The Box

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The husband in this story is a 36-year-old construction worker who is completely pussy-whipped by his wife, Veronica. He tries to satisfy her but invites other men into their life to give her what he can’t.
A 31-year-old waitress who loves sex and BBC. She and her husband, Steve, have an open marriage which mostly involves her having sex with other men in front of him.

Nothing made me wetter than thinking about him sitting in that box – hot, sweaty, suffering. I listened intently with one ear for the ring of the bell. He knew the rules. If he moved too much or got too excited, I won. And that meant more than just bragging rights. I worried momentarily that the collar I’d used that night was too tight but then laughed to myself. Who was I kidding? The tighter the better. I wanted him to squirm in anticipation and discomfort.

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The wooden box was hot and smelled of stale cum and sweat. The floor was sticky and the hard wooden stool pressed uncomfortably against my ass. The only light was from a tiny hole drilled into the side of the box I was facing. The red chaise lounge was positioned in the center of the room in front of the large glass windows. The tall floor lamp was illuminated and a candle sat burning on the table. Music played from another room. I could hear movement inside the apartment but didn’t see anyone. 

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The Box The Box
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The Box The Box
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The Box

Nothing made me wetter than thinking about him sitting in that box – hot, sweaty, suffering. I listened intently with one ear for the ring of the bell. He knew the rules. If he moved too much or got too excited, I won. And that meant more than just bragging rights. I worried momentarily that the collar I’d used that night was too tight but then laughed to myself. Who was I kidding? The tighter the better. I wanted him to squirm in anticipation and discomfort.


I grabbed a wine glass from the cabinet and generously poured my favorite red wine over ice. I sipped it slowly, letting the sweet thick liquid slide down my throat. I was already completely relaxed. Our sex games calmed me. My bandeau top clung to my large breasts, barely covering my areolas. The snug black skirt I wore made it difficult to breathe and move. Luckily, I wouldn’t be wearing it for long. 


I sauntered into the next room just in time to hear the apartment door buzz. It was time. I pressed the intercom button with my long, manicured red fingernail.


“Come on up.”


I continued to sip my wine, glancing momentarily at the box. I was tempted to peek inside the tiny hole but I didn’t. I wondered if he was hard. I closed my eyes, picturing the beads of sweat pouring down his chest and ass crack. I licked my lips, almost tasting his salty perspiration on my tongue.


There was a soft knock at the door. When I opened it, I was pleased with what I saw. He was taller in person than I imagined. His skin was the color of caramel. He had full lips and large hands. I imagined tugging on his dreadlocks while he fucked me with his monster cock. My pussy twitched. I straightened my shoulders, pressing my large round tits in his direction. He smiled, taking my hand in his and gently kissing it. His eyes scanned my body and he licked his lips. His eyes were hungry. 


“You alone?” I whispered.


He shook his head. At the same moment, a second man ascended the stairs. He was equally attractive with darker skin and no hair. I loved a smooth head between my legs. I smiled, holding up my wine glass as a greeting to our new friend. 


I grabbed the first visitor’s hand, encouraging them both to follow me inside. The red chaise lounge was in position, directly in front of the box. I glanced over at it once more, wishing I could see his face. He’d never seen me take two men. He was in for a treat. Was he excited? Jealous? Had he already touched it? No. He was a good boy and always followed the rules.


I placed my wine glass on the coffee table and removed both men’s coats. My eyes were instantly drawn to the enormous bulge in their pants. They were both fully erect and at least 9-inches long. My pussy twitched again and now my nipples were rock hard. I tossed their coats aside and stood with my hands on my hips. They knew what to do. I watched as they slowly undressed for me. Both of their bodies were muscular and strong. As one, then the other, removed their underwear, my mouth dropped open. They were by far the biggest cocks I’d ever had. The man with the lighter skin held his dick out straight, nearly touching the tip to my crotch. The bald gentleman let his hang free between his legs. I swore it almost touched his knee.


I licked my lips. I needed to taste them both, possibly at the same time. I reached down, taking one cock in each hand, and began slowly stroking them. Their skin was smooth and warm. I could feel every vein and detail along their shafts. They reached up, lowering my top together. My enormous tits sprung free and they each caught one in their hands, fondling my erect nipples. I squeezed their tools, feeling the precum on the tip, and using it as a natural lubricant. I spit in my hands and began jerking them off with long, fluid motions. Their eyes were transfixed on my hands. I now had 3 sets of eyes watching me work. The thought was intoxicating. I felt powerful and in control. 


I lowered myself down, bringing the darker man’s long dick to my lips. I licked the tip, running my tongue around every inch. He tasted salty and pushed my hair aside to get a better look. He slowly thrust forward, shoving the length of his shaft into my mouth. I flinched slightly as the head hit the back of my throat and went an inch farther. Spit dripped from the edges of my mouth as I struggled to take in all of him. I gagged as I let him fuck my face. I continued to jerk off my other visitor with my free hand as moisture collected between my legs. My skirt rode up above my curvy hips. The warm apartment air felt good on my bare skin. I was hoping he could see my ass from the box. It was his favorite part of my body. I’d worn the red lace thong he gave me for our anniversary. I wondered if he remembered.


I pulled the dark cock from my mouth, turning my attention to the other monster tool before me. His was a bit larger and thicker than his friend’s. I grabbed hold of the shaft, my hand barely surrounding its girth. I brought it to my lips and before I could ease into it, he grabbed my head, slowly penetrating my mouth, one glorious inch at a time. I tried not to gag but I couldn’t help it. It only seemed to turn him on more. I struggled to get my mouth around it. The dark man jerked off beside us while I tended to his friend. He reached for my tits and ass, caressing my skin. He slowly slipped my clothes off, pulling my top and skirt down to my ankles and tossing them aside. The sight of my full, naked body must’ve turned him on because he delivered a firm smack to my ass. I yelped, pulling the large dick from my mouth. I needed air.


Now it was my turn. They both helped me to my feet, leading me over to the chaise lounge. I crawled across the furniture on all fours, making sure to press my ass in the direction of the box. The darker-skinned man walked around to my front, bending down and kissing me deeply. He tasted of sweet mint. He sucked my tongue and tugged on my hair. I felt his friend approach me from behind. At first, I thought he was going to fuck me but no. Instead, I felt the warmth and wetness of his fat tongue on my asshole. He spread my cheeks, running his tongue from my clit down to my pussy hole and stopping momentarily to fuck me with the tip before continuing down to my ass. I pushed my body backward. I loved getting my ass eaten out. I bounced up and down, gently fucking his face while I continued to explore his friend’s mouth with my own. My ass cheeks jiggled as I twerked on his tongue. He squeezed and pinched them aggressively. I smiled, thinking all men must love a nice fat ass.


I wondered if he’d break soon. If I’d hear the bell ring from inside the box. He must be getting close.


The man behind me stood up, pulling my thong to my ankles. My heels were still on, dangling off my feet. I spread my knees a few inches farther apart as he held my hips firmly, lubricating the tip of his monster cock with my thick pussy cream. I rocked back and forth, silently begging for him to enter me. The darker man tended to my nipples, reaching underneath my body, roughly tweaking and pinching my firm nubs. I looked back, biting my lip and glancing at the box at the same time. I wanted him to watch. To see my pussy lips spread open and accept the biggest cock I’d ever had. 


I held my breath as the fat head of his cock broke the barrier to my pleasure zone. I braced myself on the chaise lounge, waiting for my cunt to fully expand. Would it fit? I winced and bit my lip – not in pain, more in anticipation. I looked up. The darker man was jerking off in my face now, the tip of his cock inches from my mouth. I gasped as his giant tool gained entry, sliding in easily. I pushed back, pulling him in an inch deeper. My eyes widened as my body fully accepted his long, thick tool. He was balls-deep now, his swollen nuts tapping my clit with each stroke. I lowered myself to my forearms, giving him a better angle. I arched my back, pushing my ass upward for him to grab. He used my hips like handles, pushing and pulling my dripping cunt back and forth over his shaft. The more I pushed up, the harder he pushed down. My face was shoved into the cushions now as I mumbled.


“Fuck that pussy. Yes! Your cock feels fucking amazing”!


I didn’t know if he could even hear me. My moans and cries were buried in the red velvet fabric.


I couldn’t see but sensed the darker man move position. He was behind me now too. A warm glob of spit landed on my asscrack and I felt fingers gliding up and down my slit. I held my breath as a single, long digit penetrated my asshole. My thick cream and his hot saliva acted as the perfect lubricant. His other hand was on my clit now. I was being fucked, stuffed, and rubbed all over and I was on the brink of orgasm.


I laid there helpless as they invaded every orifice of my body with fingers and dicks. The man fucking me was grunting like a wild animal. His friend was encouraging him.


“Yeah, make that little pussy come. I wanna feel her asshole tighten. Make her do it.” 


He was so close I could feel his erection on my back as together they brought me closer to climax. My face was still shoved into the cushions and I wondered for a brief moment who would come first. I turned my head to face the box, staring intently at the hole. I knew he was looking at me. I almost thought I caught a glimpse of his eye. I bit my lip. No. I wouldn’t lose. He couldn’t hold off much longer. I knew he was ready to explode at the sight of me being fucked and manhandled by these two black studs.


Fuck. I couldn’t wait either. I pushed myself up, arching my back and willing them to go even deeper as my pussy exploded. Hot, thick cum ran from my hole as they continued to fuck me deep and hard. I thought my orgasm would never end. My legs shook and I screamed words I don’t remember as my body trembled and collapsed under the intensity. I was still listening, though. Listening for the bell.


And then I heard it. It was difficult to make out over my own heavy panting and the grunts of the men but that sound was undeniable. It was the sweet, familiar sound of victory. I smiled, completely satisfied and content not only from the most intense orgasm of my life but from knowing that once again, I’d won. 


I laid there like an obedient girl as the man fucking me yanked his cock free, delivering a hot thick load on my back. I felt the warm jizz land between my shoulder blades. I rolled over, opening my mouth and gladly accepting the darker man’s cum in my mouth and on my chest. We each took a moment to recover before, without a word, the men retrieved their clothes and left. I wrapped myself in my favorite silk robe and locked the door, pausing for a moment in a complete daze of pleasure. I relished in the sweet taste of victory and would ride that high all night long as I blew a playful kiss at the box and trotted off to the shower to clean the cum from my body. 


The wooden box was hot and smelled of stale cum and sweat. The floor was sticky and the hard wooden stool pressed uncomfortably against my ass. The only light was from a tiny hole drilled into the side of the box I was facing. The red chaise lounge was positioned in the center of the room in front of the large glass windows. The tall floor lamp was illuminated and a candle sat burning on the table. Music played from another room. I could hear movement inside the apartment but didn’t see anyone. 


I wondered how long she’d make me wait. Beads of sweat poured down my neck and chest. My underwear clung to my skin. I pressed my face firmly against the hole, straining to see. I scanned the room. Nothing. She loved making me wait. I sat back and shifted on the stool. I grabbed my cock and balls through my underwear, tugging on them. I lowered the fabric and laid my half-flacid penis in my hand. I was growing inpatient. The collar around my neck was restricting blood flow. I reached my finger between the leather material and my neck, pulling it away from my skin for a moment of relief. A string with a tiny gold bell hanging from it attached the collar to the rear wall of the box. I had to be careful not to move too much or I’d lose before the game even started.


A sound inside the apartment suddenly made me pause. I froze in position, listening intently. I could hear the distinct sound of her spiky black heels on the tile floor. I listened as she grabbed a wine glass from the kitchen cabinet. My dry throat instinctively reeled in desire. The heat from the box was thick. What I wouldn’t give for a cold drink of water but I knew she wouldn’t allow it. The more miserable I was, the happier she was. She got off on knowing I was helplessly sitting here, watching and waiting. 


I heard the intercom buzz and Veronica’s voice. “Come on up”, she said seductively.


A few moments later I heard the apartment door open and close. I could hear muffled voices. I laid my hands on the wooden box and pressed my face hard against it, my eyeball filling the hole. I could barely make out Veronica’s body near the front door. She wore a tight black skirt that barely covered her large round ass. My cock twitched to life. My eyes trailed up her body. Her thick waist was exposed and her large breasts were barely contained beneath a thin black bandeau. 


I pushed my face harder into the wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of her visitor. I watched Veronica reach out and grab a dark male’s hand. She walked into the living room, him trailing behind. She was finally in clear view. God she was fucking gorgeous. I loved every inch of her thick, curvy body. She wasn’t rail thin like some women you see in magazines and on the runway. Then, to my surprise and delight, I saw a second man join her near the chaise lounge. Two men? This was new. A flood of blood rushed down my stomach to the tip of my penis.


The second man was darker than the first. His skin was the color of charcoal and he was bald. The first man had cinnamon colored skin and dreadlocks. I watched as Veronica removed their coats. Both men had enormous bulges in their pants. I held my average size cock in my hands, suddenly feeling inadequate. Both men slowly removed all articles of clothing, tossing them aside. Veronica greedily stared at their long cocks which hung freely just inches from her body. She took each one and began running her petite hands up and down their long, thick shafts. I did the same to my own cock.


Together the men pulled down her top, exposing her large breasts. I watched as they each fondled her. She spit in her hands, lubricating them as she continued working their tools. The darker man’s cock was long and skinny. His friend’s cock was the biggest I’d ever seen — thick and strong with a huge rounded tip. I wondered if Veronica could handle it. She lowered herself to her knees, still working them both in each hand. She brought the skinnier dick to her lips, licking up and down the vein-covered shaft. The man placed his hands on his bare buttocks, thrusting forward, urging her to take the whole thing in her mouth. She obeyed, her right hand continuing to work the dark visitor’s monster. She swallowed the long, thin cock like a pro, her jaw widening as he watched in amazement. It wasn’t until a third of his shaft was buried in her throat that she so much as flinched. Saliva seeped out the sides of her mouth and she let out a tiny gag, her eyes rolling upward — partially as a reflex and in part because she wanted to see his reaction. His mouth hung open in awe as she shoved his dick another inch down her throat.


The tip of my own tool was covered in precum now. I resisted the urge to even touch it. I knew if I did I’d instantly lose. It was fully erect now, begging for attention. Veronica removed the dark man’s cock from her mouth and turned to the second visitor who was patiently waiting his turn. She hesitated briefly — something I’d never seen her do before. I couldn’t blame her. His cock was enormous. But Veronica was no quitter. Her tiny hand grasped the shaft as her mouth stretched around the bulbous head. He moaned deeply, grabbing the back of her head and helping slide his tool deeper into her waiting mouth. Her eyes were closed now as she let him fuck her face. She gagged and choked with every thrust. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was hurting her, but I knew better. The dark man knelt down, helping Veronica out of her clothes. She wore a red lace thong that exposed her full, soft ass cheeks. He gave her ass a firm slap as she continued to choke on his friend’s cock, which she finally pulled from her mouth, gasping for air. 


The men helped her to her feet, pushing her toward the chaise lounge. Veronica crawled across the soft velvet couch on all fours. Her ass facing the men. The darker man moved toward Veronica’s head, kneeling in front of her. He kissed her eagerly, sucking on her tongue and wrapping her hair around his long, thin fingers. The second man knelt behind her, pulling her panties aside as his fat tongue ran up and down her asscrack. Veronica pushed her body backward, rubbing her ass and cunt in his face. He hungrily tended to her pussy and asshole, the flesh of her asscheeks filling his hands. 


I reached down and touched my dick. The skin was soft and moist from sweat. I slowly cupped the tip in my hands, squeezing it firmly. It was so hard it hurt. I pulled it upward with one hand, tugging on my swollen testicles with the other. I shifted on the stool, sweat pouring down my ass crack. I only dared use slow movements. I couldn’t lose yet. It was too soon.


The lighter skinned man stood behind Veronica now. Her panties were around her ankles and her heels were still on. I watched as he ran the tip of his monster cock up and down her slippery folds. She wiggled in anticipation, her tear drop tits hanging freely beneath her. The man in front of her reached down, tugging and pinching her nipples. She looked behind her, over her arched back. She was biting her lip, pushing her hungry pussy into his giant tool. She was practically begging for it. I wondered if her petite pussy could handle that monster. My cock was only a fourth the size. She’d never had anyone that big. Or had she?


He slowly entered her. I imagined her thin pink lips giving way to the width of his cock. Her mouth hung open as he entered her, one inch at a time. The other man intently watched too, stroking himself. The thick tool slowly buried itself into Veronica’s pussy. Her face twitched in a way I’d never seen before. For a split second I worried it was too much. My hand flew to the latch on the box, hovering there for a moment. I didn’t want to act rashly. If I interrupted her fun I’d really be in trouble. I held my breath, waiting for a sign that was okay. 


Just then a wide smile spread across her lips. Her mouth was gaping open as he picked up speed. The sound of his giant balls smacking against her ass filled the room. I lowered my hand and returned it to my cock. Veronica’s hands gripped the chaise lounge. She bent her knees, pointing her toes to the ceiling as he continued to fuck her with long, deep strokes. The darker man tried to turn Veronicas attention back to his cock but she was too mesmorized by the monster fucking her. His hands gripped tightly to her lower back. Veronica lowered the top half of her body onto the couch, her tits pressing hard against the fabric. Her back was arched with her ass straight up in the air. She cried out — words I’d never heard her say before. He didn’t slow down. He pounded her pussy hard and fast, pushing downward on her body. Veronica was almost completely sprawled on her stomach under the weight of his body and fierce penetration. 


The darker man moved around the couch, holding her ass cheeks open. I watched as he spit on her ass, running his long fingers up and down her crack. Veronica shoved her face into the chaise lounge, grunting and yelping with every thrust. The darker man slowly penetrated her tight ass hole with one finger, reaching under her body and between her legs with the other. I didn’t know how much longer she could last. 


The sight of her in a mix of pleasure and pain was too much for me to bear. I’d never seen her take two cocks before, let alone two big black cocks.  I had to tend to my throbbing cock. Beads of sweat acted as lubricant as I stroked my inpatient tool. I started slow at first but quickly picked up speed. My knees felt outward and I relaxed on the stool, letting my balls rest on the seat. A mix of Veronica’s moans and sobs mixed with the men grunting filled my ears. I knew I would lose but at this point, I didn’t care. I wanted to come with her.


Veronica’s body jerked back and forth with every thrust as she gripped the chaise lounge for support. The darker man vigorously fucked her ass hole with one finger and fondled her clit with the other. The man fucking her grunted and bit his lip. He was getting so much pleasure out of pounding her pussy. Veronica laid her head down on the couch, facing me. We made eye contact as she grew closer to climaxing. She was testing me.


I stroked my cock faster. It wouldn’t take much for me to come. I knew I wasn’t allowed. I knew that broke the rules. If I rang the bell, it was game over. But I didn’t care. Desire outweighed logic.


Veronica’s mouth was wide open and her eyes were wide. She was gonna cum. She propped herself up slightly on the couch, her legs shaking violently as she erupted in a cry I’d never heard before. Her body jerked and shook uncontrollably. Neither men let up — both still fucking both holes fast and hard. My own cock exploded in a steady stream of hot, thick cum. I heard to smack against the wall of the box as my neck strained beneath the color. Every muscle in my legs and arms tightened. My ass clenched and hand stiffened around my cock. The bell rang loudly. A strange deafness came over me as all the sensations and sounds culminated. The sound of Veronica’s orgasm, the overwhelming pleasure of my own, and the sound of the bell echoing inside the box. 


Time stood still for a moment as the wave of pleasure moved slowly over my body. My hand was sticky with jizz. My throat was raw and dry. My body relaxed on the stool as I let go of my flaccid dick and rested my head on the back wall of the box. The man fucking Veronica had finished too, cumming all over her back. She rolled over, letting the darker man ejaculate on her tits and in her mouth. I sat with my eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. I didn’t even care that I’d lost. Veronica would shower and snuggle comfortably into our bed, content in knowing she had won. Her overworked pussy would need a rest before we could play again. It would be a long night in the box, but it was worth every second.

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