Ryder, Party of Six

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Glen is a hardworking financial advisor who spends most of his days completely tense and stressed out. He loves his wife Jess but doesn’t always feel like she understands the pressure he feels to provide for her.
Jess is a gorgeous, horny, and successful 32-year-old. She’s happily married to Glen but is always looking for ways to spice up their marriage. She secretly fantasizes about being with a woman.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. Glen and I never did anything fun anymore. His new job as a financial advisor had him overworked and undersexed. Or maybe I was the one undersexed? He was always too tired and too stressed to make love. I mean, we still did it, but it was quick and uneventful. I like the foreplay and love oral sex — giving and receiving. I long for the build up and the teasing. It drove me wild. But there was never any time for that anymore. I was lucky if it lasted more than five minutes. 

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As I drove to a woman’s house I’d never met, I gripped the steering wheel, going over last week’s financial report in my mind. How had I fucked up so badly? I made a rookie mistake and now I was at risk of losing the promotion I’d work months for.

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Ryder, Party of Six Ryder, Party of Six
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Ryder, Party of Six Ryder, Party of Six
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Ryder, Party of Six

To say I was excited would be an understatement. Glen and I never did anything fun anymore. His new job as a financial advisor had him overworked and undersexed. Or maybe I was the one undersexed? He was always too tired and too stressed to make love. I mean, we still did it, but it was quick and uneventful. I like the foreplay and love oral sex — giving and receiving. I long for the build up and the teasing. It drove me wild. But there was never any time for that anymore. I was lucky if it lasted more than five minutes. 

And we never went on dates anymore. No dinners out, no movies, no dancing. Life had become pretty fucking lame. But tonight was going to change all that. Somehow, I’d convinced Glen to leave work early enough to attend a couple’s game night at my friend Liz’s house. It was her and her husband Jason and another couple I didn’t know. We’d drink wine, have some snacks, and play a few games. I was hoping it would help relax Glen a little. He was always so fucking tense.


I looked over at him in the driverseat. His jaw was clenched and his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. The headlights of passing vehicles reflected off his wire rim glasses. I reached over and firmly kneaded the tight muscles along his shoulder and neck. He bent his head sideways, letting out a gruff moan.


“Feel good?” I asked teasingly.


“Mmm hmm.” He didn’t take his eyes off the road, just leaned a few inches closer to encourage me to keep rubbing. I moved my hair from his neck to his leg, caressing the inside of his thigh. His dress pants were snug around the crotch, showing a clear outline of his balls. I cupped them in my hands and he flinched.


“Babe! Come on.” He reached down and moved my hand away. 


Oh yeah, Glen needed this night way more than I did.


I rolled my eyes and scoffed. 


“Sorry,” I said emotionless. “Sorry I find my husband attractive and enjoy touching him.”


I stared out the window. The cool night air tickling my face and bare chest. My strapless dress dug slightly into my underarms as I readjusted it. My lack of chest didn’t help matters. I barely filled out the tops I wore. The only plus was that I could easily get away without wearing a bra. Tonight, I wasn’t wearing underwear either.


“Jess, I’m sorry,” Glen’s voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked over at him. His brown eyes looked sad. 


He reached over and squeezed my hand.


“I love that you want me,” he grinned slightly, showing off his straight white teeth.


I squeezed his hand back without saying anything, then looked up just in time to see Liz’s house up ahead. 


“It’s there, Glen. That one.”, I said pointing to the large brick house at the end of the cul de sac where Liz’s last name — Ryder — was clearly displayed on the mailbox.


I recognized Liz’s Durango in the driveway. Just as we pulled up, I could see the silhouette of another couple walking through the front yard toward the door. It was too dark to clearly see their faces but the woman was tall and thin with long red hair. The man had dark skin and a bald head which glistened slightly under the porch lights. 


Glen parked the car in the driveway and turned to me. He took a deep breath and smiled.


“Tonight’s going to be fun. I think I really need this.” 


I smiled and brought Glen’s face to mine, kissing him gently. We exited the car and made our way up the three steps to Liz’s front door. Glen placed one hand on my ass and used his other to knock. 


“Are you not wearing underwear?” he asked in surprise, noticing no bikini-lines beneath my tight black dress.


But before I could answer the front door swung open. I assumed it was Liz’s husband on the other side. We’d never met but I recognized him from the photo Liz kept on her desk at work.


“Hi!” The man excitedly greeted us. He was wearing dark jeans that sat loosely on his hips. A navy blue Polo shirt was snug on his toned upper body. The sleeves pulled tightly around his massive biceps. His blond hair was haphazardly geled in a messy, sexy sort of way. The scruff on his chin offset his otherwise polished look.


As my eyes scanned his body I instantly felt my pussy swell. He was everything Glen wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Glen and I loved fucking Glen. But he was more tall, thin, and studious. Glen wore glasses and was always clean shaven with perfectly combed hair. 


Jason extended his hand to shake Glen’s and then mine before welcoming us inside. The house was warm and smelled of a cinnamon candle, wine, and fresh baked horderves. Jason led us into the living room where the couple I’d seen outside was standing, chatting with Liz.


“Jess!” Liz shouted and came rushing over to me. Her red dress only had one sleeve, exposing her tan muscular shoulder. A thick black belt cinched at the waist, accenting her athletic body. She embraced me in an overzealous hug. She smelled of wine and I knew she was already buzzed. I introduced her to Glen and then she proceeded to introduce us to her neighbors — Roger and Sonya.


Sonya seemed like a fitting name for the female. She had pale skin, long, wild red hair and green eyes. She was tall and thin, her long legs going on for days before disappearing under her tight black miniskirt. Her thin ivory tank top left little to the imagination. I noticed her small areolas beneath the fabric. I’m sure Glen noticed too.


Roger had mocha colored skin and strong hands. I could tell when he shook mine and couldn’t help but gawk at their size. If his hands were that big I could only imagine the size of his cock. My nipples perked to life and I swallowed hard.


“I need a glass of wine,” I blurted out without warning.


Liz laughed, grabbed my hand and drug me across the room to the mini-bar.


For the next hour or so we all chatted, mingled, and got to know one another. Without realizing it, the group of us had downed four bottles of wine. Everyone was relaxed and having fun. Everytime Sonya laughed, she’d fall backwards onto the sofa, letting her legs spread and giving me an unobstructed view of her bush. I wondered if it was on purpose. I also wondered if Glen noticed Jason eye-fucking me from across the room. I sat up straight in the arm chair, pushing out what little tits I had and letting my dress ride an inch farther up my thigh. Jason drank his vodka and soda slowly from a glass, swirling ice in his tongue, his eyes locked on mine. I felt the wetness growing between my legs and felt secretly grateful for wearing a black dress that would hide any evidence of my dripping pussy.


“Alright,” Liz stumbled to her feet and clapped her hands, in an effort to get our attention. She laughed loudly and steadied herself on the wall. “Game time!”


Glen looked over at me from where he stood talking to Roger. He mouthed “game time” with a furrowed brow. I shrugged my shoulders as if I was just as clueless as him and downed my glass of wine. Glen’s cheeks were red and he had loosened the top three buttons of his collar, exposing a white undershirt. I could tell he was buzzed.


Liz gathered us all around the carpet in a circle and grabbed one of the empty wine bottles from the bar. She had a large piece of poster board with a circle drawn on it. Around the outside were the men’s names in big, bold letters — Glen, Jason, and Roger. Liz, Sonya, and I exchanged mischievous looks while the men all looked equally confused. We all sat in a circle, the board in the center.


“Okay, I’m the host so I’ll go first!” Liz placed the empty bottle on the board and spun it. 


“What is this?” Glen asked, “Spin the bottle?”


I smiled coyly at him. “Not quite.”


The dark green bottle spun a few times before coming to a clumsy halt on Roger’s name. I was instantly relieved. As much as I loved Liz, I would’ve felt a little awkward had the bottle landed on Glen.


Roger looked confused and Liz just giggled uncontrollably. She loved black men so I knew she was pleased. 


“That means it’s my turn!”, Sonya said, grabbing the bottle and giving it an aggressive spin. It wobbled around on the board before landing squarely on Glen.


“Ooooh,” Sonya said seductively, “Poindexter.”


All the women burst out laughing — partially thanks to nerves but mostly thanks to that fourth bottle of wine. I let out a sigh and Jason and I exchanged another glance. I bit my bottom lip and ran my hands over the tops of my thighs. He raised his eyebrows and smirked.


“Wait,” Glen said excitedly, breaking my concentration. “What exactly is going on here?”


Sonya slowly began crawling across the board, shoving the wine bottle out of her way.


“Aw, come on Glen, haven’t you figured it out?”


Her silky top hung low, exposing her tits. I watched Glen’s eyes float downward, taking a peek at what Sonya had to offer. Her black skirt was slowly riding up her thighs with every movement. Glen straightened up in his seat and nervously began shifting around.


“It’s ok, baby, relax.” Sonya was in front of him now, both of them kneeling. She placed her hands on his thighs and slowly ran them upward, toward his waistline. He grabbed them abruptly and looked at me.


“Jess! What the fuck?”


I smiled coyly. 


“It’s fine,” I said reaching over and rubbing his shoulder the same way I had done earlier. “You need to relax. This’ll be good for you.”


“Yeah, Glen,” Sonya echoed, “Relax.”


And with that she grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits. Her nipples were visible through the thin silk fabric. Glen didn’t quite grasp her breasts but he also didn’t move his hands away. Sonya continued to stroke his thighs and I could see his erection slowly growing in his pants. I felt a rush of warmth to my pussy. Sonya placed her hands on Glen’s once more and used them to massage her breasts. She moaned and bit her lip. Glen’s eyes were large — a mix of shock and arousal. 


Jason stood up and I followed suit. Liz and Roger had made their way over to the loveseat in the corner of the room. Jason reached over Sonya and Glen and grabbed my hand, leading me around them and closer to him. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Sonya slowly licking the edges of Glen’s lips. His eyes were closed and his mouth half-parted. Another rush of pleasure electrified my pussy. She pushed him backward against the armchair, his legs spread out in a V. Sonya was nestled between them, her red nails digging into his thighs.


I turned my attention to Jason. My face was even with his chest. He was strong and tall and powerful, towering over my tiny frame. Without a word, he grabbed the top of my dress and pulled it down, exposing my tiny breasts. I let out a gasp of surprise and delight. He took each of my mounds in his hands, licking and sucking my nipples expertly. I grabbed the hair on his head, tugging on it. His mouth engulfed my tits while his hands reached under my dress, grabbing at my ass. My clothing was around my waist now and I struggled to reach the top of his jeans. He lifted me up easily, my legs wrapped around him, my wet, eager pussy pressed against his stomach. He carried me over to the wall, pushing me up against it. God, it felt so good to be manhandled.


Over his shoulder I could see Roger on his knees, his face buried in Liz’s pussy. She was completely naked, one leg draped over his shoulder and the other extended over the back of the couch. I watched as he finger-fucked her. She squeezed and grabbed her breasts, pinching her own nipples, looking down intently at Roger. 


Jason began to undo his own belt and shoved his jeans down under his muscular ass. He kissed me hard and deep, his tongue hungrily exploring my mouth, running along my teeth. I sucked it, imagining it was his cock. I felt his flesh against my pussy lips, which were spread open, my legs still wrapped around his waist. He smacked my swollen clit with the head of his cock. I grabbed his neck firmly, pushing myself harder against the wall, struggling to hold myself in place. He propped my body up with one hand, his finger teasing my asshole. He used the other to guide the tip of his cock into my hole. I gasped at the sensation of an unfamiliar dick in me. He pushed it in slowly, one inch at a time before giving one final thrust, burying his shaft completely in my cunt. 


I braced myself as he continued to fuck me with long, steady strokes. I looked over his other shoulder to see Sonya bent over the armchair, Glen pounding her from behind. His shirt was still on but the buttons were open. His pants were around his ankles as he methodically fucked Sonya doggy-style. She arched her back and clung to the armchair, moaning and squealing. Glen’s cock was long and thin, perfect for tapping my G-spot. I could tell by Sonya’s cries of pleasure that he was hitting all the right spots. She reached back and spread her asscheeks open. To my surprise, Glen delivered a loud, firm smack to her ass. The pale skin jiggled and then came to a rest. Her tits bounced beneath her body as she pushed backwards on my husband’s tool.


Jason stepped back from the wall, holding me up with his strong hands, fucking me hard and fast. His balls slapped against my ass and I gripped his biceps tightly. I could see Liz riding Roger’s cock in the corner. Glen and Sonya had changed positions and she was now licking her pussy juice from his shaft, which was harder than I’d ever seen it. I heard her gag as he shoved her mouth downward and his dick deeper down her throat.


The sight of another woman blowing my husband and Liz fucking a giant black cock were too much for me to handle. I couldn’t hold off any longer. Jason’s thick tool filled every inch of my tiny pussy and in this position, he was deeper than Glen had ever been. I clasped my hands around his neck and leaned backward, letting him pull and push my hips inward and outward on his dick. Just when I thought he couldn’t move any faster, he did, hitting my G-spot and flooding my body with warmth. I came hard and long. Waves of pleasure warming my belly and spilling cum from my hole. He came too. I felt his shaft pulsing inside me and his thick fluid slid down my ass crack. My body went limp and I clung to his neck until he finished. After a few, slow pumps, Jason lowered me to my feet. 


My thighs were sticky and wet from a mix of cum. I pushed my hair back and took a breath, still recovering from the intense orgasm. I stared at Jason’s cock which was still half-erect. Then, I felt a hand in mine. It wasn’t Glens — it was far too delicate and thin. I looked up and to my surprise it was Sonya. She had walked over to us with a determined look in her eyes. She leaned in and without a word, she kissed me. And I didn’t stop her. She tasted like Glen’s cum. Her soft lips enveloped mine. Her hands cradled my face. She pulled away briefly and whispered in my ear, “Let me clean that up for you.” And with that, she grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and forced me to bend over. I gasped in delight at the feeling of her mouth on my pussy. She moaned deeply, licking and sucking the mix of cum from my lips and asshole. 


Before I could say a word, Glen was standing in front of me, his cock still hard and perfectly in-line with my face. I couldn’t see him but heard him say, “Great party, babe,” before shoving his dick in my mouth. 


As I drove to a woman’s house I’d never met, I gripped the steering wheel, going over last week’s financial report in my mind. How had I fucked up so badly? I made a rookie mistake and now I was at risk of losing the promotion I’d work months for.

As if reading my mind, Jess reached over and began massaging my neck. I moaned, letting her know how good it felt. I knew I wasn’t as attentive as I used to be. The last few months at work were absolutely insane. I barely had time to eat dinner and shower let alone think about sex. Which was totally unlike me. I love sex! I used to masturbate every morning in the shower and still fuck Jess for hours at least 4 times a week, but not lately. Lately, I was a shell of the man I used to be and it was depressing. 


Jess’s hand moved from my neck to my leg. I gripped the steering wheel harder. Her touch sent a rush of warmth down my body and into my balls. Again, as if reading my mind, she grabbed hold of them and squeezed.


“Babe! Come on.” I reached down and moved her hand. I don’t know why. What the fuck was wrong with me? It felt good. Jess was gorgeous. Any guy would kill to have a wife as smoking hot and supportive as her. I was an idiot. I was so fucking tense all the time I couldn’t even appreciate the fact that my wife wanted to give me road head.


I took a deep breath. I was probably just tense about the entire night out. I had to leave work early to attend this ridiculous game night at her friend Liz’s house. I didn’t know Liz or her husband or their friends. I hated mingling and making small talk with people I didn’t know. But I owed it to Jess. She’s been so supportive over the last few months with my busy work schedule. Plus, she gave me those sad eyes and pouty lips when she asked and I could never resist. What was one night? Maybe I’d actually have fun.


I turned over to see Jess looking wounded. I’d nearly forgotten that I’d shrugged off her advances. As usual, my mind was elsewhere.


“Sorry,” she said emotionless. “Sorry I find my husband attractive and enjoy touching him.”


Shit, I screwed up.


“Jess, I’m sorry,” I said reaching over and squeezing her hand. Her skin was always so soft.


“I love that you want me,” I said giving her an encouraging smile. It was true. I was one lucky guy.


Just then, Jess pointed out Liz’s house. A large brick structure at the end of a quiet cul de sac. As I parked along the road I saw a tall thin redhead approaching the front door. She was with a dark, bald-headed man. I felt my stomach clench. I hated meeting new people but I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this was for Jess. 


I turned to her and smiled.


“Tonight’s going to be fun. I think I really need this,” I said and I meant it. I probably did need to loosen up a bit.


She leaned over, gingerly kissing me on the lips. We got out of the car and made our way toward the house. The warm night air felt good on my skin. We approached the door and I knocked with one hand, the other resting gingerly in Jess’s tight ass. She always took such good care of herself and I felt myself getting a little turned on. She looked phenomenal tonight.


“Are you not wearing underwear?” I asked, equal parts aroused and surprised.


She didn’t have time to answer. She looked at me with a devilish grin just as the door swung open.


“Hi!” An overly enthusiastic man was standing on the other side. He was pretty fit, with huge biceps and messy blond hair. In fact, he sort of looked like he just stepped off the cover of GQ magazine. I suddenly felt a little intimidated as he introduced himself as Jason, Liz’s husband, and shook both our hands. He stepped aside, welcoming us inside.


I placed my hand on the small of Jess’s back as we entered the house which smelled of cinnamon and wine. We made our way into the living room where an attractive woman was chatting with the couple we’d seen outside.




I immediately recognized Liz based on Jess’s description. She came rushing over to greet us and I couldn’t help but notice how exotically beautiful she was. The tight belt around her waist and off-the-shoulder dress complimented her athletic frame. She was in incredible shape, just like Jess. She extended her hand to greet me before introducing us to the other couple, Roger and Sonya. 


Did Jess and Liz only know attractive people? Sonya was striking. Her pale milky skin contrasted well with her fiery green eyes and wild red hair. She wore a tight skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. Her top was completely see-through and I tried not to make it obvious as I glanced over at her small, perky tits. Roger was her complete opposite. He had mocha-colored skin and a firm grip. The strong and silent type. 


As if reading my mind once again, Jess requested a glass of wine. Guess she needed to unwind a bit too. I squeezed her hand and smiled as Liz giggled and led her to the bar at the other end of the room. For the next hour we chatted, mingled, and somehow polished off four bottles of wine. My head was spinning slightly. It’d been a long time since I’d drank that much wine and allowed myself to just let loose. I had to admit, it felt pretty good.


I wasn’t the only one feeling uninhibited. I couldn’t help but notice that every time Sonya laughed, she let her legs fall open, giving me a clear view of her pussy. She wasn’t wearing underwear and I wondered if she knew it or if I should tell her. The third time she “accidentally” flashed me, we made eye contact. She opened her legs every so slightly, her green eyes locked on mine . Oh yeah, it was definitely on purpose. I swallowed hard and tried to look away.


My gaze landed on Roger. Fuck, had he seen me staring at his wife’s pussy? No, he was focused on something else. I followed his eyes and to my surprise, he was transfixed on Liz who was standing by the bar, twirling her hair around her finger and glancing back at him. What was going on? And where was Jason? It didn’t take me long to notice him leaning against the far wall, completely mesmerized by something. I looked across the room and saw that his eyes were on Jess – my wife! But how could they not be? She was sitting with her back arched slightly and her chest pushed out. She didn’t have the biggest tits but they looked amazing tonight. Her dress was hiked up high on her toned thighs, inches from her pussy which was also bare underneath. Did she know Jason was looking at her? The position of her body led me to believe so. 


I furrowed my brow, confused but intrigued. What kinda party was this anyway?


Just then, Liz answered my question.


“Alright,” she said, stumbling to her feet and clapping her hands together. “It’s game time!”


I loosened the top buttons of my shirt to get some air. My cheeks were flushed from the wine. Jess met my gaze from the other side of the room and I winked at her. She smiled sweetly and I could tell she was buzzed too. 


Liz grabbed one of the four empty wine bottles and gathered us into a circle on the carpet. She had a poster board with all of the men’s names written on it. The women exchanged mischievous glances and I instantly felt like I was being left out of some private joke. 


“Okay, I’m the host so I’ll go first!” Liz said, placing the empty bottle on the board. She spun it, biting her lip and giggling in delight. 


“What is this?” I asked, “Spin the bottle?”


Jess looked up at me. “Not quite,” she said with a smirk. I was half-kidding and more confused than ever.


The green bottle slowly came to a stop on Roger’s name. Liz clapped and laughed with glee, seemingly excited by what, I wasn’t sure. Sonya grabbed the bottle next, giving it a spin. We all held our breath as it twirled around the board before coming to rest on my name. Fuck. What did that even mean? My heart was beating fast now and I looked at Jess for clarification.


“Wait,” I said as I noticed Jason and Jess exchanging glances, “What exactly is going on here?”


I was preparing to get to my feet and cut this party short but before I could, Sonya started crawling across the floor toward me like a cougar on the prowl.


“Aw, come on Glen, haven’t you figured it out?”


Her silk top hung down, giving me full-view of her tiny, pale breasts. I shifted uncomfortably. She was kneeling directly in front of me now, a little too close if I’m being honest. 


“It’s okay baby, relax”, she said, placing her hands on my thighs. I watched in shock as her hands trailed up my legs and stopped at my waistband. 


I grabbed her hands, stopping her from going any further.


“Jess!”  I turned to my wife who sat silently nearby. “What the fuck?”


To my utter shock, she smiled.


“It’s fine”, she said calmly, reaching over and rubbing that same part of my neck as on the car ride over. “You need to relax and this will be good for you.”


I couldn’t believe my ears. Was she actually suggesting what I thought she was suggesting?


“Yeah, Glen,” Sonya purred. “Relax.”


Sonya grabbed my hands, planting them directly on her breasts. Her nipples were hard and I had to stop myself from twirling them in my fingertips. I mean, Jess was sitting right there for God’s sake. I left my hands in place as she turned her attention back to my legs, slowly stroking and gripping my thighs. I couldn’t help but get hard. I mean, my hands were on a stranger’s breasts, and not only was my wife right there but she was okay with it. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it. It was like I was in a dream… or maybe a nightmare, I couldn’t decide. 


Sonya placed her hands on mine as we massaged her breasts together. I watched as Jason reached out and took Jess’s hand. Roger and Liz had made their way to the loveseat on the other side of the room. My mind was racing. Was this really happening? Are we all just pairing off? Was this some sort of sex party?


I tried to keep one eye on Jess. Where was he taking her? Was she okay? I felt jealousy rising in my throat but couldn’t move. I was frozen as Sonya continued to work her own tits using my hands. I was at her mercy. She leaned closer, tracing my mouth with the tip of her tongue. She tasted like sweet wine. My lips parted slightly, warming up to her touch. It was unfamiliar and intoxicating. She pushed me back against the chair. She was digging her nails into my legs. She was more aggressive than Jess and it was arousing in a completely new way.


With eyes half-closed I glanced over Sonya’s shoulder to see Jason’s face buried in Jess’s chest. He was cupping her petite breasts and working her nipples like an expert. Her eyes were closed and her head bent backward in pleasure. His other hand wrapped around her body, kneading the skin of her firm ass. My jealousy was instantly replaced with intense arousal. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Watching Jess react that way to another man was incredibly sexy. I watched her face twitch as he continued to manhandle her. She grabbed his neck and he easily pulled her onto him, her strong legs wrapped around his waist. 


Loud moans distracted me and I glanced over in Liz’s direction. Roger’s face was nestled between her long, muscular legs and he was feverishly eating her out. She was writhing and dramatically crying out, a mix of satisfaction and intoxication. 


I looked down. Sonya was undoing my pants, unleashing my now throbbing cock. She held it in her hands, licking and biting her lips eagerly.


“You look fucking delicious,” she said, playfully raising her eyebrows. 


She ran her tongue from my balls up to the head where she happily sucked drops of precum from my tiny hole. I gripped the armchair, watching as her unfamiliar tongue worked my erection. I closed my eyes, relishing in the warmth and strength of her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around the tip of my cock, slowly sucking it as her hands continued to work my shaft. Twisting, pulling, and sliding up and down its entire length. I pushed my hips up, shoving my dick a few inches deeper into her throat. She stared up at me, her green eyes intense and alive. She never broke eye contact as she slowly slid her mouth all the way down my dick, gagging slightly as her lips met the base. 


She yanked my cock free, a line of spit extending from her chin. I looked up to see Jason fucking Jess up against the wall. Her tiny body fit perfectly around his muscular frame. He held her up with one hand, his fingertip buried in her asshole. The muscles in her arm flexed as she moved up and down on his shaft. I knew his thick cock had her pussy stretched to the max. He was bigger than me and she was clearly enjoying it. Her nails dug into his neck and her tits bounced in his face as he fucked her with hard, deep strokes – fast, then slow as she neared climax.


I wanted to fuck Sonya. I needed to fuck her while watching Jason fuck Jess. I willed her to look at me but she was too focused on her pleasure. I stood up, turning Sonya around and bending her over the armchair. Her pussy was slick with cream. I ran the tip of my cock up and down her slit, playing with her clit before burying myself inside her. My long, thin cock slid easily between her tight lips. She arched her back, pushing her ass up and back onto my shaft. I was balls-deep in her now, fucking her methodically. I grabbed her hair and pulled it firmly as my balls slapped against her pale ass. I looked over at Jess again. She was watching now. I gave Sonya’s ass a firm slap as I continued to fuck her doggy-style. 


I could’ve come right then and there. I felt powerful and in control. Sonya was riding my dick like a horny teen and I was mesmerized by the way Jess’s body moved over Jason’s giant tool. She was fucking amazing. I pulled my cock from Sonya’s pussy and moved toward her face, shoving her mouth back onto my dick.


“Clean your pussy juice off,” I instructed her. Roger was fucking Liz on the couch, his giant cock stuffing her tight cunt. 


The room was filled with an overwhelming sense of eroticism. It smelled of sex. All you could hear were moans of pleasure and the sound of flesh sliding against flesh. Just then, I heard a familiar sound. Jess was coming. I looked over just in time to see her moment of release. Her hands were clasped tightly around Jason’s neck and her body shook as she came long and hard. He continued to fuck her while holding her up, his large balls swinging beneath between his legs. He was grunting now and close to exploding. His grip tightened around her waist and the muscles in his legs bulged as he filled her up with his own hot load.


I continued to fuck Sonya with long, slow strokes. If I moved any faster I knew I’d erupt. Jason let Jess down to her feet, helping steady her. I watched a thin line of cum slide down her inner thighs and suddenly had an idea. I pulled out of Sonya, my cock springing free. I helped her to her feet, spinning her around to face me. I held her face in my hands and shoved my tongue in her mouth. 


I gently pushed the hair from her neck and whispered in her ear, “Go clean up my wife’s pussy.”


Her green eyes lit up with delight as she returned my kiss and slowly moved over toward Jess and Jason. I watched as her hands traced the lines of Jess’s ass. Jess turned to her with a look of surprise but before she could protest, Sonya turned her around, gently pushing her into a bent over position. She knelt down behind my gorgeous wife, spreading her juicy wet lips open. Sonya turned back to me with a devilish grin before burying her face in Jess’s ass. I heard her slurping and sucking the mix of cum from Jess’s cunt. It was dripping out of her and directly into Sonya’s hungry mouth.


I walked over to stand in front of Jess. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head slightly so she could look up at me. 


“Great party, babe,” I said with a smile and then shoved my cock deep in her throat. 


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