in particular. It took me a minute to realize he wasn’t talking to me. He was looking directly like Chris, his still throbbing cock in his hand.


“Wait,” Chris said, looking confused and a little nervous. “What?”


“Help her”, Lance said, gesturing to me. “Lick your girl’s cum off my dick.”


Lance was so assertive. It was like you couldn’t help but obey him. 


Chris looked down at me and over at Lance’s cock. He was hesitating. I gazed up at him, frozen, wondering if he’d actually do it. 


“Just give it a little kiss,” I said encouragingly. “It tastes so fucking good.”


I grabbed Lance’s shaft, tempting Chris with it. He stared down at me, his cock harder than ever. He licked his lips and swallowed hard. I waited patiently, my own breath shallow.


I watched as Chris leaned down, inching closer to Lance’s dick, which was still covered in my cum. Lance turned toward Chris, nudging closer. Chris had no choice but to part his lips. Lance’s dick was too big, too hard, and far too eager. But Lance was gentle too. He moved slowly, letting Chris maintain the pace. I watched in amazement as Chris worked the strange cock like a pro. His tongue ran along the bulging veins. He reached down, taking Lance’s shaft in his hand, rotating and twisting just the way I’d seen him jerk himself off so many times before. I wanted to play too. I dipped down, taking Lance’s balls in my mouth. Lance’s hand was between my legs, fondling my still dripping cunt.


I heard Chris gag as the tip of Lance’s dick made contact with his throat. My cunt throbbed under Lance’s touch and the sound of Chris sucking dick. Lance pulled himself free, smirking down at both of us.


“Good boy,” he remarked teasingly. “That was good for your first time.”


Lance pushed Chris down on the bed beside me.


“Now lay down there,” he directed. He was in complete control of the situation. We were at his mercy.


“You,” he said pointing at me. “Sit on his face.”


I happily obliged. I loved having my pussy eaten and Chris knew exactly how to please me. I straddled his face, planting my drenched cunt directly on his mouth. His tongue instinctively plunged straight into my hole. A perfect fit. I supported myself on his stomach, grinding my pussy up and down his eager mouth. He grabbed my asscheeks, spreading them wider and tonguing my asshole. He nibbled and flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue, bringing it to life once again.


I watched in awe as Lance positioned himself between Chris’s legs, grabbing his dick and swallowing it whole. My pussy was gushing with sweet cream now as I continued to ride Chris’s face, my eyes transfixed on Lance’s mouth. I was delighted knowing Chris had no idea it was Lance’s mouth on him. Lance sucked dick just as good as he ate pussy. Chris touched Lance’s shoulders and I felt him flinch briefly. 


Now he knew. He knew he was being sucked by our dark, handsome stranger. Lance worked his dick expertly. Chris jammed his chin into my clit as he continued to tongue-fuck me. His cock hit the back of Lance’s throat as he gyrated his hips upward, welcoming the unfamiliar sensation. 


Chris was methodically fucking Lance’s mouth now, his mouth jerking against my body. His moans were muffled by my mound. Lance gagged but never wavered, letting Chris violate him. Chris grabbed my thighs, lifting me off his face and releasing an animalistic grunt. It was a sound I’d never heard him make before. I straddled his shoulders, holding myself up and watching the show unfold. 


Chris was looking down at Lance from between my legs. We both watched as his body stiffened and he released a stream of hot jizz down Lance’s throat, who gladly drank it in waves. Chris grabbed my thighs, squeezing the flesh and grunting as his body jerked and twitched. When Lance had sucked every drop of cum from Chris’s body, he burst into a wild fit of laughter, completely overcome by the experience. Lance sat up and grinned, wiping droplets of cum from his chin. I looked down at Chris who was still positioned between my legs. He had a look of complete contentment on his face and I smiled, knowing just how truly lucky I was. 


The sound of the slot machines ringing and people celebrating at the roulette table faded into the distance as we walked toward the elevator. The shiny hotel floor squeaked beneath my sneakers. Lisa squeezed my hand excitedly and I struggled to swallow the lump that was growing in my throat. The second shot of Fireball hadn’t kicked in yet. 


Lisa bounded into the empty elevator and I followed reluctantly. As the doors closed she pushed me up against the mirrored wall, shoving her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like whiskey and cigarettes. The elevator shot upwards, causing my stomach to flip. A rush of nerves filled my chest. My half-flaccid cock pulsated with a mix of arousal and booze-induced sensitivity.


Lisa’s hands were on my ass as she wiggled her petite body against mine. Her tiny tits pressed against my chest and I reached beneath her black dress, grabbing her bare, pale ass cheeks. She moaned, sucking my tongue and humping my leg like an eager puppy. She was so drunk, I thought. But I guess she needed to be for what was about to happen. Shit, I probably needed to be more drunk than I was. 


The elevator stopped abruptly on the 17th floor and the doors slid open. Lisa grabbed my hand, yanking me into the cold, vacant hallway. She scanned the room guide on the wall and we headed right toward room 1708. I let Lisa lead the way, her bare feet shuffling quickly across the tan and maroon carpet. She gripped her heels in the other hand, looking back at me periodically, a huge grin on her face. I loved seeing her this happy. There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for this girl. 


Lisa suddenly stopped and I stumbled into her, her hand grazing the erection in my pants. Her eyes widened and she smiled even bigger before biting her lip and knocking three times on the door. I heard sounds from inside. My breath caught in my throat. I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Fuck, I wasn’t ready for this.


But before I could speak up, the door to room 1708 slowly opened. We were greeted by a tall man with dark hair and eyes and an oddly perfect set of white teeth. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and it was clear he spent most of his time in the gym. A pair of jeans hung loosely on his hips, exposing two strong muscles which started from his obliques and disappeared into his waistband. It was no surprise this guy had sex for a living.


I felt Lisa squirming beside me in excitement. I could already picture gooey cum collecting in her panties. My cock twitched at the thought. 


“Lisa? Chris?”, the stranger asked.


Lisa shook her head vigorously, “Yeah, that’s us. Are you Lance?” Lisa emphasized his name.


“Yep, that’s me. Come on in.” Lance moved aside, making way for us to enter the room. He kissed Lisa on the cheek and extended his hand to me. I shook it firmly, suddenly feeling slightly inadequate. This guy was, well, gorgeous. I wasn’t gay or anything but if I was going to dabble in the world of open sex and experimentation, it would be with this dude. Lisa had done good.


After shaking his hand, I nervously followed her into the oversized hotel room. A giant king size bed sat directly in the middle of the room in front of floor to ceiling windows displaying the gorgeous Las Vegas strip. I wondered if Lance had moved the bed there since it seemed like an odd place for it to be. 


Lisa walked over to the window in awe. 


“This is a spectacular view,” she said breathlessly, staring out the window, the casino lights dancing over her eyes.


“Thanks”, I heard Lance say huskily from behind us. He was leaning against a small wooden bar in the far corner, pouring himself a shot of vodka.


“Want some?”, he asked, gesturing the bottle and glass in my direction. 


“Yes, please,” I said, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. 


Lance handed me an overpoured shot of Titos and I downed it immediately. The clear liquid burned my throat, filling my chest with warmth. 


“What about you doll?” Lance propositioned Lisa.


She shook her head, “No, I’m good thanks!”


I’d never seen her this excited. She’d been smiling from ear to ear ever since I agreed to do this. I don’t know what it was about a threesome that turned her on so much. Sure, I’d considered bringing another woman into the bedroom on multiple occasions but Lisa wasn’t interested in that. She wanted another cock. She fantasized about sucking us both off at the same time. She’d eagerly suck on a fat dildo at home while I fucked her from behind. If the girl wanted two dicks, then that’s what I was going to give her. But I needed another drink.


I tipped my glass toward Lance and he refilled my cup a second time, grinning and looking at me in what appeared to be a flirtatious way. I was still determining how I felt about that when Lance said, “Don’t drink too much pal. You don’t want to scare it away.”


As Lance downed his own glass, he looked toward my crotch with a smirk, raising his eyebrows. I hadn’t realized my erection was a visible mound beneath my tight jeans. Shit, I hadn’t even realized I was hard. What the fuck? Maybe this whole threesome thing had me more excited than I thought.


“So,” Lance said abruptly, “Why don’t you two get started and I’ll just watch for now?”


Lisa wandered over from the window where she was still mesmerized by the illuminated city below.


“Ok!” She exclaimed eagerly and in one fluid motion, pulled her black dress up over her head. Her small perky breasts barely moved as she threw her dress aside and pranced over to me. I put down my glass, receiving her in my arms as she jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist. Her pussy landed directly on my crotch and I pressed my cock into her. Her tongue was in my mouth again, nibbling my lips. I wrapped my hands around her naked skin, walking her toward the bed. My knees hit the edge of the mattress and Lisa released her grip from around my neck, plopping backward onto the bed with a giggle. 


I looked down at her tiny body. Her pixie haircut was sassy and fun, just like her personality. I pulled my thin T-shirt over my head. My nipples were like glass. The A/C had to be turned up to the max. Lisa scooted toward the end of the bed, eagerly undoing my belt and lowering the zipper on my jeans. 


My cock sprung free easily, drops of precum spilling from the tip. Lisa licked her lips hungrily, looking up at me as she engulfed my erection. Her tiny mouth was tight and wet on the head, just like her pussy. Her tongue swirled in large circles around the shaft. I lowered my jeans another inch, letting my balls hang free in her hands. God, she gave good head. I closed my eyes, allowing the feeling of her mouth on my cock and that second shot of vodka flooded over me. 


Lisa picked up the pace, gagging and slurping as my erection grew bigger in her mouth. I flinched as she nibbled the skin along my shaft. I’d almost forgotten Lance was even in the room until I heard him set his glass down on the bar. I didn’t look back but heard the familiar sound of jeans hitting the floor. Before I could even think or protest, he was standing beside me, his giant dick sticking straight outward toward Lisa’s face. She grabbed it instinctively, her tiny hand running up and down the veiny monster. Her mouth was still on my cock as she worked his with her free hand. 


She pulled away from me, shoving Lance’s dick in her mouth. He was at least 2 inches bigger than mine, though my dick was definitely fatter. His was long and thin — probably long enough to tickle her G-spot. I watched in awe as her tiny mouth swallowed his entire shaft, hitting the back of her throat, triggering her gag reflex.


“Fuck yeah baby,” Lance grunted, “Suck that cock.” 


He moved his hips in and out, fucking her open, willing mouth. Her hand jerked me off vigorously, a mix of her saliva and my precum coating my shaft. Lance’s bare shoulder grazed mine and I flinched. I’d never been this close to another naked man before other than in the high school locker room. He looked over at me briefly and smiled. An odd sensation came over me and I felt my cock throb for an instant. 


Lisa pulled his giant tool from her mouth, spitting on it. She had each one of our dicks in her hands, moving her mouth from one to the other. Lance reached down, grabbing her by her petite waist and tossing her to the top of the bed. She giggled in delight at being manhandled. Lance crawled onto the bed, pushing her shoulders down and her legs straight up in the air. He swiftly removed her panties and shoved her legs outward, exposing her dripping cunt to the entire room. He dove into her pussy without hesitation, slurping and sucking her pink folds. I knew how good Lisa tasted. Her cream was like liquid gold. She squealed and moaned at the mercy of his tongue, pinching her nipples and crying out in fits of pleasure. Our apartment didn’t allow for her to make this much noise and she was taking full advantage.


Lance held her petite frame by her ass cheeks, moving her pussy up and down his face. I crawled onto the bed for a better view. I knelt beside Lisa’s face, shoving my dick back in her mouth which she gladly accepted. I reached down and rubbed her clit while Lance finger-fucked and sucked her hole. Her moans were muffled by my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard and fast, matching the rhythm of Lance’s fingers. I grabbed her knee, pulling her legs open even wider. I leaned over, spitting on her clit before slapping it. She squirmed and moaned even louder, pulling my cock from her mouth.


“You’re gonna fucking make me cum!” 


She screamed out as her body shook and her knees squeezed together around Lance’s head. I was mesmerized by his mouth on her pussy. He hungrily swallowed her cum. I watched as it slid down his throat in gobs. 


After Lisa was done cumming, Lance sat up, rolling her over onto her belly. She propped herself on all fours, pushing her ass and pussy in his direction. His cock was still hard as he guided the tip into her waiting pussy lips. They spread easily over the large tip. Lisa threw her head back, arching her body to accept his thick shaft. He slowly entered her inch by inch until he was completely buried in her soft wet mound. I yanked on my own cock and leaned over for a better view. I pulled Lisa’s ass cheeks up, watching Lance pump back and forth as he fucked my fiance’.  


“Yes, yes, fuck that pussy,” Lisa’s words were short and breathless. 


She reached backward, tugging on my balls. We made eye contact as her head bounced back and forth and  Lance continued to fuck her with long, deep strokes. His muscular arms reached around her body as he fondled her clit. 


“Fuck, fuck,” she cried out. “I’m gonna fucking cum again.”


I couldn’t believe it. Lisa had never cum so many times, so fast. This guy was amazing. He continued to rub her clit and fuck her rhytmically. His other hand gripped her shoulder, pulling her cunt farther onto his shaft. His balls hung low, slapping her ass. I continued to jerk off, in complete amazement. Lisa’s cries let me know she was cumming again. Her upper body collapsed down onto the bed and Lance slowed down his strokes.


He pulled his dick from her hole, turning her around to face him.


“Clean it off,” he directed, pushing her face into his crotch.


Lisa happily obliged, running her tongue along his shaft. Her thick pussy cream was visible on his skin. She sucked the droplets into her mouth, tasting herself. I held the back of her neck, shoving her mouth onto his cock. As Lance fucked her face, I moved her head back and forth. She gagged and choked but never wavered. 


Suddenly, Lance pulled his cock from her mouth, the long, thin monster bouncing free. Lisa wiped spit and cum from her chin. 


“Your turn,” he said. It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me.


“Wait, what?” I asked, confused.


“Help her,” he said. His tone was even and calm. “Lick your girl’s cum off my dick.”


I sat frozen on the bed. Was this guy serious? Lisa looked at my expectedly. Her eyes were wide with wonder.


She grabbed Lance’s shaft and licked the tip again, moving closer to me.


“Just give it a little kiss, baby,” she encouraged. “It tastes so fucking good.”


I looked at my fiance with those big brown eyes and back at Lance’s member, which was only inches from my face. My throat was dry and my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my stomach. But my cock was still hard. In fact, harder now than I’d ever seen it. What was the harm in just a kiss? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?


Before I could talk myself out of it, I leaned in and placed my lips on the long tan dick. The skin was surprisingly soft and smooth. It was wet from a mix of both their cum and juices. Lance pushed toward me, forcing my mouth open. The bulbous head of his dick filled my mouth instantly. It was an unfamiliar sensation — not bad, just different.


He was surprisingly gentle. He moved slowly back and forth as I accepted another inch of his shaft into my mouth. My tongue ran along the tiny veins near the head. I parted my lips a little more, letting his dick slide deeper into my throat. I grabbed the shaft with my hand, twisting the skin the way I did to my own cock. I heard Lance moaning but didn’t dare look up at him. Lisa sucked one of his balls into her mouth while he rubbed her still wet pussy. 


Lance moved back and forth in slow, short movements. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was no longer foreign. I let it hit the back of my throat before gagging slightly. He pulled it from my mouth and smiled down at me.


“Good boy,” he remarked teasingly. “That was good for your first time.”


Lance knelt on the bed, forcing me backward.


“Now lay down there,” he gestured to the head of the bed. I moved backward until my head reached the pillows.


“You”, he pointed at Lisa. “Sit on his face.”


Lisa obeyed, straddling my head and planting her pussy directly on my mouth. I relished in the sweet, familiar taste of her cream. My tongue plunged into her hole as she grinded back and forth, her hands resting on my stomach. I reached up and spread her ass cheeks wide, pulling her cunt harder onto my face. I happily nibbled on her swollen clit.


I felt a mouth on my cock. A strong set of lips and a fat tongue sliding up and down my erection. A firm hand grabbed the base of my dick as it disappeared into unfamiliar wetness. Lisa was still riding my face so I couldn’t see, but I could hear her voice encouraging me to “eat that pussy”. That’s when I knew that it was Lance’s mouth on me. 


I was overcome by pleasure at the thought of not only a strange mouth on my cock, but a man’s mouth. His tongue was firm and strong, unlike Lisa’s delicate technique. He sucked the head tightly, wrapping around my shaft like a tight virgin pussy. His mouth was large and could easily handle my girth. I moaned into Lisa’s pussy. She moved her hips in circles, fucking my face eagerly. I thrust my tongue into her hole as she rubbed her clit on my chin.


Lance began to pick up speed and I pushed my hips upward, unable to fight the urge. I wanted to cum in his mouth. I wanted to feel his strong hands squeeze every last drop of cum from my body. I felt the intensity build as Lisa urged me to cum. Lance gagged and choked on my cock but never broke his stride. I fucked his hole, focusing on the combined sensation of his mouth and hands working the entire length of my dick.


Lisa’s pussy cream oozed into my mouth in thick waves. I grabbed her thighs tightly, stopping her movements and pushing her upwards, off of my face. I needed to scream. I needed to release with uninterrupted focus. I needed to look.


I peeked down beneath Lisa’s body. The sight of Lance’s head between my legs sent me over the edge. I thrust my hips upward one final time and he gladly accepted my gift. Every muscle in my body tightened as a rush of cum shot from my cock and down his throat. I gripped Lisa’s body even harder, pinching her skin as my legs shook and my entire body convulsed. I threw my head back and laughed. All I could see above me were the glistening city lights through the large open windows. I felt oddly relaxed and completely satisfied as I entered a new realm of sexual gratification. 


I wanted to watch Chris explode. To see him fill Lance’s mouth with his hot, salty load.


“Come for him, baby,” I whispered between my own ravenous moans.


Chris was methodically fucking Lance’s mouth now, his mouth jerking against my body. His moans were muffled by my mound. Lance gagged but never wavered, letting Chris violate him. Chris grabbed my thighs, lifting me off his face and releasing an animalistic grunt. It was a sound I’d never heard him make before. I straddled his shoulders, holding myself up and watching the show unfold.

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