My Body is Yours

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Sean is a 35-year-old swinger with no plans of settling down. Sean enjoys group sex, swinger clubs, and bondage. By day, he’s a personal trainer, and by night, he lives out his wildest fantasies.
Charlotte is a 31-year-old school teacher with a secret desire for group sex. After breaking off her engagement, Charlotte decides that now is as good a time as any to explore her naughty side and sexually experiment.

Dozens of bodies fill the room. More than Charlotte ever thought she’d see at an “event” like this. Yet here they all are, half naked and hungry, their lustful moans filling the air. 

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She looks so shy. So nervous. So timid. I remember my first time. I stood in the doorway for nearly 30 minutes before getting the balls to actually enter the room and join in the fun. Group sex is intimidating, that’s all there is to it. It’s intoxicating and exciting and fucking addicting once you finally dive in, but taking that first plunge isn’t always easy.

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My Body is Yours My Body is Yours
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My Body is Yours My Body is Yours
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My Body is Yours

Dozens of bodies fill the room. More than Charlotte ever thought she’d see at an “event” like this. Yet here they all are, half naked and hungry, their lustful moans filling the air. 

For the briefest of seconds, Charlotte considers turning around and leaving. Not because she doesn’t want to experience the group setting of sex, but rather because she suddenly feels overwhelmed. In recent years, all that she’s thought about on those long nights alone is of having sex with strangers, in a large group. Unfortunately however, the real opportunity had never presented itself. Until now, that is. Surprisingly, with the chance now finally in front of her and within reach, her nerves have started to kick in. 

Inside her head, Charlotte tells herself she’s not experienced enough for this, that she won’t know what to do. Then, as those anxieties build, she begins to tell herself that she isn’t attractive enough to be wanted by all of these beautiful people here; even though she can’t see their faces, their bodies, hair, and general demeanor speak of sex appeal and confidence.

Just as she turns to leave, her mind having fooled her into believing its lies, a stunningly curvaceous redhead slinks up beside her. Immediately, Charlotte feels her breath catch in her throat. Never has she seen a woman own her curves so venously; it’s intoxicating to be in this unknown woman’s presence. 

“Tell me, kitten, why aren’t you getting in there and enjoying yourself?” Her words are like silk, the touch so light it sends a shiver down Charlotte’s spine. Blushing, Charlotte eyes the writhing mound of bodies in the near distance, longing stirring between her thighs. 

“I’m not sure I belong there,” She stumbles over her words.

“Oh no, no, no. Kitten, you definitely belong here.” As she says this, one of her manicured hands stroke down Charlotte’s arm, goosebumps instinctively rising up in response. “You deserve someone to fuck you so damn good that you can’t walk properly afterwards.”

Before her blush can deepen into a darker shade of crimson, Charlotte’s taken by the mysterious woman and led towards the group they’ve both been watching. She knows she can pull away at any time and say no, but no part of her wants to; this is all she needed to get involved, an extra nudge of encouragement to seize the moment. 

Positioned close to the group, their sudden appearance draws curious, excited glances their way. Eyes roam over their bodies, with most of the onlookers curious to see what hides behind the material of Charlotte’s jumpsuit. Out of everyone else at this party, she’s the most dressed of them all. 

Awkwardly, the words to explain herself stick in her throat, leaving her voiceless as she tries to apologise for her faux pas. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to struggle for long, for her unnamed companion soon takes the lead by unzipping Charlotte’s jumpsuit. Charlotte is startled, but by no means displeased at this development, her nipples hardening at the idea of being exposed to so many viewers.

“I think we should get rid of this, don’t you?” The question is playfully aimed at Charlotte, but the others nod eagerly, their bodies hard, wet and waiting. The delicate material thuds against the wooden floorboards as it drops into a small heap, the sound strangely loud considering all the background grunting and moaning. “Oh, Kitten, look at you.”

To Charlotte’s surprise, it isn’t just her auburn friend who’s savouring the view, they all are. For what feels like a lifetime, everyone takes her in, looking her up and down, observing every nook and cranny of her figure; she’s a fine specimen, her body supple and toned, her slender curves demanding to be felt. Then the swarm of bodies begins. 

In a blink of her lashes, five people surround her, touching and kissing her, their tongues, lips, fingers, and bodies all pressed to some part of her frame. The idea of so many people craving her is enough to cause her aching pussy to throb more deeply, but the sensation of them all scrambling to have only feeds the sexual energy of the room all the more. 

No longer wanting to just be appreciated, she joins her new friends in their frenzy, her body instinctively groping and kissing back. As a pair of ruby red lips catch her by the mouth, her right hand reaches and finds the rock hard cock of another, her fingers stroking the length of the shaft. 

The man in her hands feels deliciously hard, the fact that she doesn’t know who he is only adding to the thrill of the moment. Feeling him like this, surrounded by such lust, Charlotte wants nothing more than for him to be inside her. In fact, she wants more than him exploring her — she wants everyone to have her tonight. Her inhibitions finally removed.  

Pulling out of the ruby lipped kiss, lipstick smeared all over her face, she goes to this unknown man, the two of them immediately locking together and tumbling to the floor. Straddling him, she spreads her lips as he positions himself to enter her; Charlotte gasps as he fills her, his cock stretching her tight walls so that she can comfortably take the full extent of his girth. Once she takes that last inch of him inside, her pussy now dripping with juices, she doesn’t spare a moment before she starts bouncing against his hips. 

As she continues to ride him, their tempo hard and fast, someone she’s yet to notice comes forward to satisfy their needs. Seeing another glorious naked body before her, she opens her mouth ready to swallow his awaiting cock whole, her tongue flicking at the slit of his head. It’s wonderful to feel this carefree, this sexually charged and ready for more; Charlotte can’t ever recall having felt this way in her life. 

Tossing her head back and releasing the bulging cock from her mouth, she looks to the redhead from earlier; the woman is rhythmically rubbing her clit as she watches on, her eyes never wavering from Charlotte. Knowing she has such an effect on this goddess of a woman only reinforces her carnal desires. She curls a finger in the air and motions for the redhead to join in, her eyes burning with a fiery hunger as her latest lover approaches.

She looks so shy. So nervous. So timid. I remember my first time. I stood in the doorway for nearly 30 minutes before getting the balls to actually enter the room and join in the fun. Group sex is intimidating, that’s all there is to it. It’s intoxicating and exciting and fucking addicting once you finally dive in, but taking that first plunge isn’t always easy.


I watch her standing awkwardly by the door, shifting from one foot to the other. I instantly notice two things — her full, pink lips and the fact that she’s wearing way too many clothes. Her black jumpsuit compliments her curvaceous body, but it’s far too conservative for my liking. I want to see what’s underneath. 


I grab my half-flaccid shaft, gently stroking it as I watch her intently. I recognize that look in her eyes. The doubt. She’s about to flee. I grab Rebecca by the arm. She’s sitting beside me, locked in a passionate kiss with a beautiful blond, but she doesn’t mind the interruption. 


“Go get her,” I direct, pointing toward the woman by the door.


Rebecca nods, her long red curls bouncing against her smooth, pale skin. She bites her lip and stands up, moving quickly toward the gorgeous stranger. Just as she turns to leave, Rebecca swoops in, touching her shoulder and greeting her with a syrupy sweet smile. I see them exchanging words, Rebecca motioning toward the center of the room and the young woman shaking her head, looking nervously at her feet.


Come on, Rebecca, I think silently. Work your magic.


To my delight, I see the girl reluctantly turn back toward the room and walk in my direction, an apprehensive smile shadowing her gorgeous face. My cock instantly grows a few inches, the tip twitching with anticipation. I love newbies. 


Rebecca presents her to the rest of us. Her name is Charlotte. She stands timidly, her fingers nervously twirling around one another, avoiding our gaze. But she can’t fool me. I notice the undeniable fire in her eyes. The desire in her heart. Her body is yearning to be touched. Explored. Punished. 


Her lips part slightly as if she’s about to speak, but before she can, Rebecca slowly begins to unzip Charlotte’s jumpsuit. My eyes widen with excitement. I want to feast on her gorgeous naked body.


“I think we should get rid of this, don’t you?” Rebecca says coyly, as she slowly removes the woman’s clothing. 


She doesn’t protest. She stands frozen, letting Rebecca undress her. As the jumpsuit falls to the floor, I must admit I’m impressed and excited. Charlotte has perfectly, tear-drop breasts. Not too big and not too small. Her nipples are average-sized, perfect for sucking. My eyes travel down to her crotch. She’s wearing red lace panties and I can see a small tuft of hair beneath the fabric. My cock throbs. I love a nice bush. I lick my lips, wondering what she tastes like. Enough of these niceties, I want to touch her.


“Oh Kitten, look at you,” Rebecca says playfully. She’s eye-fucking Charlotte as vigorously as I am. We all want a piece of her. I look to my left and the other women are touching one another but their eyes are fixated on our new friend. The man to my right is as hard as I am, his long thin cock resting just inches from my shoulder. 


Simultaneously, we all move in, like a pack of curious lion cubs investigating a fresh piece of meat. Our hands explore her body, touching, caressing, pinching. Our mouths are on her flesh. My tongue swirls around her belly button as Rebecca engages her in a long, deep kiss. I feel hands on my shoulders and thighs. I reach to my left and a soft tit flops gingerly into my palm. Charlotte begins to relax, her hands wandering over the flesh before her. She’s fondling Rebecca’s petite tits as she reaches for whatever body part is close by. 


I stand up, aligning my dick with her hands. She instantly finds it, grabbing the taut skin firmly. She squeezes my shaft before cupping the head in her palm. Her touch is strong and purposeful. She breaks away from Rebecca, throwing herself in my direction. I gladly catch her, her soft body falling into my arms. Her mouth is on mine now and she tastes like sweet red wine. 


I fall backward onto the floor, my cock standing straight up, an obvious invitation. And one she eagerly accepts. With ease, she straddles my body, guiding my erection into her dripping cunt. Her pussy is warm and tight. I grab her hips, thrusting them upwards, burying the full length of my cock into her wetness. She gasps, gripping my chest and arching backward as we fall into a rhythmic flow. 


I see the man from our group approaching and smile in delight. I want to watch her suck his cock. He moves closer and she gladly opens her mouth like a good girl. He shoves his dick into her waiting hole. He grabs her head, moving her gorgeous face back and forth over his shaft. She pulls away, throwing her head back in a wild fit of laughter. She looks over her shoulder, her gaze landing on Rebecca. She has a desire in her eyes that wasn’t there before. As she continues to grind against my hips, driving my cock deeper with every movement, she beckons Rebecca over to us with a single finger. I close my eyes and smile. I hold Charlotte in place on my cock, my eyes closed and my mouth ready to greet the sweet, familiar, sensation of Rebecca’s cunt.

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