Test Drive

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A 50-year-old project manager, Greg is a typical husband and father. He works hard and enjoys weekends drinking beers and watching sports with his buddies. Recently, Greg’s been grappling with turning 50.
Sarah is a confident, active, and healthy wife and mother. She adores her husband Greg and would do just about anything to make him happy.

I knew Greg was having a mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, Greg didn’t realize it. His recent behaviors were worrisome to say the least. From dying his hair to joining the gym and trying to use slang words he didn’t know the meaning of, everything screamed “life changes I don’t want to accept.”

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Fuck I was old. I stared at my middle-aged body in the bathroom secretly hating myself. I was 50. 50?! That’s halfway to a 100 and boy did I feel like it. I didn’t want to be old. Inside I still felt like a hot young stud. Thankfully, my wife seemed to feel the same way. I was lucky in that regard. She never denied me sex, was always telling me how much she loved me, and didn’t balk when I died my hair or joined the gym.

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Test Drive Test Drive
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Test Drive Test Drive
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Test Drive

I knew Greg was having a mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, Greg didn’t realize it. His recent behaviors were worrisome to say the least. From dying his hair to joining the gym and trying to use slang words he didn’t know the meaning of, everything screamed “life changes I don’t want to accept.”


His 50th birthday was right around the corner and he was clearly freaked out about it. I tried my best to stroke his ego (and other things). I was constantly telling him how sexy I found him. I wore lingerie to bed, bought him cock rings and penis sleeves. I even surprised him in the shower the other day — but he still seemed distant. I knew I had to act fast before he did something totally ridiculous like buy a sports car or motorcycle. Neither my stomach or our bank account could handle that.


That’s when I decided to take one for the team. That’s when I propositioned Makayla. 


She was my yoga instructor. Young, fit, gorgeous. Even I couldn’t help staring at her firm, peach-shaped ass every time she posed in downward facing dog. I wasn’t a lesbian. Shit, in my hayday I never even kissed a girl. But I still had an appreciation for the female body and Makayla’s was something to appreciate. 


After Thursday night’s class, I took extra time wiping down and folding my mat. I waited for everyone to clear the studio before approaching her. She was slightly taken aback at first. I imagine a client had never propositioned her for sex before. But once I explained the terms of the arrangement she seemed interested — excited even. The next day she texted to confirm our plans.


It was Saturday night — Greg’s birthday. Our kids were both at a friends’ and we had the house to ourselves. I had cooked his favorite dinner — filet mignon, fingerling potatoes, and creamed spinach. Dessert for later was double fudge brownies. For now, I told Greg to go shower. 


“But I showered this morning after the gym,” he protested.


I told him if he wanted his gift, he’d go take another shower. It was part of my agreement with Makayla. She wanted him clean. We discussed other rules like no kissing on the mouth, no anal, and no cumming inside her. I could handle that. I told her I wouldn’t be participating, just watching. She seemed relieved and explained that “lesbian shit freaks me out.” Makayla wasn’t the brightest girl, but I imagined her pussy was fabulous. And that’s all I cared about. Greg needed a good fucking from a hot young chick to set him straight and help him kick this midlife crisis bullshit.


Greg was just drying off from the shower when I entered the bathroom. His hair was dark and unnatural. I loved his grays. I missed them. They made him look distinguished. My pussy throbbed as he dried off his muscular chest and the soft area right above his pubic hair. His cock hung flaccid between his thighs. Greg had a great cock — long, thick, and powerful. His age hadn’t affected his stamina one bit. He could still fuck me into submission without even trying. I pushed my desire aside for now. This was about Greg, not me. Makayla was waiting patiently in the living room.


He looked up to meet my gaze.


“Hey you,” he grinned, looking at me with those piercing blue eyes. He grinned and another wave of excitement washed over me. Tiny droplets of water clung to his nipples and the stubble on his face.


I walked over and helped wrap the towel around his waist. He didn’t protest. 


“Now what?” he asked in a playful tone.


“Now,” I said, taking his hand in mine, “You follow me.”


I led Greg into the bedroom and toward the bed. I motioned for him to lay down. He crawled onto the high mattress and I caught a glimpse of his full, slightly-wrinkled balls. My nipples perked up beneath the silk robe I was wearing. He finished mounting the bed and turned over on his back, resting his head on his hands. I could see the outline of his shaft clearly beneath the pale pink towel. He was half-erect. 


I stood there for another moment, staring at my husband. Was I really about to allow a sexy young woman seduce my husband? Could I bear to watch? I guess we were about to find out. As my mind wandered, Greg’s voice broke through.


“Babe”, he said in a forceful tone. “I said, aren’t you going to join me?” He patted the bed beside him.


I shook my head, bringing myself back to the moment and took a deep breath.


“Just one second,” I said, clearing my throat and making my way toward the bedroom door to the living room where Makayla was waiting. I beckoned her over with a single finger. As she rose from my couch I couldn’t help but stare at her incredible legs and curves. She was tall — much taller than me. Probably 5’ 7” and 120 pounds at most. Her legs were long and thin from her tan, toned thighs down to the nude heels she wore. My eyes focused briefly on her pussy. She wore red lace crotchless panties. Her skin was smooth and I imagined hairless beneath the fabric. Her toned stomach was like a hard piece of marble — strong and defined. A matching lace bra struggled to contain her large supple breasts. They were perky like two beach balls on her chest. I assumed they were fake but gorgeous nonetheless. 


I took Makayla’s hand and rounded the corner into the bedroom. Greg lay in the same position, his hands behind his head, except now his eyes were closed and his cock had grown a few inches beneath the towel. He bent his neck upward as we entered the room. It took a few seconds for him to realize I wasn’t alone.


He bolted upright in bed, a look of shock and confusion plastered across his face.


Makayla smiled and bit her lip. What a horny little slut, I thought. I had told her about Greg’s cock and how talented he was in the bedroom. I knew she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.


“Sarah…”, Greg said hesitantly, “What is this?”


I smiled and pushed Makayla toward the bed. She giggled and I watched her perfect little ass cheeks jiggle.


“Happy birthday, baby,” I said staring intently at Greg.


“Wait, what?” Greg didn’t seem as pleased as I thought he would be. 


“Come on!” I exclaimed. “Look at her! She’s fucking gorgeous. And she’s yours. I’ll just be over here in the corner.”


I walked to the other side of the bedroom and sat down in the plush ivory armchair. I draped my right leg over the arm and felt a gust of cool air waft up between my legs and tickle my exposed pussy. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and was fully prepared to enjoy every second of the show.


Greg didn’t move. He sat completely still as Makayla climbed onto the bed and crawled in his direction.


“Hi there,” she said teasingly.


Greg looked at me and then back to Makayla. His eyes trailed down her body, taking in the beauty of her curves, breasts, and tummy. 


“Um.. hello,” he said uncomfortably. He shifted positions, trying to keep his towel from unwrapping in front of the gorgeous stranger. 


“Mmmm,” Makayla let out a moan and her eyebrows rose in wonder as she gently touched my husband’s knee, moving slowly up beneath the towel. She knew what she wanted, I had to at least give her credit for that.


Greg instinctively grabbed her hand and stopped her.


“Shit, wait,” he moved out of Makayla’s reach. His breathing was uneven and he looked terrified. He looked back toward me again. I was slowly rubbing my cunt beneath the silky robe.


“Is this a trap?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at me.


“A trap?” I asked, slightly offended. I smiled reassuringly. “No trap,” I said. “It’s a gift. So, take it for a test drive.” My tone was even and direct. “Actually, don’t just take it for a test drive. Fuck it. Punish it. Pleasure it. Now.”


Greg seemed to finally accept his reality and turned back to Makayla. She had lowered the straps of her bra and was undoing the clasp. The tight fabric gave way, releasing her tear-drop breasts. She giggled again, tossing her bra off the bed. Greg stared down at her hard, toned body, his eyes wide like a kid at an amusement park. 


He slowly reached out, cupping each one of her perfect tits in his hands. I watched as his long fingers worked her nipples, twisting them slowly. Makayla bit her lip again and moaned, nodding at Greg to continue. He shifted forward, the towel slipping from his hips. His cock bounced free between his legs and Makayla’s eyes lit up. She licked her teeth, her eyes widening. They both pushed up onto their knees, their stomachs touching. Makayla’s breasts pressed against his chest and his hands reached around to her exposed ass. She grabbed his waist and pulled him an inch closer, the tip of his cock grazing her inner thigh. 


My pussy grew wetter with every stroke of his hand over her perfect tits. I pushed open the collar of the robe, exposing my own sagging breasts. My nipples were hard and my pussy was drenched. I felt the dampness between my lips, bringing my fingers to my mouth and sucking it off.


Makalya had pushed Greg backwards on the bed, his dick sticking straight up to the ceiling. She crawled between his legs and without breaking eye contact, swallowed it whole. Greg inhaled swiftly, amazed by her ability to deepthroat his giant member. Even I had trouble taking it all without choking. Makayla was a pro.


Her tiny hands wrapped around the base of his thick shaft, her head bobbing up and down, twisting and sucking the bulbous tip. Greg groaned loudly, holding her hair back and watching intently. He looked up at me briefly, watching me fondle my own dripping wet pussy. My robe was completely open now, my entire naked body exposed and vulnerable.


Makayla gagged on Greg’s cock, spit seeping down the corners of her mouth. He thrusted his hips upward, fucking her mouth, pushing down on her head with his other hand. He was really getting into this. I slid one, then two fingers into my hole, fucking myself to match the rhythm of Makayla’s mouth.


He yanked her hair upward, breaking the connection between her mouth and his cock with an audible suction sound. He let out a deep sigh as his throbbing cock twitched and jerked back and forth. He’d almost cum. 


I couldn’t look away as Makayla’s thin body crawled up Greg’s and she slowly lowered her tight pussy onto his shaft. She grabbed it firmly, aligning it with her slippery hole. She was squatting above him, her back arched and her arms resting on the bed beside his calves. He held onto her tiny waist, guiding her body down on top of his. His mouth gaped open in complete awe of her unfamiliar twat. She spread her knees wide, moving up and down over his fully-erect penis. Her mouth opened as tiny yelps escaped. 


Greg thrusted his hips upward, plunging his cock deeper into her petite cunt. I could see his ass cheeks clenched beneath his body. I threw my left leg over the other arm of the chair, slipping a third finger into my hole. My other hand made tiny circles around my pulsating clit. I was transfixed by the sound of Makayla’s gushy pussy and Greg’s balls smacking her gorgeous ass. 


With one swift movement Greg tossed Makayla off his cock and bent her over on all fours, pushing her head down into the mattress. He tugged her hair roughly as he buried his dick into her pussy from behind. Her moans were muffled by the blankets as he pounded her tiny frame with hard, deep strokes. His balls slapped her ass and clit. She was wiggling beneath him but he didn’t slow down. She turned her head to the side facing me and I could hear her whining in pleasure.


“Oh God, yeah, fuck me baby.” Her face was twisted in pleasure. I could tell she was getting close. Greg’s dick was no doubt stretching her cunt to the max.


Greg looked down, concentrating on his thrusts. He yanked on her hair again, bending her back. Her tits bounced beneath her and her cries were caught in her throat. He gave her round ass a firm smack and she jumped, laughing like a wild woman. 


I rubbed my clit harder and faster. Greg and I made eye contact. As I stared into my husband’s eyes. They were overcome with pure ecstacy. The tendons in his neck protruded and the veins in his biceps were visible. He never broke my stare. As I watched my husband fuck Makayla, I buried my fingers deeper into my pussy, tickling my G-spot. My legs shook violently as a rush of warm cum filled the area between my legs. 


“Cum with me, Greg,” I pleaded with my husband between gasps.


He let out a loud cry, gripping Makalya’s ass and driving his cock to the point of no return. I watched his face twist in a familiar expression as he yanked his dick from her pussy. He jerked off feverishly, depositing a hot stream of thick cum on her lower back and ass. His body twitched as he fell to his knees, cum strung from his hands. 


Makayla laid down fat on her belly, her legs still spread out on either side of Greg’s knees. I lowered my legs off the chair and made my way over to the bed. I leaned down, licking Greg’s jizz from Makayla’s sweet, soft skin. She didn’t object. My tongue trailed down to her ass crack, sucking up gobs of his salty cream. Greg watched intently, his cock hanging loosely in his hand. After cleaning up my husband’s mess, I turned Makayla over onto her back.


“She didn’t finish,” I said to Greg, pointing at her pussy. The thin pink folds were too irresistible not to touch. I reached between her legs and slowly massaged her clit with the pads of my fingers. Makayla smiled up at me, fondling her breasts. 


I grabbed the back of Greg’s head, shoving it down into her crotch. 


“Lick it.” I instructed firmly.


Greg gladly bent down and sucked Makayla’s sweet juice from her pussy, fucking her hole with his fat tongue. I rubbed her swollen clit in circles, giving it a random slap which made her bounce gleefully.


She grinded her cunt against Greg’s face. The more she wiggled, the harder I held her in place, not letting up on her throbbing clit. Her body shook and Greg hungrily swallowed her hot load. 

Together we made our guest cum hard and long. Makayla breathed heavily and laughed as her orgasm came to an end. Greg rested his face on the top of her mound, staring up at me with a huge, grateful smile and I wondered how I’d ever top this birthday. Good thing I had a whole year to figure it out. 

Fuck I was old. I stared at my middle-aged body in the bathroom secretly hating myself. I was 50. 50?! That’s halfway to a 100 and boy did I feel like it. I didn’t want to be old. Inside I still felt like a hot young stud. Thankfully, my wife seemed to feel the same way. I was lucky in that regard. She never denied me sex, was always telling me how much she loved me, and didn’t balk when I died my hair or joined the gym.


But I still felt inadequate. I needed to get my shit together. It was my birthday and my wife had pulled out all the stops. She sent the kids to a friend’s house and made my favorite dinner. 


She approached me from behind, draping her arms over my shoulders. 


“Why don’t you go take a nice relaxing shower,” she said lovingly.


“But I showered this morning after the gym,” I protested. I hated being told what to do. It made me feel like a child.


“No shower, no gift,” she said firmly.


Gift? I wasn’t expecting a gift but decided to avoid a confrontation and quickly rinse off. Sarah entered the bathroom just as I was drying off. No matter how much I worked out, I was still self-conscious of my body. But when Sarah looked at me the way she did, it made me feel like a rockstar. She had a devilish look in her eyes and I had a sinking feeling she was up to something. 


“Hey you”, I said grinning. Sarah knew me so well. I instantly felt better after my shower and maybe even a little horny. 


She walked over, helping wrap my lower body in a towel. The silk robe she was wearing glided against my damp skin, awakening my cock.


“Now what?”, I asked. I never did like surprises.


“Now,” she said softly, taking my hand. “You follow me.”


She led me into the bedroom and motioned for me to get on the bed. I crawled up to the pillow, falling onto my back and resting my head on my hands. Sarah looked stunning in that robe and I felt myself getting hard. I hoped my gift was a nice birthday BJ. I waited for her to join me but she didn’t. She just stood there, staring at me with a distant look in her eyes.


“Babe,” I said, trying to bring her back down to reality. “Aren’t you going to join me?” I said playfully patting a spot beside me on the bed.


She smiled, shaking her head. She still had a distracted look in her eyes.


“Just one minute,” she said hastily before moving toward the door that led to the living room. 


She stood in between the door and the wall, her back to me. Was she talking to someone? I suddenly felt nervous for the first time that evening. My breath caught in my throat as one of the sexiest women I’d ever seen entered my bedroom, being led by my wife. She was tall, thin, and stunning. My cock instantly throbbed. She wore red lace panties and a matching bra. Her nude heels clicked as she walked across the floor.


I sat up straight, a mix of arousal and trepidation filling my stomach. Was my wife giving me a threesome for my birthday? I didn’t know what to say or think. I wasn’t sure if I should speak. My eyes were transfixed on this beautiful stranger and I was instantly aware that there were three of us in our sacred space. 


“Sarah?”, I said cautiously. “What is this?” I didn’t want to assume anything.


She giggled, pushing the young girl toward the bed.


“Happy birthday, baby.” 


I was shocked. This was every guy’s dream, right? So why did I feel so… resistant?


“Wait, what?” So many questions swirled around in my mind. Was this a trap? Was Sarah leaving me alone with this woman? Or was she going to participate? And what exactly was supposed to happen, anyway?


“Come one,” she said passionately. “Look at her. She’s fucking gorgeous. And she’s yours. I’ll just be over here in the corner.”


I watched Sarah settle into the ivory chair in the corner of the room. A seductive smile danced across her lips as she slung her leg over the arm of the chair, exposing her bare pussy. She looked intoxicated with pleasure and it made me a little nervous. We’d never done anything like this before and I had no idea what came next. 


I sat motionless as this strange, exotic woman mounted the bed. Her eyes were intense as she made her way toward me. She crawled like a panther on the prowl.


“Hi there,” she said seductively. 


I looked over at Sarah who had that same grin on as she slowly played with herself. I looked back to the woman before me, taking in every inch of her gorgeous, toned body. My cock pressed eagerly against my towel. I was suddenly very aware of being naked and this close to someone I’d just met.


“Um, hello,” I said awkwardly. Oh my god, how lame! But, I’m sorry, this was my first time being propositioned for sex by a gorgeous woman who just happened to be brought here by my wife for the sole purpose of screwing me. I swallowed hard as she inched closer.


“Mmmm,” she moaned, reaching out and touching my knee. Her touch was warm and unfamiliar. She slowly slid her hand underneath my towel and I quickly grabbed it, stopping her.


“Shit, wait,” I said completely flustered. I moved back, out of her reach. I looked back at Sarah for reassurance.


“Is this a trap?” I couldn’t help but ask the question. I felt like I was being tested. I mean who’s wife actually brings them a gorgeous young girl as a birthday present? This was too good to be true and I needed some type of confirmation. 


“A trap?” Sarah said, sounding slightly offended. “No trap,” she said, her expression softening. “It’s a gift, silly. So, take it for a test drive.” 


I couldn’t believe my ears.


She continued. “Actually, don’t just take it for a test drive,” she said, biting her lip. “Fuck it. Punish it. Pleasure it. Now.”


My eyes widened in surprise as my cock grew another inch. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been this hard. Wow. This was really happening and my wife was okay with it. I still couldn’t quite believe it when I turned back to the woman on my bed. 


She slowly lowered the straps of her bra, releasing her perfect, round tits. Her body was amazing. She was so fit and thin. Her breasts were like perfect teardrops resting on her toned stomach. I wanted to reach out and caress her soft skin but I was too nervous. I looked at Sarah one last time and she was nodding encouragingly.


That’s all I needed.


I reached out, taking her beautiful breasts into my hands. Her nipples were already hard and I gently twirled them between my fingers. She seemed to like what I was doing. She moaned and bit her lip, closing her eyes as I continued to work her erect nubs. I moved closer, letting my towel fall to the side. My dick was twitching in anticipation. I knew I had a fabulous cock, so I wasn’t worried about being naked. In fact, I wanted her to see me. She opened her eyes, gazing down between my legs. Her eye’s lit up at the sight of my thick tool and another rush of excitement flooded my stomach. She licked her teeth, her eyes transfixed on my cock. 


I pushed up onto my knees and he met me, her soft breasts pressing into my chest and my cock swinging freely between us. The head of my cock grazed her legs and I instantly wanted to fuck her. I cupped her beautiful ass in my hands, kneading her soft flesh.


Sarah opened her robe, exposing her own nude body. I watched from the corner of my eye as she fingered her pussy, licking the cream from her digits. Fuck. I braced myself as our guest pushed me onto my back. My cock stuck straight up to the ceiling. She stared at me with a hunger I’d never seen before. I wondered how much Sarah was paying her.


Without hesitation, she engulfed my entire cock in her petite mouth. She was masterful. She wrapped her hands around my shaft, twisting and stroking as her tongue and lips surrounded the tip. I grabbed her hair, holding it back and slowly pushing my hips upward, burying my tool deeper into her throat. My balls swelled. I glanced at Sarah who was completely spread eagle now, fondling her dripping cunt and tits.


The stranger gagged on my cock as I pressed her head down firmly, fucking her mouth. She tightened her hold on my shaft and I thought I might explode. I quickly yanked her head upward, pulling my dick free. I didn’t want to come yet. My cock was twitching as precum squirted from the tip. I breathed heavily, letting the wave of intensity subside. 


I threw my head back, holding my cock steady, willing myself not to get too excited. Which was nearly impossible as the sexy stranger began crawling up my naked body. She straddled me, grabbing my cock at the base and slowly lowering herself onto me. I instinctively grabbed her tiny frame, helping guide her slippery cunt down over my shaft. Her pussy was tight and warm. I let out a moan as I buried my tool inside this unfamiliar hole. She spread her knees wide, grinding against my body. My mouth fell open as I watched her ride me like a pro.


I pushed upward, thrusting my cock deeper into her petite cunt. I glanced at Sarah who was fucking herself with three fingers while her other hand feverishly worked her clit. I turned my attention back to the girl on my dick. She was drenched. Her thick cream spilled out from between her legs and down my shaft. My balls smacked into her ass as I fucked her from beneath.


I wanted her bent over the bed. I pushed upward, her lightweight body giving little resistance. She shrieked in excitement as I pushed her onto all fours, shoving her face into the mattress. I grabbed hold of her hair. Without hesitation, I drove my dick into her gaping hole, one hand on her ass. I fucked her hard and steady, the walls of her pussy opening wide for my thick tool. My balls slapped loudly against her clit, making her flinch and yelp. She turned her head, making eye contact with Sarah as I pounded her pussy.


“Oh god, yeah, fuck me baby,” she cried out as I punished her dripping cunt. I pulled back on her hair, forcing her back to arch as I continued to fuck her. I smacked her firm ass and she laughed wildly. What a dirty whore, I thought. Sarah had brought me the perfect gift.


Sarah was working her pussy faster now, rubbing her clit with short, jerking motions. I looked her in the eyes. We shared an erotic stare that I couldn’t quite explain. My dick buried inside another woman while Sarah watched and finger-fucked herself was one of the hottest moments of my life. I don’t know who was enjoying themselves more, me or my life.


“Come with me Greg,” Sarah pleaded as she buried her fingers deeper into her dripping hole.


Fuck, her words pushed me over the edge. I grabbed the girl’s ass, driving my cock deep and hard into her pussy. She cried out as my body erupted in what felt like an endless stream of hot jizz. I deposited my load all over her tone back and ass crack. Thick white cum covered my hands as I sat back on my knees, breathing heavily. My cock twitched between my legs.


The young girl collapsed onto the bed, face down. To my surprise, Sarah rose up from her chair, coming to join us. She bent down, licking my jizz from the girl’s skin. I watched in awe as Sarah’s tongue trailed down her petite frame and into her ass crack. Sarah rolled the girl onto her back and they shared a playful smile.


“She didn’t finish,” Sarah said, her eyes locked on the brown-headed stranger. She was pointing at her pussy. Fuck. Sarah knew how much I loved eating pussy. 


I watched as Sarah reached between the woman’s legs and began fondling her clit. She looked up at me.


“Lick it,” she directed.


I happily obliged, bending down and bringing the sweet, strange pussy to my lips. I tongue fucked her hole while Sarah tended to her clit. She yelped and flinched as Sarah gave her swollen love button a firm slap. She began grinding against my face, swirling her hips and spreading pussy juice down my chin. I eagerly sucked in her thick cream, wanting to taste her cum. Her body shook as a flood of hot juice flooded from her cunt and down my throat. Sarah was still rubbing her clit with fervor. 


Once her orgasm had subsided, she began to laugh wildly again. I laid my head down on her stomach, glaring up at my beautiful, selfless wife. Sarah looked down at me, brushing my hair aside and I wondered how the fuck I’d gotten so lucky. 


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